Katrina Kaif's Birth Chart Analysis

Katrina Kaif''s Birth Data

Birth Data



Katrina Kaif                                           114e09'00

Natal Chart                                            22n17'00

16 Jul 1984                                           Geocentric

12:00:00 AM                                          Tropical

CCT -08:00:00                                       Equal Sun on 1st

Hong Kong                                           True Node

Hong Kong                                          


Planet Positions



Sun 23z 19' 19" Cancer

Moon 22z 49' 48" Aquarius

Mercury 15z 15' 06" Leo

Venus 01z 30' 40" Leo

Mars 15z 51' 09" Scorpio

Jupiter 06z 05' 03" Capricorn Retrograde

Saturn 09z 42' 20" Scorpio

Uranus 09z 59' 19" Sagittarius Retrograde

Neptune 29z 24' 48" Sagittarius Retrograde

Pluto 29z 19' 33" Libra

Moon's North Node 05z 30' 52" Gemini Retrograde

Moon's South Node 05z 30' 52" Sagittarius Retrograde

Ascendant 23z 19' 26" Aries

Midheaven 16z 26' 44" Capricorn

Katrina Kapoor's Birth Chart

Analyzing Katrina Kaif's Birth Chart

The 1st House


The 1st House describes you, your self-expression and vitality. It is your physical appearance and the way others see you and interact with you. The 1st House cusp is, in most cases, the Ascendant or Rising Sign of your chart and indicates your primary motivation in life. The house placement of your 1st House ruler, or almuten, shows the areas of life that are of primary importance to you. Also, planets in your 1st House influence how you present yourself to the world.



1st House Cusp in Cancer

Your primary motivation in life is to feel emotionally secure. You are sensitive and emotional; however you can also be over-sensitive and easily hurt by people. You are receptive to the needs of others and have a natural desire to care for or protect people. Family and domestic matters are always important to you and your home is your retreat and sanctuary. At times, you are susceptible to changeable moods, irritability and touchiness.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



1st House Cusp Ruler, Moon, in 7th House

You realise your primary motivation in life through making contact with other people. You need to interact with others in order to define your own role and direction in life. Professionally, you may be involved with the public, possibly as a consultant, counsellor, trader, sales rep or marketing manager. Partnerships, either personal or professional, are central to your advancement in life.




Sun in 1st House

You have a strong personal presence, charisma and an ability to make an impact on others. Strong-willed and proud, you express yourself with confidence and authority. You have leadership capabilities, coupled with a strong desire for recognition and personal success. At times, you can be inclined to overwhelm other people with the power of your personality, or be prone to excessive pride and egotism.




Sun in Cancer

You place great importance on emotional and material security and have a strong desire for marriage or partnership. Domestic and family matters are always important to you, as is your need to care for and protect others. It is very likely that you know the history of your family. You are very sensitive and impressionable. Your actions and decisions are usually emotionally motivated and your instincts and intuitions are especially acute. You are, at times, clingy, touchy and over-emotional.




Aspects to Sun



Sun Quincunx Moon (0z30' A)

You desire inner harmony. However, you often feel discontented and tense. At times, your drive for recognition can override your emotional needs and vice versa. Your relationships with the opposite sex are occasionally strained. There may be discord between your parents.



Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus (1z40' A)

You are very much your own person and march to your own drumbeat. An original personality, you delight in being different and unique. You are intensely strong willed and individualistic and will go to great lengths to achieve your personal goals and objectives. You are highly independent and freedom loving, and refuse to be bound by convention. Other people may feel challenged by your individualism and forced to question their own conformity when they see you in action. You are innovative and progressive, with a modern and contemporary outlook on life, but can also be extremely self-willed, disruptive and unpredictable. Provocative and contradictory, you can stir up people or create incidents just for the sake of it. Expect the unexpected in your life, including sudden changes, setbacks and accidents. You may be a genius ahead of your time, or an eccentric.



