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I am a humble Occult Consular  who has some gifts by the universe. I have a unique set of planetary placements in my own horoscope, which provides me with some unique strengths to provide for guidance. For example, I have Moon in the Shravana Nakshatra, which is ruled by Moon itself. This placement of the Moon gives me a unique ability to provide counseling services. I have the lord of my 8th house in the 8th house in the Mooltrikona. The placement again provides me a unique abilities with various Occult sciences.


I am grateful to the people for the interest they have been evinced by my writings and the services I provide. You can get a range of services right from detailed explanations to your questions in life to simple computer generated reports.

I usually do not try to give strange predictions based on planetary placements on your chart and play with your destiny. Because I am good at counselling (a natural gift in my birth chart); here is what I will do. I will try to explore the possibilities based on your questions and act as a facilitator who provides the direction of the future course of action. 


In the study of any branch of knowledge, theory and practice must go side by side. Theory always remains a theory until a man decides to use it practically and verify the theory. I believe that all astrolocial schools and various other Occult Sciences originated from one origin. But with time and distance between civilizations, it changed. I have learned many different theories of both Vedic and Tropical Astrology, Tarot cards and Angel and Oracle divination. I try to bring the completeness to my readings by using my sense of real life practice from various techniques to provide you the real benefit.

Rationale behind Astrology

Astrology is highly debated subject for centuries. Some people and culture and religions closely follow astrology as part of their faith and some others do not. In this blog entry, I am trying to explain the basis or the rationale behind the judgments made by any astrologer. I try to explain this on the basis of the Bhavas or the houses system in the science of astrology.


In the study of astrology nothing is more important, more difficult and more taxing than the proper judgment of a horoscope. It is the innate responsibility of the astrologer to make the right judgment of the horoscope.  The twelve Bhavas or houses represent the entire history and possibilities of future of the individual. In order to analyse a horoscope properly and thoroughly each house or Bhava should be carefully scrutinized. Sometimes it so happens that many of the principles of astrology given in even standard works do not hold good in actual charts. In such circumstances, conclusion should not be drawn that the principles of astrology are contradictory. On the other hand, a further analysis of the relations and interrelations of planets should be made. An astrologer need to remember that he need to observe the event in the past to understand the patterns and then work on the future possibilities.


Astrology is the most difficult of all sciences. It is neither a physical science in the sense that physics or chemistry is; nor is it metaphysical. The precision of mathematics should be harmoniously combined with the intuitive capacity of the astrologer. Like tarot card reading or ruins or any other divination, astrology not have any hard and fast rules that can be laid down for guidance, except the broad principles. In order to examine a horoscope a good deal of judgment is required.


The twelve houses in any horoscope helps any astrologer to judge different areas of one's life. For instance, the first house represents the body while the fourth rules the mother. The rationale of this allocation is still a mystery. The ancient Maharishis must have had in view some scientific basis for the allocation of all the events of human life to the twelve Bhavas or houses. For me, I started to trust this Bhavas or house pattern, after testing it for hundred percent accuracy on the birth charts I read in my close family and friends.


It must be noted that the twelve houses have reference to the material relation of Jeeva (soul) in its journey from the cradle to the grave. According to one explanation, the ancient Hindu day was divided into twelve sections of five ghatis each and each section was devoted to certain definite duties of the daily routine of living.


1 day = 60 ghatis
1 hour = 2 (1/2) ghatis
A day can be divided into 12 periods or 12 houses based on the ghatis. Each house or a period is equal to 5 ghatis.


 The day started just about, or a few ghatis (5 ghatis) before sunrise.
From this time until sunrise the activities were purely personal. Hence the first house became the personal house.  As the birth gives rise to all the incidents and results to be experienced in our terrestrial life, the ascendant or Lagna, which is their significator, points to the conditions of life on earth. The second half of the day (amongst ancient Hindus) commenced with the seventh period of five ghatis (after the setting in of evening). This period was always a period of amusement and relaxation of oneself. This is the time for oneself to meet his or her partner after day long of hard work in the fields outside the home. Hence the 7th house came to be associated with wife and partner. The house opposite the ascendant must be one with which to form a pair and therefore the seventh house is attributed to wife.

These are some principles or rationales based on which the boundaries or significance of the Bhavas or houses were designed by the great ancient Maha rishis. These principle not only help the astrologer to understand which part of the horoscope he needs to examine for a particular question but also these principles helps him to develop a sense of accurate intuition.


Significance of all the 12 astrological houses

In my last article "Rationale behind Astrology" I explained you how astrologers use different houses of your birth chart to explain about a particular aspect of your like. Here in this blog entry I will explain to you the significance of each astrolgical house.

Astrological houses describe a specific field of experience in the native's real life. They indicate how the person functions, whether in his interactions with other people, his work, or his love affairs, etc. As with the 12 zodiacal signs, there are 12 astrological houses, and each house is in analogy with one of the signs. However, contrarily to signs, which spread invariably over 30 degrees of the zodiacal circle, house sizes may greatly vary from one house to the other. House calculations are based on the exact birth time.

Significance of 1st house

The First house is called Thanu Bhava. It deals with or represents the beginning of life, childhood, health,  environment, personality, the physical body and character.

Significance of 2nd house

The Second house represents family, face, right eye, food, wealth, literary gift, and manner and source of death, self-acquisition and optimism.


Significance of 3rd house

The Third house rules brothers and sisters, intelligence, cousins and other immediate relations.


