Natal Chart Report for Barack Obama

Barack Obama's Birth Data

Birth Data



Barack Obama                                      154w53'01

Natal Chart                                            19n33'30

4 Aug 1961                                           Geocentric

7:24:00 PM                                           Tropical

AHST +10:00:00                                    Sign as House

Honolulu Landing HI                              True Node





Planet Positions



Sun 12z 32' 52" Leo

Moon 03z 21' 26" Gemini

Mercury 02z 19' 53" Leo

Venus 01z 47' 21" Cancer

Mars 22z 34' 35" Virgo

Jupiter 00z 51' 30" Aquarius Retrograde

Saturn 25z 19' 50" Capricorn Retrograde

Uranus 25z 16' 14" Leo

Neptune 08z 36' 21" Scorpio

Pluto 06z 58' 40" Virgo

Moon's North Node 27z 18' 18" Leo Retrograde

Moon's South Node 27z 18' 18" Aquarius Retrograde

Ascendant 22z 08' 54" Aquarius

Midheaven 01z 44' 54" Sagittarius



Barack Obama's Birth Chart

Barack Obama's Birth Chart Analysis

The 1st House


The 1st House describes you, your self-expression and vitality. It is your physical appearance and the way others see you and interact with you. The 1st House cusp is, in most cases, the Ascendant or Rising Sign of your chart and indicates your primary motivation in life. The house placement of your 1st House ruler, or almuten, shows the areas of life that are of primary importance to you. Also, planets in your 1st House influence how you present yourself to the world.


 1st House Cusp in Aquarius

Your primary motivation in life is for freedom of action and movement. You have a modern, contemporary and progressive outlook on life with an enthusiasm for the new, the unusual and the innovative. You are an original personality yet, at times, can be unconventional, eccentric or unpredictable. Others are attracted to you because you're friendly and interested in people. You are accustomed to a lot of change and variety in your day-to-day life.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



1st House Cusp Ruler, Saturn, in 12th House

You realise your primary motivation in life by working quietly behind-the-scenes. You are a force to be reckoned with in a subtle way; because you keep your own counsel and others never know exactly what you're capable of. This doesn't mean you are threatening, just private and self-contained. You enjoy your own company and seclusion.


 Jupiter in 1st House

You are the eternal optimist who has the ability to light up any room. You are positive, outgoing and enthusiastic. People warm to you, as you ooze self-confidence, an easy manner and a hearty sense of humour. You have leadership capabilities, combined with the ability to be popular and well-liked. You are interested in philosophical subjects, religious questions and education. You can be prone to over-indulgence, wastefulness, extravagance and an exaggerated sense of self-importance. And, you may need to watch your diet, as there can be a tendency to put on weight.




Jupiter in Aquarius

You have an impartial and unprejudiced nature, with a strong social sense. You have humanitarian tendencies and can be tolerant and accepting of the viewpoints of others, even if you don't agree with them. Equally, you can be provocative and revolutionary in your thinking, especially in regard to social or humanitarian issues.




Aspects to Jupiter



Jupiter Trine Moon (2z30' S)

You are naturally generous, open-minded and kind-hearted. Your emotional honesty and good humour make you popular and appreciated by others. You are socially aware and always ready to help other people. You are interested in philosophy and religion, and, if other factors in your chart support it, you will have the opportunity to travel. You know how to enjoy yourself and are fond of sociable and pleasurable activities. Relations with women are usually positive.



Jupiter Opposition Mercury (1z28' S)

You are basically an optimist at heart and usually express a positive and confident outlook on life. In your desire to broaden your knowledge, you will most likely travel, correspond with people in other countries and possibly study or have business arrangements overseas. You may be well read and erudite. Certainly, you appreciate the value and benefits of a sound education. Possibly, you may have a tendency to be absent-minded, or inclined to overlook important details. Poor judgement or sloppy thinking can lead to problems with investments, contracts or legal documents. At times, you may be intellectually arrogant, preachy or prone to exaggeration.