Sun Square Pluto (6z00' A)

You crave power and authority, and are a force to be reckoned with. You are used to getting your own way and have little time for compromise. A dominating personality and a commanding manner can sometimes make you seem pushy and autocratic. You are capable of - and used to - giving orders, but are not so good at taking them. Power struggles of varying degrees are experienced on a daily basis, especially with domineering or authoritarian personalities. You have the capability to achieve most anything you set your sights on, as you have great determination and intense focus; however you can also be extreme and obsessive in your approach to things. You will go through the process of inner transformation and regeneration at different junctures in your life, by taking on new identities after old ones have served their purpose.



Sun SemiSquare Moon's North Node (2z48' S)

You have a testing relationship with others, either with authority figures or in your own capacity as an authority figure. You may feel blocked by other people from achieving your objectives, or experience difficult relations with others due to ego clashes. You count important and significant people among your connections.



Sun Square Ascendant (0z00' S)

You have a strong desire to become important or to gain the esteem of others. You have a knack for attracting the attention of important and even well-known or famous people. You may tend to overwhelm other people with the power of your personality and display pride or egotism. Difficulties may be experienced in your relations with others caused by arrogance or self-glorification.



Sun Opposition Midheaven (6z53' A)

You have the power to succeed and to realise your personal goals and aspirations, but only through great effort and self-motivation. You will tend to fluctuate between having a clear awareness of your objectives and feeling aimless and directionless. Success and professional respect is important to you and you take pride in your vocational accomplishments; however you may find that your career and family life are occasionally at odds. Your parents may not approve of your vocational choices; however it is important for the development of your individuality that you strive to realise your dreams.



Venus in 1st House

You have a keen sense for grace, beauty and refinement, and display a pleasant manner to others. You have an appreciation of the arts and music, coupled with a sense of fashion and an ability to make yourself attractive to others. You like beautiful things in your environment and you know how to dress well and make a good impression on other people. You are a natural mixer socially and people generally like being in your company. At times, you can be vain or lazy and self-indulgent.



Venus in Leo

You are the original romantic, with a desire for excitement and drama in your love-life. You are generous and warm-hearted and know how to arouse the ardour of another. Status means a lot to you and you will be drawn to others who are well-known or popular. You like to be seen in all the right places and at the best parties in town. You appreciate good taste and style in a lover. Dress sense is important.




Aspects to Venus


Venus Square Pluto (2z11' S)

There is no middle ground in your romantic life; you are either committed to another or not. So deep are your feelings that you can experience love and hate with equal force. In love, you expect to give and receive total loyalty. From time to time you enter into fateful unions. Serious problems can occur in relationships through power struggles, secretiveness and jealousy.



Venus Sextile Moon's North Node (4z00' A)

You have well-developed social skills. Possessing charm and good taste, you prefer the company of cultured and refined people. You tend to cultivate friendships with creative people and move in artistic circles.  Popular and well-liked, you enjoy an active social life and have many opportunities for love.



Mercury in 1st House

You have an intellectual outlook on life, coupled with an inquiring and curious mind that is always interested in gaining new information. Your thinking can be self-orientated and you can have some difficulties appreciating the views or thoughts of others. You are intellectually sharp and quick-witted and learn fast, especially from personal experience. You are mercurial by nature and can be talkative one day and reserved or reflective another.



Mercury in Leo

You are a self-assured communicator and a strong-minded person with firm convictions and fixed opinions. As you are expressive and forceful in your manner of communicating, people will follow your lead. As a rule, you prefer to look at the overall picture. A mass of facts and figures is likely to bog you down and stifle your creativity.




Aspects to Mercury



Mercury Opposition Moon (7z35' S)

Your thoughts are influenced by your feelings and vice versa. Your mind is acute and quick to comprehend things; however it may not necessarily be consistent or well ordered. You are highly perceptive and can easily sense the moods and feelings of others. Your mind is both fertile and imaginative and hungry for knowledge. You are an instinctual student and teacher, whose understanding of a subject is emotionally based. You can also be inclined to change your views and opinions, engage in gossip, criticise others and tell lies.



