Marriage compatibility Report between Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Combined Natal Chart of Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Marriage compatibility Report between Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Qualities and Elements



Katrina Kaif's strongest Quality is Cardinal and Ranbir Kapoor's strongest Quality is Cardinal

Relationships between Cardinal personalities are dynamic and action orientated. Both of you have your own ideas about what can and needs to be done. As a pair you can achieve a lot together; however there will be struggles for dominance in the relationship. In this pairing we have the modern day 'power couple'.



Katrina Kaif's strongest Element is Fire and Ranbir Kapoor's strongest Element is Air

Relationships between Fire and Air personalities are rarely dull. Katrina Kaif is enthusiastic and ambitious and Ranbir Kapoor loves ideas. Together, you bounce off one another, share plans and become excited by possibilities. Both are willing to take risks and make changes. Problems can arise between you, however, through a lack of practicality.




Katrina Kaif's Houses



Ranbir Kapoor's Planets in your Houses



His Sun is in your 3rd House

Communication is vital to this relationship. Ranbir Kapoor encourages you to speak your mind and you will probably have many heart to heart discussions with each other. He may tend to initiate or dominate conversations. After all, he likes to be at the centre of attention. One of the best ways to keep things stimulating between you is to have the occasional short trip away together.



His Moon is in your 7th House

This is one of the classical romantic or marital combinations. When he first came into your life you instinctively knew that he was someone special and that something could develop between you. He shares similar family and domestic needs as you.



His Mercury is in your 3rd House

The way he thinks and says things strike a chord in you. He has a compelling way with words that you find stimulating and invigorating. You bounce ideas off one another, and when you team up together you make a great double act. You learn a lot from one another and alternate between playing each other's teacher and student.



His Venus is in your 3rd House

You love talking to each other and enjoy sharing intimate discussions. Good communication is what makes this relationship work. He can open your mind up to art and literature. Your social life is likely to be active and stimulating, with many invitations extended to you as a couple.



His Mars is in your 5th House

Here is someone who you can be adventurous with in love. He knows how to push your romantic buttons - and let's be honest - turn you on. You feel alive when you are together. Often, all you want to do is have fun and play. This is one love affair that will make an impact on you. However, be warned, there is the potential for being scarred if things go wrong - and they can.



His Jupiter is in your 4th House

This is someone you can take home to meet the folks and family. He fits right in and, before you know it, he has everyone eating out of his hand. You feel relaxed in each other's company and you both enjoy the simple things in life, like cooking or doing crosswords together.



His Saturn is in your 3rd House

You may have difficulty expressing your thoughts and ideas to Ranbir Kapoor. It is not because your communication skills are necessarily lacking; it is more likely that you don't quite know how to relate to each other. Unfortunately, he might not prove to be a hit with one or more of your relatives.



His Uranus is in your 5th House

There's a good chance that your attraction to Ranbir Kapoor took you by surprise and came upon you quite suddenly. You looked up one day and there he was. This is one of those 'love at first sight' affairs that tend to start and end quite abruptly. The key to your relationship is to live for the moment and enjoy the now.



His Neptune is in your 6th House

Your work may be a complete mystery to him. He might pretend to know what it is you do or appreciate its importance to you. There's probably little point in trying to explain it to him though because it is not part of his reality. He may also have some difficulty understanding the attraction some people have to holistic healing practices.



His Pluto is in your 4th House

You can't help but feel Ranbir Kapoor's presence in your domestic environment. If you live together - or even if you don't - he manages to exercise a controlling influence around the home. Your family may find him a bit hard to take, as they see him as dominating and controlling.



His Moon's North Node is in your 12th House

Through his ideas and actions he teaches you the value of getting time out occasionally, in order to re-establish your inner composure.



His Ascendant is in your 12th House

If there is anyone who can get you to front up to your innermost fears and inhibitions it is Ranbir Kapoor. He has a gift for asking you the right questions and offering solutions to your concerns. He is a good listener.



His Midheaven is in your 9th House

Ranbir Kapoor's spiritual or educational aspirations receive a boost through having you in his life. You have much to teach one another.




Ranbir Kapoor's Houses



Katrina Kaif's Planets in your Houses



Her Sun is in your 10th House

You have a great ally in Katrina Kaif. She knows what you want to achieve in life and is at the ready to lend you a willing hand. She may help you in your career, put you in touch with important and influential people or simply be there when you need her.



Her Moon is in your 5th House

You feel good and happy when Katrina Kaif is close by. She brings joy into your heart and feelings of lightness and fun. Sometimes you just can't believe how great you feel when you're together. She inspires you to be creative or artistic.



Her Mercury is in your 11th House

In Katrina Kaif you have someone who you can feel relaxed around and talk to as a friend. She understands where you are coming from because the foundation of your friendship is based on mutual interests and intellectual parity. You know how to have fun together and other people enjoy your company.



Her Venus is in your 10th House

Your social status in life is important to you both. She can do wonders for your reputation or professional life. She enjoys encouraging your ambitions and spurs you on to do the best job you can. Together, you will be well-liked and popular as a couple.