Jupiter Quincunx Venus (0z56' S)

Even the 'difficult' aspects, such as this, between Venus and Jupiter are not as challenging as other planetary combinations. They are, after all, the so-called benefic planets and they tend to work well together. At worst, there can be a tendency towards negligence and laziness, or over-indulgence and wastefulness. To some extent, life's advantages can come too easily to you, resulting in a tendency to take things for granted. Still, this is a very desirable aspect to have in your chart because it brings social and worldly benefits and facilitates successful relationships with others. Romantic encounters are generally positive and happy, and artistic ability is evident. Positively, you have a pleasant and affectionate nature, which warms people to you easily. Gregarious and optimistic, you embrace life wholeheartedly and fully. You have an attractive personality and a kind-hearted manner about you, with the ability to gain popularity or favouritism from others.



Jupiter Conjunct Saturn (5z32' A)

In general, your life alternates between periods of optimism and pessimism and periods of financial abundance and financial hardship. It can sometimes seem that everything good that happens to you comes at a cost. Your challenge is to find the middle path between enjoying life and keeping it real. Occasionally, you experience feelings of dissatisfaction with your lot in life; however this can serve as a motivation to improve your situation. All of your personal successes - academic, financial or emotional - are hard won and gained through industry, perseverance and self-discipline. You have a good head for business because you understand the cycles of expansion and consolidation. Your philosophical outlooks tend to be orthodox and conservative.



Jupiter Square Neptune (7z45' S)

You are a selfless and compassionate person who is receptive to the needs of others. Spiritual subjects interest you greatly and it is possible that you possess psychic ability. You have a great amount of imagination and inspiration, which you may effectively channel into creative expressions such as music, theatre, dance, film or painting. You are essentially an idealist who sometimes sees the world through rose-tinted glasses. As a result, you can perceive situations to be quite different to what they are in reality. On a mundane level, you may have an enthusiasm for gambling and risk-taking; however it is impossible to tell if your speculations will succeed or fail - so you need to take care, especially if you cannot afford to lose.



 Jupiter Sextile Midheaven (0z53' S)

This aspect can help you to rise to high positions in your career. You have the desire to do well in life and to advance personally and professionally. Others may seek you out for your advice and those in power tend to favour you. You may do well in areas related to spirituality, publishing, travel, law or education.



Ascendant in Aquarius

Your primary motivation in life is to have freedom of action and movement. You have a modern, contemporary and progressive outlook on life, with an enthusiasm for the new, the unusual and the innovative. You have an individual and original personality yet, at times, can be unconventional, eccentric or unpredictable. Others are attracted to you because you are friendly and interested in people. You are accustomed to a lot of change and variety in your day-to-day life.




Aspects to Ascendant


Ascendant Quincunx Mars (0z26' A)

A strong character, you express an assertive and, occasionally, forceful personality towards others in the environment. Your manner is direct and frank. You are ambitious for recognition and achieve successes through your own efforts and self-motivation. You are a good organiser and like being in charge of situations. Giving orders or instructions to others comes naturally to you. You face life's battles head-on and are rarely daunted by much at all. Negatively, you can be pushy, argumentative and prepared to resort to bullying tactics to get your own way. Also, a tendency to rush into things without considering the consequences can place you in awkward situations. Patience isn't one of your strongest traits.



Ascendant Opposition Uranus (3z07' A)

You are an original personality and delight in your uniqueness and individuality. You insist on having the freedom to do as you wish, even if it unsettles others. You are a non-conformist and, in all likelihood, ahead of your time. To some people, you are an exciting person to be around; to others you are just too unconventional for them to understand. You need to take care not to come across as too eccentric or weird, because you may isolate yourself socially. You are intrinsically restless and will tend to have many changes of environment throughout the course of your life. You may be a technological whiz.



Ascendant Opposition Moon's North Node (5z09' A)

You have difficulties getting along well with others in your personal environment caused by disruptive or unsociable behaviour.



Moon's South Node in 1st House

With the Moon's South Node placed here, you experience difficulties expressing yourself and feeling satisfied with your life.



Moon's South Node in Aquarius

You risk relationship problems if you have difficulties accommodating others' individuality, or if you exhibit socially isolating tendencies.



The 2nd House


The 2nd House is associated with personal assets and financial affairs. It governs all moveable possessions and wealth.



