What do Astrologers Examine in your Vedic Birth Charts?

People think examining a Vedic birth chart is very easy. I really cannot imagine who some of Vedic astrologers provide instant readings on phone or ever face to face meetings. I feel it takes many hours of research and contemplation before answering any question of the clients.


I do not deny that such instant readings are not possible because, many astrologers with experience and time spent on research and also time spent on meditating can develop such expertise to provide you instant solutions just by having a glance of your birth chart.


Here are the set of rules which any good astrologer or you will keep in mind before declaring a solution or answer to any of your client's query.


In examining a house due importance should be given not only to the Rasi (D1 or your Natal Char) but also to the Navamsa (D9) and other appropriate divisional chart. In analysing a Bhava or a house, the following factors should be considered carefully :—
1. The strength, aspects, conjunctions and location of the lord of the house.
2. The strength of the house itself.
3. The natural qualities of the house, of its lord and the planets in it or having aspects.
4. Whether the influence has been altered by any yogas occurring in any particular house or houses.
5. The exaltations and debilitations of the house lords are equally important.
6. The situation—favourable or adverse—of the house-lord or the lord in whose house the particular house-lord is situated, in the Navamsa.
7. The age, position, status and sex of the subject.
8. Each sign has certain planets well disposed or ill-disposed. For instance for those born in Aries the Sun is good. The relation between the house lord (Mars) and the Sun is very important and its proper consideration should not be overlooked.

All these must be properly weighed before any result can be deduced. If the strength of the lord is full or complete there will be in general a good influence on the house. Among the many events comprehended by a house, those are to be selected with which the planets are not concerned. The good or bad nature of the aspects to which a lord or the house itself is subjected plays no mean part in the judgment of horoscope. The benefic and malefic qualities of the planets should be taken under all conceivable relations.

There are hundreds of combinations given for each house and it is for the reader to try the merits of these various configurations. These difficulties in the line of astrological predictions cannot be easily overcome. Astrology is the most difficult and at the same time the most useful science and one cannot hope to learn the subject with easy-chair methods. Much effort, concentration and intuition are necessary in order to be a correct predictor.

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