Mercury Square Mars (0z36' A)

You have an alert and agile mind, with the ability to think quickly and decisively. Direct in your communications with others, you know how to be convincing and how to press a point. You enjoy instigating or participating in discussions and debates. You have the ability to think for yourself and to put your own ideas into action. You can also benefit from developing practical skills and 'hands on' experience. You thrive on mental stimulation and challenge and, if other things in your chart support it, will direct your energies into research or academic work. Alternatively, you can be verbally aggressive and cutting. You can also resort to sarcasm and colourful language. Minor accidents, such as cuts and bruises are possible; usually through impatience or acting before thinking.



Mercury Square Saturn (5z33' S)

Your thinking is serious, realistic and conservative. You tend to be precise in your speech, logical in your approach to things and methodical in your working habits. You have excellent powers of concentration and can succeed with academic study or research work. However, you can be prone to bouts of self-doubt regarding your mental abilities, which can restrict your educational achievements. You may experience communication difficulties caused by shyness, inhibition or a lack of self-confidence. Possibly, you may experience periods of depression and pessimism.



Mercury Trine Uranus (5z16' S)

You have a modern and contemporary outlook on life, coupled with reformatory views and a mind that's open to new ideas. You are progressive, innovative and receptive to change. Your mind is sharp and you comprehend things quickly. You are an "ideas" person, with original thinking and the ability to find solutions to awkward problems.



Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune (0z50' S)

You are highly intuitive and perceptive and seem to instinctively know what others may be thinking. You have an interest in metaphysical subjects and may even experience spiritual or psychic phenomena. Alternatively, your thinking can be confused or uncertain and you may experience difficulties making important decisions or communicating clearly to others. Possibly, you could be prone to self-deception or inclined to avoid facing uncomfortable realities. In certain circumstances, you can be scheming and insincere.



Mercury Quincunx Midheaven (1z12' S)

For the most part, you are a thinker and a doer. You have the ability to advance vocationally through being clear about what you want to achieve and keeping abreast of developments in your field. You are well-suited to academic work, such as teaching or lecturing, but are equally capable as a communicator or business professional. Media work, acting or politics may appeal to you also. You are probably a good storyteller. Others value your advice because they know you keep yourself up to date and informed. Alternatively, you may experience miscommunications with family members, professional colleagues or authority figures over matters of outlook. Your career path is unlikely to be straight and clear, as you are inherently restless and prone to frequent job changes. At times, your career and family commitments encroach upon one another.




The 2nd House


The 2nd House is associated with personal assets and financial affairs. It governs all moveable possessions and wealth.



2nd House Cusp in Leo

You would like to be the last of the big spenders. Wealth equates to status in your mind and the more you have the grander and more important you feel. You are generous with your wealth, but you can also be extravagant and squandering. A lack of money is not the best for your self-confidence, so you are motivated to be financially successful.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



2nd House Cusp Ruler, Sun, in 1st House

Your income is directly proportional to your self-motivation and the personal effort you put into creating wealth. Your physical condition and general health are determining factors in your ability to earn a living. The more vital and physically fit you are, the more drive you have to acquire possessions and money. You may tend to spend money on yourself.




The 3rd House


The 3rd House is associated with your immediate environment. It rules your neighbours and your relationship with your relatives, especially your siblings and cousins. It also rules all forms of communication. It describes your early education and ability to learn.




3rd House Cusp in Virgo

You communicate to others clearly and precisely, but can also come across as picky and critical. You pay a lot of attention to details and like to have all your facts together before you express an opinion or put a plan into action. Short journeys are planned down to the tiniest detail. An information junkie, you tend to ask a lot of questions.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



3rd House Cusp Ruler, Mercury, in 1st House

You have a very personal way of communicating and voice your opinions and ideas quite openly. You will be heard and people will feel compelled to respond to you. For some, you can tend to be too frank and direct.




The 4th House


The 4th House is associated with home and family matters. It describes your parents - especially the father - and your relationship with them. It gives information on your family history or ancestry and the nature of your later life. Real estate and property belong here.




4th House Cusp in Libra

You desire peace and harmony in the home and among your family members. You often find yourself playing the role of the mediator and go-between in the family. You like an attractive home and will go to great lengths to make it pleasing to look at and be in. You enjoy entertaining at home and being the attentive host.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



4th House Cusp Ruler, Venus, in 1st House

You identify personally with your home and homeland. Your family could assist you advancement in life. Alternatively, pressures from within the family may compel you to assert your independence.