2nd House Cusp in Pisces

Managing money is not your strongest attribute. One day it's there the next it seems to have magically disappeared. You are inclined to be somewhat carefree or lackadaisical with your possessions. You need to take care with investments and to be especially careful with whom you entrust your financial affairs, as your trusting nature may expose you to con artists.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



2nd House Cusp Ruler, Jupiter, in 1st House

Your income is directly proportional to your self-motivation and the personal effort you put into creating wealth. Your physical condition and general health are determining factors in your ability to earn a living. The more vital and physically fit you are, the more drive you have to acquire possessions and money. You may tend to spend money on yourself.



The 3rd House


The 3rd House is associated with your immediate environment. It rules your neighbours and your relationship with your relatives, especially your siblings and cousins. It also rules all forms of communication. It describes your early education and ability to learn.



 3rd House Cusp in Aries

You are an active communicator equipped with the gift of repartee and the ability to supply a ready answer when challenged. You have debating skills, yet you may also have a biting tongue and an abrupt manner. Lively discussions or arguments with your siblings and neighbours are part of your daily life.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



3rd House Cusp Ruler, Mars, in 8th House

Your mind is rarely involved with light and frivolous matters; instead you are more likely to ponder life's deeper issues. You may occasionally reflect upon ideas that others consider taboo.



The 4th House


The 4th House is associated with home and family matters. It describes your parents - especially the father - and your relationship with them. It gives information on your family history or ancestry and the nature of your later life. Real estate and property belong here.



4th House Cusp in Aries

Your home life is full of activity; ranging from constant busyness to family battles. Relations with your parents are lively and occasionally strained. For your own and others' peace of mind you will benefit from having interests outside of the home. You may change residence frequently in your life. Your retiring years won't be boring.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



4th House Cusp Ruler, Mars, in 8th House

You and your family may pool financial resources, or own land or a business together. Difficulties in life may be caused through the deeds or attitudes of the father. You may pursue an interest in occult sciences in later life, if not earlier.




The 5th House


The 5th House is associated with pleasure, sex, love affairs and children. It also governs artistic creativity, music, the fine arts, fashion, social entertainment, games and speculations.



5th House Cusp in Gemini

You enjoy intellectually stimulating activities such as reading, writing and studying. Interested in a wide range of subjects, you like to mix with other people and participate in lively discussions. For entertainment, you appreciate the visual arts, theatre, cinema or dance. In love, you are attracted to people who are good communicators.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



5th House Cusp Ruler, Mercury, in 7th House

This combination suggests that love and marriage go together in your life; one complements the other. Romantic liaisons may lead to long term partnerships. You desire a partner who knows how to have fun and is romantically inclined. Other people may know more about your love life than you realise. You may have consulting talents, especially in the entertainment, sports, relationship or child development sectors.




Moon in 5th House

You are a born romantic in constant search for the ideal in love. You are charming, imaginative and instinctively creative. The arts can play an important role in your life and you have an appreciation of artistic mediums such as drama, cinema, dance, music and poetry. You know how to amuse yourself and will probably enjoy an active and varied social life. You may be attracted to the entertainment industry or child-care.




Moon in Gemini

You have a strong need to communicate your feelings. It is possible that you will rationalise your feelings or allow your intellect to control your emotional life. Your home-life is usually stimulating and often a centre for learning and lively discussion.



Aspects to Moon



Moon Sextile Mercury (1z02' S)

Your thoughts are influenced by your feelings and vice versa. You are highly perceptive and can easily sense the moods and feelings of others. Your mind is both fertile and imaginative and hungry for knowledge. You are an instinctual student and teacher, whose understanding of a subject is emotionally based. Articulate and able to impart knowledge effortlessly, you have a good memory and may be a good storyteller.



Moon Square Pluto (3z37' A)

You have a complex emotional life. Your feelings are intense and you feel things deeply. The dynamics of your personal relationships are intricate and often strained, especially with your family or significant females. There are power struggles in the home or with dominant women. Equally, you can be domineering or emotionally manipulative and intent on getting everything your own way. You can also be prone to particular habitual fixations or compulsions.



Moon Square Moon's North Node (6z03' S)

You are motivated by the urge to establish spiritual and emotional connections with others. You judge another's character on your initial instincts. Family ties are extremely important to you; however there can be tensions between members of your family. Difficulties with others can arise through a lack of adaptability or insensitivity, leading to estrangements or parting company.



