Love Astrology for Valentine's Day

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You might have expressed your love and even got a positive reply on the Valentine's Day but the

question is will relationship reach the stage of marriage. Well many would say `what's the hurry yaar... just chill'. However, for those who are serious, astrology can provide some answers. At least this is what city's astrologers claim. The possibilities of a love culminating into marriage depends on the nature of fifth, seventh and ninth house of natal chart. The impact of venus, moon and mars tells about compatibility, romance, infidelity, success of the married life and the children to be born out of wedlock.


"The nature of fifth house in the horoscope informs about love and seventh house about marriage, hence their synchronisation predicts possibilities of love marriage," said Aacharya Dinesh. In the present world where everything is moving at a very fast pace it is becoming hard for people to sustain their relationships in their personal life. It is indeed a fact that most of the people find it hard to carry their personal and professional life simultaneously. Professional life of the people have become much more demanding and time consuming and this is the only reason which is affecting the personal life of peoples to a greater extent.

Each and every person wants a partner whether it is life partner or love partner in their life who can make their personal life worth enjoying. People always try to find partners with whom they can spend some quality time and feel energetic. The reason behind this is that people always feel relaxed and rejuvenated when they are with their beloved ones. Profession is something which is required to manage the livelihood but to manage the personal life people need someone who can care for them or stand by them in difficult times and support them. A compatible and understanding partner enables people to carry simultaneously their personal and professional life with utmost ease.
But it is hard to find someone who can give support and make the people able enough to cater their professional and personal life effectively. It takes a lot of time to know about a person and his or her compatibility. But what if you find an easy way to find that partner in your life which can make your life better? You must be thinking what is that and how can it help? Well, it looks quite odd but it is an effective and impactful way of knowing the compatibility and understanding level between two people. With the help of love astrology and predictions one can know about his partner and also about how the life would be with him or her.


There are many ways in which astrology and astrological predictions can help you to find the most perfect match for yourself. Firstly with the help of astrology you will get to know the compatibility between you and your partner. Secondly you get a chance to know whether your bonding with your partner will be complicated or smooth. Thirdly you get to know about the personality traits of your partner. Fourthly you get to know whether your relationship status would be good or bad over a long period of time.


Astrological predictions can help you find your partner with utmost ease. Astrology has various elements that cater with each and every aspect of human life. If you want to know about your love, marriage, business, property, health, career etc. you can find your answers in astrology. If you are looking to find your love partner then love astrology can help you to choose the perfect match.
Love astrology helps people to know deeply about their partner and the events that are going to take place in their love life. With the help of love astrology you can make your love life better by knowing the traits of your partner and the compatibility ratio.


So what are waiting for if you want to know about your love life or want to find a love partner who can make your life worth enjoying then take the help of astrology and find your answers regarding your love life?


"Moon controls mind, Mars is known for courage and Venus represents love. If all the three planets are in favourable position, a person falls in love and shows courage to express it as well works hard to materialise it into marriage," he added. The movement of Venus and Mars can also predict whether the love marriage would be inter-caste as it requires strong emotions and courage to go against social norms to get their love, he added.


The combination of Mars (courage) and Venus (love) is vital for love marriage. Relation of `Rahu' and Venus with the nature of first, fifth and seventh houses also determines the possibility of a love marriage. "The source of love is soul which is ruled by Sun and the love affects the mind ruled by moon, hence study of Sun and Moon on the natal chart is also important to predict about the success of love. Movement of Mars, Mercury and Venus and Moon on the nature of seventh house can also predict about the infidelity by a partner. After two persons fall in love, the joint study of their horoscopes should be done for better and accurate predictions.


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