Pluto in 4th House

Anticipate power struggles in your home and family life. Your father may have ruled the parental home with a firm hand. Your past is probably a mystery to others and you may prefer to keep it that way. Childhood difficulties and traumas can affect you through your adult life and manifest psychological problems. On a more mundane level, the home will probably need repairs to its foundations, plumbing and drainage.




Pluto in Libra

You have an almost revolutionary approach to inter-personal relationships, with the capability to challenge and transform public perceptions about marriage and partnership. You tend to hold and express extreme views regarding social issues. You are a member of an intense and powerful generation that has the capability to fascinate and wield power over others.




Aspects to Pluto


Pluto Sextile Neptune (0z05' A)

Neptune and Pluto are the solar system's slowest moving planets; consequently aspects between them last for a great number of years and their effects are less personal than collective. Since 1940 and continuing until about 2040 they are in sextile aspect to each other. The major effect of this is to accentuate spiritual awareness and development en masse. You are part of a generation that is intent on exploring and refining the inner aspect of life and consciousness itself. You will be aware of a universal interest in metaphysical subjects, clairvoyance and psychical research.



Pluto Opposition Ascendant (6z00' A)

You have great will-power, which you can direct into projects of personal interest; however you will need to learn how to work with others if you want their assistance. Others perceive you as a person who can be coercive and controlling. You are intense and dominating and, as a consequence, often find yourself embroiled in power struggles. In extreme cases, you can come across as dictatorial and, if you feel your authority is threatened, can resort to ruthless or oppressive behaviour. Alternatively, other people - especially partners - can wield power over you.



Saturn in 4th House

Your home and family life are very important to you; however there can be difficulties attaining domestic harmony and security. You may experience hardship in your place of birth, which is only alleviated by moving to another locality or country. There could be difficulties in your relationship with one or both of your parents, with the possibility of physical or emotional separation from the father in particular. Also, you may have to take responsibility for an aged parent. Personal wisdom comes with age and maturity.




Saturn in Scorpio

You have a realistic outlook on life and tend to take it seriously. You have high ambitions, with a strong desire to succeed in life. You can readily endure hardship if a cause is worthy enough. Negatively, there can be the inclination to judge yourself and others too harshly or to harbour resentments.




Aspects to Saturn


Saturn Conjunct Mars (6z09' S)

This particular combination of planets is challenging to say the least. The enthusiastic and adventure seeking nature of Mars come up against the obstructive and restraining tendencies of Saturn. Hence, a key phrase for this aspect is 'restricted activity'. Traditionally, the uniting of Mars and Saturn makes for a troublesome pairing; however with self-awareness difficulties can be lessened. Saturn can tone down Mars' impatience and encourage disciplined action, the attainment of goals through concentrated or sustained effort and persistence. You are a hard worker who possesses endurance and the capability to work long and demanding hours. At times, progress in life can seem frustratingly slow; it sometimes feels as if you are 'driving with the hand brake on'. Negatively, you may find it difficult to manage anger and irritability. There is a risk of adopting a harsh outlook or of becoming resentful, vengeful and bitter. At approximately seven-year intervals, you are forced to contend with restrictions and periods of low physical energy.



Saturn Sextile Jupiter (3z37' S)

A harmonious aspect, such as this, between positive Jupiter and realistic Saturn brings out the best in both planets. You have good common sense, a responsible attitude and wisdom gained through life experience. Successes are likely in business, financial matters and academic work. You are hard working and industrious, but also smart enough to know when to cut back and consolidate. You have the experience to recognise a good deal when you see it and the patience to let it mature in its own time. Honest and straightforward in your dealings with others, you earn their trust and respect. You are even-tempered, reliable and fair when making decisions or judgements.



Mars in 4th House

A fine line exists between your home being a place of high activity or an outright battlefield. You like to dominate your domestic scene and, in extreme cases, can come across to your family as a hothead or bully. Equally, a dominant parent or family member can make you angry and cause family quarrels. You have to watch how you express your physical energies around your home, as accidents are possible, particularly with tools and machinery.