Moon Opposition Midheaven (1z37' A)

Your highest aspirations are soul based and spiritually significant to you. You have the power to form supportive contacts in your vocation, especially with women. However, your career path is likely to be affected by work demands and family commitments encroaching upon one another.




The 6th House


The 6th House is associated with work and employment or service. It describes your dependents such as pets, employees, servants and tenants if you have any. It is the house of health and sickness. It governs doctors, nurses and dentists.



6th House Cusp in Cancer

You need to feel emotionally involved in your work for it to have any real meaning for you. You also need to feel a sense of security regarding your work, as uncertainty surrounding a job can affect your health and general feeling of well-being. You enjoy being of service to others and any job in fields such as catering, the health sector, nutritional guidance, home care or civic responsibility could be personally satisfying.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



6th House Cusp Ruler, Moon, in 5th House

You require work that you can enjoy and feel good about. Your work may bring you into contact with artists and entertainers or children. Equally, you may be attracted to working in the entertainment, creative and artistic or teaching sectors.




Venus in 6th House

Harmony in your work environment is of utmost importance to you. You seek to maintain positive relationships with the people you work with, or come into contact with through work. You enjoy creative work, being of service to others or working in fields which are particular to the needs of women. Romantic or marriage partners may come through your work. In general, you like animals and benefits emotionally through keeping pets.




Venus in Cancer

You experience deep and sincere feelings of love and are caring and protective towards your loved ones. To feel emotionally secure, you need to have affection and tenderness demonstrated. You are sensitive in love and hopelessly romantic, but can easily be hurt by insensitivity from another. You have a desire for partnership and an appreciation of family-life. Social activities are often centred in the home and your guests always feel welcome.




Aspects to Venus



Venus Sextile Moon's North Node (4z29' S)

You have well-developed social skills. Possessing charm and good taste, you prefer the company of cultured and refined people. You tend to cultivate friendships with creative people and move in artistic circles.  Popular and well-liked, you enjoy an active social life and have many opportunities for love.



Venus Quincunx Midheaven (0z02' A)

You are a warm-hearted and loving individual and, in general, enjoy good relationships with your family and work colleagues. You have a unique sense of style and have quite individualistic fashion tastes and preferences. Status in your career is important to you, and vocational successes are likely in creative occupations or the arts, the beauty or fashion industries, or the public relations sectors. You have high expectations in love and, at some point in your life, will experience a love union that all others are measured by. Negatively, you can turn others off through laziness, narcissism or conceit. There may be disharmony with others caused by family and vocational demands impinging upon one another.



The 7th House


The 7th House is associated with partnerships, both personal and professional. It rules your relationship with other people generally, including those who oppose you. It also describes the sort of person you will attract as a mate.



7th House Cusp in Cancer

Being naturally practical and serious, you require a partner who is sensitive and receptive, and capable of opening you up emotionally. You like your mate to be at ease around the home and able to provide you with a safe and secure domestic life. Anyone who can cook is in with a chance!


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



7th House Cusp Ruler, Moon, in 5th House

You may meet partners at social functions, such as parties or at places of amusement and entertainment. You will probably marry for love and entertain romantic ideas about marriage generally. You and a partner may work together as a creative team.




Mercury in 7th House

You are attracted to people who are intelligent, witty and communicative and seek these attributes in a partner. Mental rapport with others is important to you and, in personal relationships, may take precedence over emotional interaction. You need to feel that you can discuss any aspect of your relationship with your partner. You are suited to public relations work, as you enjoy meeting people and dealing with the public in general. Under certain conditions, verbal, written or commercial dealings with others can be difficult.




Mercury in Leo

You are a self-assured communicator and a strong-minded person with firm convictions and fixed opinions. As you are expressive and forceful in your manner of communicating, people will follow your lead. As a rule, you prefer to look at the overall picture. A mass of facts and figures is likely to bog you down and stifle your creativity.