Significance of 4th house

 The Fourth house indicates peace of mind, home life, mother, conveyances, house property, landed and ancestral properties, education and neck and shoulders.


Significance of 5th house

The Fifth house indicates children, grandfather, intelligence, emotions and fame.


Significance of 6th house

 The Sixth house rules over debts, diseases, enemies, miseries, sorrows, illness and disappointments.


Significance of 7th house

The Seventh represents wife, husband, marriage, urinary organs, marital happiness, sexual diseases, business partner, diplomacy, talent, energies and general happiness.


Significance of 8th house

The Eighth indicates longevity, legacies and gifts and unearned wealth, cause of death, disgrace, degradation and details pertaining to death.


Significance of 9th house

The Ninth rules father, righteousness, preceptor, grandchildren, intuition, religion, sympathy, fame, charities, leadership, journeys and communications with spirits.


Significance of 10th house

The Tenth indicates, occupation, profession, temporal honours, foreign travels, self-respect, knowledge and dignity and means of livelihood.


Significance of 11th house

The Eleventh represents means of gains; elder brother and freedom from misery.


Significance of 12th house

The Twelfth rules losses ; expenditure, waste, extravagance, sympathy, divine knowledge, Moksha and the state after death.



Decoding Vedic Astrology

I always meet three kind of people, the first type of people who are curious to know about Vedic astrology. The second type of people just do not want to acknowledge the truth and power of true Vedic astrology. The third kind of people who take advantage of Vedic astrology in their lives. Unfortunately the percentage of third type of people are very less. In this blog entry, I will try to explain you what Vedic Astrology is all about?

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is considered as one of the Vedangas. Vedic Astrology got it's foundation from "Brihath parasara Horosastra" a famous scripture written by Sage Parasara. We also have Jaimini system of astrology written by Sage Jaimini. Both the systems of astrology are perfect and help in predicting accurately about one's life.  


How Indian Astrology is different from other systems of prediction:

Each predictive system like Numerology, palmistry, Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, tarots etc. have their own set of rules and they are also useful for knowing the future. But it is understood and well known that even a small incident in a human life can be predicted with accuracy with the help of Jyotishya / Hindu Astrology and which is not possible with other prediction systems. Greatness of Indian Astrology lies in its method of analysis which includes deep examination of Planets, Stars, Zodiac signs, Moon sign, Sun sign in a Horoscope.

The accuracy of predictions further depends on the accuracy of birth details, that's why correct birth time is needed for getting accurate predictions. For laying down an Indian Horoscope of a person, we need day of birth, place of birth and time of birth according to which planetary positions during birth time are drawn into a chart known as Horoscope.

Research studies have revealed that Planets, Stars show considerable effect on human life. Indian Astrologers and Astrologers from other countries doing research on human life in relation to planetary movements and they are able to know the greatness of Astrology.

Since time immortal, people are taking help of Astrology for knowing about Astrology Zodiac matches.

People are able to choose the right life partner through Astrology zodiac matching. Astrology compatibility is also one of the methods in Indian astrology which helps us to choose the right life partner to have stable love life.

What is the significance of Moon sign in Indian Astrology?

Moon plays prominent role in a person's horoscope. By looking at moon's position in a horoscope we can talk about a person's mentality, mindset, likes, dislikes, his mental disposition etc. Moon also talks about a person's mother as Moon is considered as a signification for mother in Hindu astrology.

Moon sign compatibility is another tool used to choose love partner which now a days everyone using before choosing their life partner. This moon sign compatibility helps to select the person whose mindset will be suitable for our mind disposition.

During Vedic Horoscope Compatibility or otherwise known as Horoscope matching in Indian astrology, Moon sign compatiliby is having highest significance among other elements of Vedic Astrology compatibility.

Love Astrology or Marriage astrology is one of the important area of Indian vedic astrology which talks about Love life and family relations of a person. Many Indian Marriages are happening only after taking prior consultation with an Indian astrologer in choosing the partner for marriage through horoscope matching. We can get help from Indian Vedic Astrologer when there is a problem in love life which Vedic Astrologer will be able to solve by suggesting suitable remedies which are required to nullify the malefic effects of the planets in the horoscope. An astrologer will prepare an astrology report which include the remedies and suggestions which are needed for having happy marriage/ love life.

Solar Eclipse and Lunar eclipse will have negative effect on people who are having moon sign same as Zodiac sign in which Solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse are happening during Solar/Lunar eclipse time. An astrologer will guide you what kind of remedies to follow to nullify the evil effects of eclipse.

Different Application of Vedic Astrology

  • New born baby horoscope is prepared and studied by the astrologer for the sake of good longevity and welfare of the baby. If the horoscope is showing any malefic effects which reduce the longevity of the baby, Vedic astrologer will guide you to take remedial measures for the welfare of the baby.
  • Business Astrology is another important area of Indian astrology which gives valuable suggestions and guidelines for getting profits through business and helps to reduce losses in business by guiding people to take right steps at right time by predicting the future which are included in business astrology report.
  • Medical Astrology or commonly known as Health astrology is another important division of Indian astrology which is widely used now a days for knowing health problems in advance and for getting rid of illness which sometimes is not possible even through medical procedures.


Now a days getting astrology consultation also became easy because of internet and due to online Indian astrologers. People are able to get online astrology reading with the help of online Indian astrologers. Online Indian astrologers are able to serve clients from different countries because of this world wide web which helps to interact with users from different places on the globe.


You can have your personal astrology consultation through me for more details visit the service page.