Mars in Scorpio

A person with strong willpower, you know exactly what you want and how to get it. Strong-willed and fearless, you pursue your goals and desires with great determination. Other people sense that you're not someone to mess with. In conflicts or aggressive situations, you stand your ground and hardly ever concede defeat. Power struggles are commonplace in your life.




Aspects to Mars



Mars Square Moon (6z59' S)

You are naturally bold and forthright, and generally up-front in your dealings with others. You have the capacity for leadership and are often motivated to take charge of situations. Competitive or aggressive situations bring out the fighter in you. You have a strong resistance to restriction and being ordered around by others. At times, you can be astonishingly frank and tactless. You are not afraid to take risks; however you can expect setbacks caused by impulsiveness or impatience. At home, you tend to rule the roost. Marital quarrels are likely.



Mars SemiSquare Neptune (1z26' S)

The main challenge of this aspect is to discover how to channel your energies most effectively. This is difficult because Neptune tends to undermine Mars' ability to act by dissipating its power, or causing it to express itself in a chaotic or immoral way. Physically, the body's defences can be weakened causing a susceptibility to infections and viruses. On a more uplifting note, this aspect is often found in the charts of spiritual aspirants who direct their energies towards the higher good. For creative people, this pairing can produce talents in music, visual arts, theatre, film, photography or fashion. Physical exercise such as swimming, water sports, Yoga or Tai Chi may appeal to you.



Mars Sextile Midheaven (0z36' S)

You have the power and the determination to realise your most personal aspirations and to achieve successful results in your career. In general, you enjoy harmony between your domestic and professional lives, with each positively supporting the other. While you are competitive to a degree, chasing the same goals as others doesn't interest you as much as setting and achieving your own objectives.




The 5th House


The 5th House is associated with pleasure, sex, love affairs and children. It also governs artistic creativity, music, the fine arts, fashion, social entertainment, games and speculations.



5th House Cusp in Scorpio

You are extremely passionate but also inclined to be secretive about your personal interests and pleasures. Sex is important in your romantic life and may be one of your strongest drives. At times, you can be inclined to jealousy and possessiveness in love. You enjoy both competitive and non-competitive sports. You also enjoy research and investigative work.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



5th House Cusp Ruler, Mars, in 4th House

You may have an artistically arranged home, with works of art hanging on the walls or sitting on shelves. Your home may be a place where artists and creative people gather. If you are in any way artistic, you will probably be most creative at home. Most of your socialising and entertaining tends to take place at home.




Moon's South Node in 5th House

With the Moon's South Node placed here, you experience difficulties with love affairs and speculations.



Moon's South Node in Sagittarius

A too blunt or tactless attitude in relationships will cause problems for you and others. Philosophical intolerance needs to be checked.



Uranus in 5th House

Your love life is anything but conventional or predictable. You seek excitement and variety in romance and are especially attracted to unusual or exotic people. Romantic encounters may start and finish suddenly. Boredom within love-unions may lead to affairs. Sudden or unplanned pregnancies are possible, if appropriate care is not taken. With respect to children, you have an individual way of relating to them, and may have a talent for dealing with troubled youngsters.




Uranus in Sagittarius

You are motivated by the desire to carry through reforms that reflect your and your generation's particular outlooks on life, despite inevitable confrontations with traditional or conventional forces. You are involved in innovative and experimental developments in learning and education - as either a student or educator.




Aspects to Uranus



Uranus Opposition Moon's North Node (4z28' S)

You either prefer the company of unusual and original people, or you come across to others as unconventional and eccentric yourself. You enjoy change and variety with regard to your associations and can be inclined to make and break contacts suddenly and unexpectedly. When meeting new people, you tend to assess their character intuitively and quickly. You may associate with people who expose you to unsettling or disruptive experiences.