Aspects to Mercury



Mercury Opposition Saturn (7z00' S)

Your thinking is serious, realistic and conservative. You tend to be precise in your speech, logical in your approach to things and methodical in your working habits. You have excellent powers of concentration and can succeed with academic study or research work. However, you can be prone to bouts of self-doubt regarding your mental abilities, which can restrict your educational achievements. You may experience communication difficulties caused by shyness, inhibition or a lack of self-confidence. Possibly, you may experience periods of depression and pessimism.




Mercury Square Neptune (6z16' A)

You are highly intuitive and perceptive and seem to instinctively know what others may be thinking. You have an interest in metaphysical subjects and may even experience spiritual or psychic phenomena. Alternatively, your thinking can be confused or uncertain and you may experience difficulties making important decisions or communicating clearly to others. Possibly, you could be prone to self-deception or inclined to avoid facing uncomfortable realities. In certain circumstances, you can be scheming and insincere.



Mercury Trine Midheaven (0z35' A)

You are able to maintain a good balance between your professional life and your home life. Most likely, you will receive good vocational guidance and a sound education from your parents. You are interested in learning and study; and intellectual work should be quite easy for you. You are a good conversationalist and other people seek you out to hear your opinions. You keep yourself informed and up to date with developments in the world and your career.




Sun in 7th House

Your ability to gain recognition in life in either a personal or professional capacity is facilitated through union with a partner. You are at your best and most productive when you work together with another. Marriage is important to you and you can gain valuable experience from one-to-one relationships. You are drawn to powerful and strong-willed personalities, or to people that you can respect.




Sun in Leo

You are creative in the broadest sense of the word and motivated by the urge to make your mark on the world and to gain a measure of personal recognition and power. You have a desire to be at the centre of attention or in the limelight. At your best, you are self-assured, self-confident, out-going, sociable and companionable, but also you can be proud, status-conscious, arrogant and susceptible to flattery. You exude authority and are a natural leader and organiser who can make decisions. You are protective of others and generous by nature.




Aspects to Sun



Sun Square Neptune (3z57' S)

You are highly sensitive and impressionable. You have a tendency to be easily swayed by others; are prone to seducing influences and susceptible to intoxicants and stimulants. While you may be inspired with the best of intentions and ideals, you often lack the power and motivation to bring them to realisation. Equally, you may be prone to recycling periods of low vitality and physical weakness. There is a susceptibility to self-deception and seducing influences that can lead to scandals. Your father may be an unknown quantity to you, or even absent. Positively, you may have spiritual inclinations, coupled with a fascination for metaphysical or esoteric subjects. Your inner life is very active, and mystical or psychic experiences are not unfamiliar to you. You have compassion and an ability to feel and understand the needs of others with sympathy and empathy. You may be gifted with a measure of inspiration and creativity, which may express itself through the arts - especially music, painting, photography or drama.




Uranus in 7th House

In your personal and professional relationships, you tend to be drawn to unusual people and are inclined to form unconventional unions. You appreciate individuality and originality in others. Partners may also be eccentric and a law unto themselves, which can be both stimulating and exasperating. Personal attachments are likely to be formed and terminated suddenly.




Uranus in Leo

You are a member of a generation that strives to be different and independent. You insist on individual freedom and will rebel against authority. Boldly enterprising, you will take risks. You can be obstinate, self-willed or uncompromising.




Aspects to Uranus



Uranus Quincunx Saturn (0z04' A)

You often feel tense and churned up inside, as you struggle between the urge to conform and the urge to assert your individuality. One side of you wants to be like everyone else while the other side cannot bear the thought of it. Also, when you feel the pressure for change building up within you, don't suppress it because you may cause yourself stress and even possible physical injury. For your own peace of mind you need to find a balance between these conflicting urges. You are quite rebellious and will buck against anyone or anything that restricts your freedom.



Uranus Conjunct Moon's North Node (2z02' A)

You either prefer the company of unusual and original people, or you come across to others as unconventional and eccentric yourself. You enjoy change and variety with regard to your associations and can be inclined to make and break contacts suddenly and unexpectedly. When meeting new people, you tend to assess their character intuitively and quickly. You may associate with people who expose you to unsettling or disruptive experiences.