Her Mars is in your 2nd House

Financial matters feature strongly in this relationship. She is straight up and forthright in her views about how you should manage your money and spending. Conflicts can arise quickly when you don't see 'eye to eye' on how money is to be spent. She may attempt to dominate financial arrangements.



Her Jupiter is in your 4th House

This is someone you can take home to meet the folks and family. She fits right in and, before you know it, she has everyone eating out of her hand. You feel relaxed in each other's company and you both enjoy the simple things in life, like cooking or doing crosswords together.



Her Saturn is in your 2nd House

Money can be a problem in your relationship with Katrina Kaif. She may want to control your spending or conversely cause you financial difficulties through bad decisions or advice. Even though she may have your best interests at heart, she is not the first person you should choose to manage your finances.



Her Uranus is in your 3rd House

She can say things to you that most people wouldn't get away with because you've come to expect just about anything from her. She has the ability to stimulate your mind and get you to look at things differently. She keeps you interested because she's not concerned with ordinary or mundane reality; she has the ability to think outside of the box and beyond the confines of her immediate surroundings.



Her Neptune is in your 3rd House

Communication between you isn't always as clear as it could be. Sometimes things that should be said just aren't and other times things that shouldn't be said are, which can lead to tragic misunderstandings. That aside, it is often the case that you understand each other intuitively.



Her Pluto is in your 1st House

She has the power to transform the way you see yourself and how you live your life. She empowers you and encourages you to look deeply into your psyche and think about the consequences of your attitudes and actions. Through her you feel compelled to confront yourself and acknowledge your shortcomings. There may be power struggles between you.



Her Moon's North Node is in your 9th House

Through her ideas and actions she teaches you about the importance of spiritual matters and education.



Her Ascendant is in your 7th House

You 'know' this person. In Katrina Kaif, you recognise a buddy who could be that and more. You may be hanging out together for quite some time.



Her Midheaven is in your 4th House

She has similar domestic goals as you. She understands how important home and family-life are to you.







Katrina Kaif's Sun is Square Ranbir Kapoor's Saturn 0z42' S

This is a difficult combination for any relationship to endure. It is definitely possible for this partnership to work, but it is going to take a lot of effort on the part of both individuals. There are issues of control and domination to contend with; with one of you trying to restrict the freedom of the other. Should this be allowed to happen it will eventually lead to separation. This outcome is avoidable if you respect each other's goals in life and give yourselves the space and freedom to pursue them. It is important to appreciate each other's personalities and to avoid criticizing or putting one another down.



Katrina Kaif's Sun is Square Ranbir Kapoor's Pluto 2z38' A

This aspect requires very careful handling because it is both a force for good and bad in a relationship. There is a reason you are together. You have been drawn to each other by some kind of undeniable attraction. The power of this aspect is its ability to transform both of your lives. Whether these changes are constructive or destructive depends on how you deal with power. It is very likely that one of you is more dominant than the other, which may cause conflicts and resentments. The test for you both is to work out a relationship dynamic that you're both comfortable with, otherwise there will be power struggles.



Katrina Kaif's Moon is Sesquiquadrate Ranbir Kapoor's Moon's North Node 1z42' A

You are able to cultivate a feeling of closeness with one another. You are supportive and devoted to each other and towards the important people in your lives. Family is important to you and strong contacts will be established with your respective family members.



Katrina Kaif's Mercury is Square Ranbir Kapoor's Jupiter 4z19' S

Whilst communication between you is generally positive and constructive there are going to be times when you disagree about things. The important thing is to be honest with each other. Keep an open mind about each other's beliefs and don't try to force your own on to one another. Take care with important joint decisions, especially if money is involved; double check documents and contracts.



Ranbir Kapoor's Moon is Opposition Katrina Kaif's Venus 1z03' S

Even challenging aspects involving the Moon and Venus work well in a relationship. They intensify your attraction for each other and deepen your desire for unity. You have strong feelings of love for one another and a readiness for commitment. About the only thing you need to be careful of is a tendency to smother one another or to come across as needy and emotionally dependent.



Katrina Kaif's Mars is Conjunct Ranbir Kapoor's Jupiter 4z55' S

You are a productive, resourceful and energetic couple. You stimulate and encourage each other. As a team, you can achieve a great deal together in your personal and professional lives. You both want success and you know what it takes to get it. Take care, however, that you don't over-extend yourselves physically or financially.


Ranbir Kapoor's Sun is Square Katrina Kaif's Jupiter 1z46' A

Even though this is a challenging aspect, its influence on a relationship is fundamentally positive and beneficial. As a couple, you can advance socially and materially. Negatively, there may be some problems with wastefulness and extravagance on the part of one partner. Philosophical differences are also likely.



Katrina Kaif's Jupiter is Opposition Ranbir Kapoor's Moon's North Node 3z27' S

The connection between you is generally harmonious and mutually uplifting. You get along well with each other and are tolerant and supportive of one another's outlooks and beliefs. You interact well together with others and make many friends as a couple.



Katrina Kaif's Jupiter is Opposition Ranbir Kapoor's Ascendant 1z25' A

This is one of the most ideal astrological combinations for partnership and marriage. There is harmony between you and a great tolerance for one another's views and belief systems. You are willing to make compromises for each other. Expect social and material advantages.