Uranus Sesquiquadrate Ascendant (1z40' A)

You are an original personality and delight in your uniqueness and individuality. You insist on having the freedom to do as you wish, even if it unsettles others. You are a non-conformist and, in all likelihood, ahead of your time. To some people, you are an exciting person to be around; to others you are just too unconventional for them to understand. You need to take care not to come across as too eccentric or weird, because you may isolate yourself socially. You are intrinsically restless and will tend to have many changes of environment throughout the course of your life. You may be a technological whiz.



The 6th House


The 6th House is associated with work and employment or service. It describes your dependents such as pets, employees, servants and tenants if you have any. It is the house of health and sickness. It governs doctors, nurses and dentists.




6th House Cusp in Sagittarius

In general, you have an optimistic and positive attitude towards work. You like jobs that tackle life's issues or make a difference, such as teaching, coaching, advising, consulting and so on. You are also attracted to work that has a high level of mobility and possible overseas travel.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



6th House Cusp Ruler, Jupiter, in 6th House

Job-wise, you are well-suited to being of service to others. You may work in the public service, in an office or as a health professional. Body care and diet interest you and your occupation may be connected to these. You are likely to have a fondness for animals and may work with them.



Jupiter in Capricorn

Success in life comes through old-fashioned patience and perseverance, coupled with a realistic sense of what is possible. You have the capability to rise in life to positions of power and responsibility in the community and at work. In time, you acquire maturity and wisdom based on life experience. You attain your goals in life the hard way with self-discipline and sacrifice.




Aspects to Jupiter



Jupiter SemiSquare Moon (1z45' S)

The difficult or challenging aspects (such as this one) between Jupiter and the Moon are not usually too demanding, due to the planets' mutual connection to the sign of Cancer by essential dignity. You have a kind heart, a helpful and an obliging nature, coupled with the desire to help others in need. Philosophical and religious questions occupy your mind; however you can experience personal conflicts over matters of outlook and spiritual beliefs. You will most likely have connections with overseas countries or foreigners through travel or international business contacts. Negatively, there can be a tendency to slothfulness, greed or over-indulgence in pleasure-seeking activities.



Jupiter Conjunct Neptune (6z40' A)

You are essentially an idealist who sometimes sees the world through rose-tinted glasses. As a result, you can perceive situations to be quite different to what they are in reality. You are selfless, compassionate and emotionally sensitive to the needs of others. Spiritual subjects interest you greatly and it is possible that you possess psychic ability. A talent for music and art is also likely. On a more mundane level, you may have an enthusiasm for gambling and risk-taking; however it is impossible to tell if your speculations will succeed or fail - so you need to take care, especially if you cannot afford to lose.



Jupiter Quincunx Moon's North Node (0z34' S)

You are generally successful in your dealings with people, as you have the ability to adapt to their needs. You will make many contacts in life and, in most cases, your personal relationships and partnerships should be harmonious and positive. However, difficulties with others are possible because of a lack of adaptability or philosophical differences.



Neptune in 6th House

You have a special gift for looking after others, and possibly animals too. In matters relating to health, you need to take great care with intoxicants and strong medicines, as your nervous system is quite sensitive. In work, you require a job that is either creative or spiritually satisfying. If you are an employer, you may experience staff-related problems such as dishonesty or pilfering.




Neptune in Sagittarius

You are a member of a generation that has high hopes for the future and a better world in general. You dream of faraway places and perhaps harbour visions of Utopia. Your adherence to adopted religious and philosophical models may undergo tests of faith.



The 7th House


The 7th House is associated with partnerships, both personal and professional. It rules your relationship with other people generally, including those who oppose you. It also describes the sort of person you will attract as a mate.




7th House Cusp in Capricorn

You are quite an emotionally needy and sensitive person who requires someone to lean or depend upon. You tend to attract, or be attracted to, down-to-earth and pragmatic partners, who seem to know where they are going in life and how they're going to get there. At times, partners may come across as wary or cautious.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



7th House Cusp Ruler, Saturn, in 4th House

In conjunction with others, you may be involved in real estate. Domestic security is sought through relationships. Possibly, you and a partner may operate a business from home. On occasion, you may welcome the general public into your home.




