Monthly Prediction for March 2014 - Libra

This forecast is for you if you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Libra.

Expect people to project their fantasies upon you, especially when you’re not in the room. As long as you have some serious input into what they are, you’ll only benefit from misconceptions that heighten your reputation.


During the first week of March, around 3rd to 9th of the month, others may help, or the environment you're in may manage to support efforts on your part to improve your health, diet, and physical condition. You are encouraged to attend to nagging details, to get them out of the way. Your inner resources and emotions are accented. Expect a sense of support and good will from those around you. Perhaps you feel this is really you -- how you feel and are. A time of discrimination and possible self-examination. You are sorting through the experiences of the last several months, separating the worthwhile from the worthless and, in general, salvaging what you can. Also, attending to your health and wellbeing. A good day to spend with a loved one. Emotions are up, and you may even find yourself pondering a bit on the meaning of life. You feel at one with your situation. All in all, a productive and potentially satisfying day.


The week is also perhaps a very social time, during which you receive all kinds of support from those around you and from your whole environment. You may neglect personal concerns for group or social affairs. Relationships are nourished and in focus. A time when you could make some wrong choices, in particular as they affect your living situation. You might feel cut off from  your friends or be unable to make good decisions. An urge for social life that can quickly turn from good times to hard times.


The second week  could be a creative time for you, in particular regarding ideas, concepts, and expressing or communicating yourself. You can put your experience and feelings into words and may be at your most witty and dramatic. You are just plain witty now, and the ideas roll off your tongue. A real time for communicate -- by phone, by letter or in person. The mind is clear. You may find yourself appraising and very appreciative of your more creative and expressive qualities. You love and value confidence and expression from the heart: real life drama. Children, animals and physical expression (sports) may appeal. Your taste in art and appreciation in general are heightened. Perhaps a good time to select furnishings, colors, and so on -- the finer things of life. Your sense of value is to the fore. A great time just to sit back and enjoy what you have, to live life. You may not feel like being very emotional and might tend to ignore any emotional needs that you might have. Your sense of values may be in conflict with your feelings.


During the week of 17th of March, you may feel more self-centered and concerned with appearances than usual. Friends and surroundings unite to support you. You may appear in a good light in a group or social gathering. You could feel an urge or sudden impulse to present yourself to others and to get your emotions across. A drive to be more outgoing and aggressive could find you rushing in where you never dared to before. You may feel emotionally frustrated. Your feelings are going against much of what you value, so make way for possible difficulty. Your enjoyment of life may be temporarily blocked.


Also, during this third week, work and career should be a primary focus during this period. An opportunity to make good decisions, clear choices, is yours. You are at your most practical, and what happens now may have a lasting effect on your life direction. Everything may be pouring in at once, and it's all good news. Your career direction gets some encouragement, and life's problems should find easy solutions. You may benefit from an older person or one in authority. Life could assume a dreamlike stance.


During the last week of the month, they would say you’re fast, even when you’re not (or don’t think

so). Be ready to live up to a reputation as an action hero who is in there the firstest with the mostest. You don’t actually have to do it, just roll with the impression.  Career opportunities and choices go dead against what you feel in your gut to be right. Your own sense of honesty and sensitivity squares off with some possible moves that could lead you nowhere or, worse, lead you astray. Your own fears and insecurities come up against the rebel in you, with potentially explosive results. The independent side of you cares little for your feelings about matters of protection and security. Result: A real power struggle to negotiate. The symbol of the phoenix -- complete burning and regeneration or transformation.


Last day of the month, you could be most persuasive with others, and eloquent in speech and communication. The situation is a natural for self-expression and lends itself to your particular ideas and thoughts. A good conversation with those you love is possible. A strong urge for the social life may find you out and about. However, you will walk a fine line today between good company and disapproval, so beware. You could find yourself working against the values of another, going against the flow.

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