Uranus Square Midheaven (6z29' S)

You march to the beat of your own drum. Others see you as a unique personality who is strongly individualistic. You assert your right to be independent and original. Professionally, you will choose a career that is unusual in some way, or you could be attracted to modern occupations, involving the latest technological or scientific advancements. One word of warning, this aspect can sometimes cause reckless behaviour, which can lead to sudden reversals of fortune or falls from grace. Your domestic circumstances are often changeable or unstable.




Moon's North Node in 7th House

Your karmic lesson in life is to experience and learn about relationships. Partnerships, both personal and professional, can feature strongly in your life.




Moon's North Node in Leo

You demonstrate self-confidence and self-assuredness in the company of other people. You often assume the role of leader and organiser in group activities. Other people will look to you for guidance. You are socially active, fun-loving, entertaining, and like sharing in festive events and social occasions.




Aspects to Moon's North Node



Moon's North Node Quincunx Saturn (1z58' S)

It is very likely that you'll establish unions with others of a wide-age difference to yourself. Older people play an important role in your early life. You are attracted to them for their knowledge, wisdom and experience. You have a sense of responsibility towards others, coupled with strong feelings of loyalty and duty. At times, other people's actions can sadden or depress you. And, in some cases, there are people who can oppress you and make you feel bitter and frustrated.



Moon's North Node Square Midheaven (4z27' S)

The best friends you can make in life are with people who share the same aims and aspirations as you do. You have a strong need to be with people who understand and appreciate you at an inner level. You may be quite status conscious. Family ties are significant. There can be problems with the career.




The 8th House


The 8th House is the house of shared resources, other people's money, including the partner's. It is associated with wills, inheritances, death and loss.




8th House Cusp in Virgo

A partner may be very practical and competent when it comes to handling money. Ever efficient, you are likely to have your taxes well managed. You could have a scientific interest in occult matters, and may study, write or lecture on them.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



8th House Cusp Ruler, Mercury, in 7th House

You may have a talent for handling the financial affairs of your partner or other people. Joint finances and resources can be tricky within partnerships and lead to arguments and disputes. You may share an interest in the occult with a partner.




Pluto in 8th House

You have a deep interest in the occult and esoteric mysteries. You may develop a fascination for subjects that investigate the questions of life, such as reincarnation, life after death, karma, yoga and astrology. Under certain conditions, you could experience problems with others' money, taxes or inheritances.




Pluto in Virgo

You are a member of a generation who experiences extraordinary pressures and upheavals in the areas of employment and health. You are exposed to transformations within the work and health sectors that occur outside of your own control. You witness breakthroughs in medical science, coupled with a rise of interest in alternative therapies.




Aspects to Pluto



Pluto Sextile Neptune (1z38' A)

Neptune and Pluto are the solar system's slowest moving planets; consequently aspects between them last for a great number of years and their effects are less personal than collective. Since 1940 and continuing until about 2040 they are in sextile aspect to each other. The major effect of this is to accentuate spiritual awareness and development en masse. You are part of a generation that is intent on exploring and refining the inner aspect of life and consciousness itself. You will be aware of a universal interest in metaphysical subjects, clairvoyance and psychical research.



Pluto Square Midheaven (5z14' A)

You have the capability to make your mark on the world and become a person of some significance or importance. If other factors in your horoscope support it, you have the potential to gain a measure of fame. At some point in your life, there is a strong possibility you will undergo a radical change in direction that may surprise both yourself and others. You have the capability to be a leader or a public figure; however you need to take care not to abuse your authority, as it is likely to annoy others. If you misuse your power, your past may catch up with you and ruin your reputation. There can be power struggles in the home or domestic upheavals.




Mars in 8th House

You have strong survival instincts and react quickly to threatening or risky situations. You can act recklessly and defiantly, yet you instinctively know how far to take things. Facing perilous situations can give you an adrenalin rush. You are prone to arguments over money and shared resources with personal or professional partners. Problems and disputes may arise over legacies and inheritances. An interest in the occult and metaphysical subjects is likely.




Mars in Virgo

Your goals and actions are usually practical and useful. You are economical in the expenditure of energy. Precise and exacting, you are motivated to do the best you can at any task. You approach projects in a logical and methodical manner. You are intolerant of sloppiness and untidiness in the work environment. You tend to get angry or irritable when routines are upset or things don't go to plan. Conflicts are possible with work colleagues.




