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Lord Shiva - My Guide and Savior of my life
Lord Shiva - My Guide and Savior of my life


I am a humble astrologer who follows ancient Maharishis who have propounded the rules of astrology were sages of a high psychic development and examined terrestrial and celestial phenomena by their divine sight or Divya Drishti. I wish you all the best !!!


I am grateful to the people for the interest they have been evincing by my writings and the services I provide. You can get a rage of services right from detailed explanations to your questions in life to simple computer generated reports.


In the study of any branch of knowledge, theory and practice must go side by side. Theory always remains theory until a man decides to use it practically and verify the theory. I beleive that all astrolocial schools originated from one origin. But with time and distance between civilizations it changed. I have learned many different theories of both Vedic and Tropical Astrology, but in practice I find both are incomplete. I try to bring the completeness by using my sense of real life practice.