Moon in 7th House

You are strongly motivated to form unions and your emotional harmony is dependent upon the nature of your personal relationships. You will probably have many opportunities for establishing partnerships, yet paradoxically, you or a partner may be commitment shy. Partners may be variable in the expression of their affections, innately restless and prone to wanderlust. You are responsive to the needs of others and can work well with the public in some way.




Moon in Aquarius

You intuitively understand other people and empathise with their needs. A true humanitarian, you are inclined to put others' emotional needs before your own. You have an understanding, if somewhat detached nature, which can be seen as cool and aloof. While you enjoy emotional contact, your natural tendency is to maintain independence. This can cause some problems in intimate relationships. Your domestic arrangements are likely to be unique.




Aspects to Moon


Moon Sextile Ascendant (0z30' S)

You have natural warmth, coupled with an ability to make others feel at ease in your company. You enjoy good relations with others because you are generally easygoing, obliging and able to adapt to most situations. Women play an important role in your life and you will have many contacts with them.




The 8th House


The 8th House is the house of shared resources, other people's money, including the partner's. It is associated with wills, inheritances, death and loss.




8th House Cusp in Aquarius

Expect the unexpected with respect to insurance claims and the sorting out of wills and inheritances. A partner's financial affairs may be unconventional or unstable - up one day and down the next. Also, they may be inclined to spend their money on unusual or eccentric purchases.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



8th House Cusp Ruler, Saturn, in 4th House

You are likely to receive a family inheritance in life. You have a knack for investing well in land or real-estate.




The 9th House


The 9th House is associated with philosophy, wisdom, spirituality, religion, higher education and travel. It also rules those you seek for advice such as lawyers, priests and astrologers.




9th House Cusp in Pisces

You are spiritually inclined and drawn to the mystical aspects of philosophy and religion. Believing in something and having faith comes naturally to you. You have an active inner life and possible psychic abilities. Travel may feature strongly in your life and you could spend long periods abroad. Important teachers and advisers tend to be insightful and spiritual, but can also be dreamy and unreliable.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



9th House Cusp Ruler, Jupiter, in 6th House

The better educated you are, the better your job opportunities. You may work as an educator, theologian, importer-exporter or publisher. Depending on the depth of your religious convictions, you could be of some service in a spiritual capacity. You may have to travel long distances for work, or work in the travel industry.




The 10th House


The 10th House is associated with your status in the world. It describes your reputation and level of public success. It is the house of career and, traditionally, the house of the mother. In most cases, your 10th House cusp is at the Midheaven.




10th House Cusp in Aries

You have a clear awareness of your aims, coupled with the power to succeed in life through your own efforts and self-motivation. You will compete for what you desire and pursue your objectives with courage, boldness and enthusiasm. Professionally, you are suited to either self-employment or careers that offer some autonomy. You have the drive to attain positions of leadership. Lively disputes with authority figures are likely.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



10th House Cusp Ruler, Mars, in 4th House

Your home life and professional life are closely linked to one another; you will probably take work home or your family life may influence your career decisions. It is possible that you work from home or in a family business. Your status in life is reflected in the type of home and family you have.




The 11th House


The 11th House is traditionally known as "the house of good fortune". Your friends and benefactors are described here, as well as your hopes and wishes.




11th House Cusp in Taurus

Your friends tend to be loyal and dependable. You are likely to establish enduring and long-lasting friendships. In general, your best friends are peace-loving, down-to-earth and practical. However, displays of obstinacy, possessiveness or jealousy can place friendships at risk.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



11th House Cusp Ruler, Venus, in 1st House

As the saying goes, "you are your friends"; hence the character of the people you associate with, tells others something about your personality. Your personal goals and dreams are realised through your own efforts, but also with the assistance of supporters and benefactors.




Moon's North Node in 11th House

Your karmic lesson in life is to have shared experiences. Groups, societies and clubs may feature strongly in your life. Friendships are important.




Moon's North Node in Gemini

You are inclined to seek contacts with a wide and diverse range of people. You prefer the company of mentally stimulating and informed people. Unions may come about through mixing with people within teaching or learning environments. You have a sociable nature and tend to attract witty and clever acquaintances.