Aspects to Mars



Mars Trine Saturn (2z45' A)

You are a hard worker and have the power to realise your objectives through perseverance and determination. You are good at physical and manual work, or activities requiring self-discipline and stamina such as endurance sports. In stressful or dangerous situations, you can be counted on to keep a clear and cool head.



Mars SemiSquare Neptune (1z02' A)

The main challenge of this aspect is to discover how to channel your energies most effectively. This is difficult because Neptune tends to undermine Mars' ability to act by dissipating its power, or causing it to express itself in a chaotic or immoral way. Physically, the body's defences can be weakened causing a susceptibility to infections and viruses. On a more uplifting note, this aspect is often found in the charts of spiritual aspirants who direct their energies towards the higher good. For creative people, this pairing can produce talents in music, visual arts, theatre, film, photography or fashion. Physical exercise such as swimming, water sports, Yoga or Tai Chi may appeal to you.




The 9th House


The 9th House is associated with philosophy, wisdom, spirituality, religion, higher education and travel. It also rules those you seek for advice such as lawyers, priests and astrologers.




9th House Cusp in Libra

You are interested in broadening your horizons through travel or higher education; preferably in the company of others. Naturally sociable, you like to bounce ideas off people and discover new things together. You have a strong sense of justice and, if faced with legal concerns, will only want what is fair. Important teachers and advisers tend to be socially aware and approachable, but can also be vain and conceited.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



9th House Cusp Ruler, Venus, in 6th House

The better educated you are, the better your job opportunities. You may work as an educator, theologian, importer-exporter or publisher. Depending on the depth of your religious convictions, you could be of some service in a spiritual capacity. You may have to travel long distances for work, or work in the travel industry.




The 10th House


The 10th House is associated with your status in the world. It describes your reputation and level of public success. It is the house of career and, traditionally, the house of the mother. In most cases, your 10th House cusp is at the Midheaven.




10th House Cusp in Libra

A sociable and obliging nature can assist you in your vocation. You can work well with others and may form professional partnerships. You are suited to careers that bring you into contact with other people. Career fields may involve the arts, fashion, music, theatre, personnel and diplomacy.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



10th House Cusp Ruler, Venus, in 6th House

Your professional reputation is reflected in your approach to work. The greater your expertise in a particular field, the more you will be acknowledged and respected. You may run your own company and employ other people. Your career could be connected to the health sector. Possibly, professional pressures or any difficulties affecting your reputation can influence your health.




Neptune in 10th House

You can be attracted to careers that enable you to express your creativity and imagination, such as the film industry, advertising, fashion and music. Equally, you are suited to charitable, service and healing work, or occupations connected with the sea, water, or the oil and chemical industries. You desire a profession that feeds your soul. Your reputation is always vulnerable, so care is needed that you don't damage it through dishonesty or scandal.




Neptune in Scorpio

You have an intense fascination with metaphysical subjects, coupled with an attraction to the mysterious or the forbidden. You desire a deep understanding of life. There is a possibility of extremist views regarding sexual desire and collective morality.




Aspects to Neptune




The 11th House


The 11th House is traditionally known as "the house of good fortune". Your friends and benefactors are described here, as well as your hopes and wishes.




11th House Cusp in Sagittarius

You are likely to have a lot of friends. You attract the company of people who are open, frank, optimistic, philanthropic and broadminded. You have friends all over the world. You enjoy the company of spiritual and philosophically minded people, or those who are interested in higher learning and education. Socially, it could be beneficial for you to belong to outdoor activity/sports clubs.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



11th House Cusp Ruler, Jupiter, in 1st House

As the saying goes, "you are your friends"; hence the character of the people you associate with, tells others something about your personality. Your personal goals and dreams are realised through your own efforts, but also with the assistance of supporters and benefactors.



Midheaven in Sagittarius

You are motivated by the desire to acquire knowledge and wisdom. This can be achieved through tertiary education and travel. The study of philosophy or religion can guide you towards a better understanding of yourself. Your aspiration is to live life to the maximum - mentally, spiritually and physically.