Ranbir Kapoor's Venus is SemiSquare Katrina Kaif's Saturn 0z03' A

This is one of the most difficult relationship combinations. It is very hard for you be intimate with each other and to feel completely satisfied emotionally or sexually. There are control issues to contend with, due to one of you deliberately attempting to rule over the other. This can lead to feelings of intense frustration or victimisation on the part of the dominated partner. With personal sacrifices it is possible to maintain this relationship, but you have to ask yourselves if the personal costs are worth it. A separation is the usual outcome.



Ranbir Kapoor's Jupiter is Conjunct Katrina Kaif's Saturn 1z14' S

This can have a good balancing effect on your relationship. You have the potential to grow and prosper together in a careful and measured way. Your combined successes, including financial, are gained through hard work and perseverance. You may do well in business together because you both understand the cycles of expansion and consolidation.



Katrina Kaif's Saturn is SemiSquare Ranbir Kapoor's Neptune 0z18' A

Like everyone, you both have your own personal boundaries; however they are often not well-defined between you and are inclined to shift over time. It is important to respect each other's autonomy and not to erode one another's self-confidence or independence. One of you may tend to dampen the dreams of the other. There can also be the tendency for one partner to undermine the security of the other. There may be health issues to contend with in the relationship.



Katrina Kaif's Saturn is Sesquiquadrate Ranbir Kapoor's Midheaven 1z32' S

Anticipate some problems balancing work commitments with those of family life. Whilst you both want to do your bit and share the responsibilities associated with home and career, it is often difficult to achieve the ideal balance.



Ranbir Kapoor's Mars is Conjunct Katrina Kaif's Uranus 4z40' A

Personal freedom and independence are very important to you both. You will rebel against each other if you sense a threat to your self-determination. Both of you can be difficult to live with sometimes. You often provoke each other to get a reaction and refuse to compromise when you know you can. Fights and arguments are frequent.



Katrina Kaif's Uranus is SemiSquare Ranbir Kapoor's Pluto 0z58' S

You are both aware of social issues and may feel compelled to do something about those that concern you the most. If you combine your energies and resources, you can make a difference. You view change as a force for good even if it is accompanied by crisis.



Ranbir Kapoor's Sun is Square Katrina Kaif's Neptune 4z54' S

The main concern of this aspect, from a relationship perspective, is do you trust one another and are you honest with each other? There can be a tendency to evade important issues within your relationship or to do things behind each other's backs. There can also be problems with intoxicants and difficulties caused by deception or unreliability. Positively, there is a strong inner connection between you and you are able to pick up one on another intuitively. Deep down, you both know what the other needs and expects of each other.



Ranbir Kapoor's Venus is Square Katrina Kaif's Neptune 4z46' A

The warning bells are ringing and you would do well to heed them; this planetary combination is double-sided. On one side, you both may feel that this might be the great romance; that you have found "the one". However, this is offset by the knowledge that no-one is, or can be, perfect. There is the danger of abandoning all reason and falling for one another hook, line and sinker. Eventually, reality bites and you wonder what went wrong. Keep it real and try not to deceive yourselves or anyone else in the process.



Katrina Kaif's Neptune is Square Ranbir Kapoor's Midheaven 3z10' A

Your domestic and professional affairs are often unstable and insecure. One partner may deliberately or inadvertently undermine the career or family relationships of the other. There is a risk of deception or dishonesty between you.



Ranbir Kapoor's Moon is Square Katrina Kaif's Pluto 3z14' S

Without question, you have power issues to deal with between you. One of you is inclined to emotionally manipulate the other - consciously or unconsciously. There is a risk of power struggles and angry outbursts brought on by feelings of oppression or jealousy. Be prepared for recycling dramas. You will probably feel that you are constantly walking on egg shells. Tread carefully.



Ranbir Kapoor's Mars is Opposition Katrina Kaif's Moon's North Node 0z12' A

You have a strong desire to cooperate with each other. However, for this to succeed you need to discourage competition between you or any inclinations one partner may have to try and dominate the other. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of teamwork.



Ranbir Kapoor's Uranus is Opposition Katrina Kaif's Moon's North Node 3z55' A

Your first meeting was probably sudden or initiated by a friend or acquaintance. It may, also, have taken place in circumstances which were unusual for you. Chances are that you both knew instantly that you'd strike up a connection.



Ranbir Kapoor's Saturn is Opposition Katrina Kaif's Ascendant 0z42' S

You need to think long and hard about the viability of maintaining a relationship with each other. There are issues of control and restriction that you will inevitably encounter and have to contend with. There is not a lot of humour between you and one of you tends to be severe and dictatorial.



Ranbir Kapoor's Pluto is Opposition Katrina Kaif's Ascendant 2z38' A

The attraction between you is utterly compelling, even compulsive and obsessive. There can be jealousy and possessiveness to contend with and issues of control and manipulation. Power struggles are frequent and one of you often overwhelms the other. There may also be displays of ruthless or oppressive behaviour from one to the other, which can have a destructive effect on the relationship.


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