The 12th House


The 12th House is the house of ill luck. It is associated with sorrow and sadness, your self-undoing and downfall, as well as your secrets, worries and anxieties. It rules hospitals, hospices, retreats, hideaways and prisons.




12th House Cusp in Gemini

In times of worry or anxiety, you can tend to allow your mind to work overtime. You should choose your confidants carefully, as a wrong word in the wrong ear could backfire on you. Loose tongued companions could prove to be your undoing.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



12th House Cusp Ruler, Mercury, in 1st House

You can be quite open with others about your fears, anxieties and private matters. Also, you may have a talent for getting people to open up about themselves. At a broader level, you may bring injustices to light that are not widely known about, or that are hidden from general view.

Dominant Qualities and Elements in Katrina Kaif's Natal Chart

The signs of the zodiac are grouped into two basic categories. These are known as the Qualities and the Elements. The Qualities describe fundamental modes of activity and the Elements describe temperament. There are three Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable and four Elements: Fire, Air, Earth & Water. Your horoscope has varying degrees of each Quality and Element. The percentages you have of each will determine their importance in your life. The higher percentages will be more powerful in your life, the lower percentages will be less powerful.



The Qualities



36% Cardinal

The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn. The more planets you have in any of these signs the more Cardinal you are:

Cardinal people are action oriented and initiating. They are interested in promoting change and bringing new things into the world. They are direct, assertive and like to take charge of situations. They are ambitious, independent and dislike being supervised. They are good at starting projects, but not so good at completing them. They have abundant enthusiasm and are very resourceful. Cardinal people generally don't hold grudges.



36% Fixed

The Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius. The more planets you have in any of these signs the more Fixed you are:

Fixed people are persevering and enduring. They achieve results in life through determined and persistent effort. They tend to do one thing at a time and are extremely practical in their approach to everything. They are not easily influenced by others and can be quite firm or stubborn once their minds are made up about something. They tend to hold onto things and are reluctant to change. They are staunch, but they can also be inflexible and at risk from becoming set in their ways.



29% Mutable

The Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces. The more planets you have in any of these signs the more Mutable you are:

Mutable people are the most flexible of the three types. They are able to go with the flow. They are changeable and adaptable, but also indecisive and restless. They are sensitive to the opinions of others, but they can also be impressionable and easily influenced by environmental circumstances. Mutable people lack the stubbornness of the Fixed signs and the forcefulness of the Cardinal signs, which makes them good mediators and go-betweens.



The Elements



43% Fire

The Fire signs are Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. The more planets you have in the Fire signs the more pro-active and self-determining you are:

The Fire signs go for freedom of action and power. They strive for recognition in life. They are out-going and enthusiastic, adventure seeking and powerful. They are ardent, passionate, assertive, demonstrative, bold and courageous. They can also be impatient and bossy, wilful and reactive, especially when they face delays or obstructions in their path.



14% Earth

The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn. The more planets you have in the Earth signs the more practical and needful of security you are:

The Earth signs seek material security. They are down-to-earth, pragmatic, cautious, sensible and conservative. Hardworking and industrious, Earth signs are able to put into effect the ideas and inspirations of the other signs. They can be accumulative, possessive and overly materialistic. They are also sensual and pleasure seeking.



21% Air

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. The more planets you have in the Air signs the more pro-active and self-determining you are:

The Air signs go for freedom of action and freedom of movement. Air signs need to be able to come and go at will. Their domain is the air we breathe; hence they are conduits for communication and the exchange of ideas. They are mentally alert and intellectually stimulating. Gregarious and sociable, Air signs like to be around other people. They are observant and perceptive, curious and inquisitive. They live totally in the here and now, and want to be in whatever is going on.



21% Water

The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces. The more planets you have in the Water signs the more needful you are of emotional security:

People with a majority of planets in the Water signs are motivated by the need to gain security in their emotional lives. They are sensitive, deep, compassionate, imaginative and intuitive. Their inner lives and dream lives are very active. They are spiritually inclined and potentially psychic, with an ability to tune into others. Life is experienced as a mystical journey. They can also be hypersensitive, impressionable and emotionally needy.


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