The 12th House


The 12th House is the house of ill luck. It is associated with sorrow and sadness, your self-undoing and downfall, as well as your secrets, worries and anxieties. It rules hospitals, hospices, retreats, hideaways and prisons.




12th House Cusp in Capricorn

Controlling others, harbouring suspicions or acting selfishly can lead to their enmity. Worry and anxiety can limit your productivity and effectiveness at work. Keeping busy with practical activities in seclusion can be beneficial.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



12th House Cusp Ruler, Saturn, in 12th House

You are quite discreet and can be secretive about your own motivations. You need periodic seclusion in order to re-charge your mental, physical and spiritual batteries.



Saturn in Capricorn

Your will is strong and unyielding. Ambitious for power, status and authority, you tend to measure your self-worth through how satisfied you are with your personal achievements. You are self-disciplined, practical, frugal and aware of your responsibilities.


Barack Obama's Astrological Qualities and Elements

The signs of the zodiac are grouped into two basic categories. These are known as the Qualities and the Elements. The Qualities describe fundamental modes of activity and the Elements describe temperament. There are three Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable and four Elements: Fire, Air, Earth & Water. Your horoscope has varying degrees of each Quality and Element. The percentages you have of each will determine their importance in your life. The higher percentages will be more powerful in your life, the lower percentages will be less powerful.



The Qualities



14% Cardinal

The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn. The more planets you have in any of these signs the more Cardinal you are:

Cardinal people are action oriented and initiating. They are interested in promoting change and bringing new things into the world. They are direct, assertive and like to take charge of situations. They are ambitious, independent and dislike being supervised. They are good at starting projects, but not so good at completing them. They have abundant enthusiasm and are very resourceful. Cardinal people generally don't hold grudges.



57% Fixed

The Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius. The more planets you have in any of these signs the more Fixed you are:

Fixed people are persevering and enduring. They achieve results in life through determined and persistent effort. They tend to do one thing at a time and are extremely practical in their approach to everything. They are not easily influenced by others and can be quite firm or stubborn once their minds are made up about something. They tend to hold onto things and are reluctant to change. They are staunch, but they can also be inflexible and at risk from becoming set in their ways.



29% Mutable

The Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces. The more planets you have in any of these signs the more Mutable you are:

Mutable people are the most flexible of the three types. They are able to go with the flow. They are changeable and adaptable, but also indecisive and restless. They are sensitive to the opinions of others, but they can also be impressionable and easily influenced by environmental circumstances. Mutable people lack the stubbornness of the Fixed signs and the forcefulness of the Cardinal signs, which makes them good mediators and go-betweens.



The Elements



36% Fire

The Fire signs are Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. The more planets you have in the Fire signs the more pro-active and self-determining you are:

The Fire signs go for freedom of action and power. They strive for recognition in life. They are out-going and enthusiastic, adventure seeking and powerful. They are ardent, passionate, assertive, demonstrative, bold and courageous. They can also be impatient and bossy, wilful and reactive, especially when they face delays or obstructions in their path.



21% Earth

The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn. The more planets you have in the Earth signs the more practical and needful of security you are:

The Earth signs seek material security. They are down-to-earth, pragmatic, cautious, sensible and conservative. Hardworking and industrious, Earth signs are able to put into effect the ideas and inspirations of the other signs. They can be accumulative, possessive and overly materialistic. They are also sensual and pleasure seeking.



29% Air

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. The more planets you have in the Air signs the more pro-active and self-determining you are:

The Air signs go for freedom of action and freedom of movement. Air signs need to be able to come and go at will. Their domain is the air we breathe; hence they are conduits for communication and the exchange of ideas. They are mentally alert and intellectually stimulating. Gregarious and sociable, Air signs like to be around other people. They are observant and perceptive, curious and inquisitive. They live totally in the here and now, and want to be in whatever is going on.



14% Water

The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces. The more planets you have in the Water signs the more needful you are of emotional security:

People with a majority of planets in the Water signs are motivated by the need to gain security in their emotional lives. They are sensitive, deep, compassionate, imaginative and intuitive. Their inner lives and dream lives are very active. They are spiritually inclined and potentially psychic, with an ability to tune into others. Life is experienced as a mystical journey. They can also be hypersensitive, impressionable and emotionally needy.


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