Natal Chart Report for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Birth Data

Birth Data



Hillary Clinton                                        87w39'00

Natal Chart                                            41n51'00

26 Oct 1947                                          Topocentric

8:02:00 AM                                           Tropical

CST +06:00:00                                      Sign as House

Chicago IL                                            True Node

USA                                                     Sea level




Planet Positions



Sun 02z 18' 39" Scorpio

Moon 22z 26' 54" Pisces

Mercury 21z 24' 01" Scorpio Retrograde

Venus 16z 13' 50" Scorpio

Mars 14z 00' 30" Leo

Jupiter 00z 30' 43" Sagittarius

Saturn 21z 18' 35" Leo

Uranus 25z 55' 43" Gemini Retrograde

Neptune 11z 21' 03" Libra

Pluto 14z 50' 57" Leo

Moon's North Node 23z 34' 03" Taurus Retrograde

Moon's South Node 23z 34' 03" Scorpio Retrograde

Ascendant 22z 07' 45" Scorpio

Midheaven 05z 07' 10" Virgo

Hillary Clinton's Birth Chart

Analysis of Hillary Clinton's Birth Chart

The 1st House


The 1st House describes you, your self-expression and vitality. It is your physical appearance and the way others see you and interact with you. The 1st House cusp is, in most cases, the Ascendant or Rising Sign of your chart and indicates your primary motivation in life. The house placement of your 1st House ruler, or almuten, shows the areas of life that are of primary importance to you. Also, planets in your 1st House influence how you present yourself to the world.



1st House Cusp in Scorpio

Your primary motivation in life is to feel emotionally secure. You have an intense and magnetic personality capable of exercising a fascination over others. Aware of your power, you know how to use it or abuse it. When meeting new people, you tend to be initially guarded and wary. Acutely intuitive, you can sense the mood of any environment. You have strong survival instincts and will fight for what you believe.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



1st House Cusp Ruler, Mars, in 10th House

You realise your primary motivation in life through focusing on your career or personal aspirations. Gaining a measure of public recognition and holding responsible positions in society are important to you. You may attain a degree of fame or notoriety; so it is critical that you keep a close eye on your reputation.




Sun in 1st House

You have a strong personal presence, charisma and an ability to make an impact on others. Strong-willed and proud, you express yourself with confidence and authority. You have leadership capabilities, coupled with a strong desire for recognition and personal success. At times, you can be inclined to overwhelm other people with the power of your personality, or be prone to excessive pride and egotism.



Sun in Scorpio

You are intense, magnetic and insightful. You feel things deeply and are passionate about the things that interest you the most. Life is viewed as an exercise in survival. Everything you achieve is earned. You have great powers of perseverance and tenacity. Conflicts with others are common-place, despite your best efforts at harmony. You are steadfast in adversity and take pride in coping with life's challenges. You have an all-or-nothing attitude to most things and will give something your total attention if warranted. At times, you can be prone to bouts of extremism, fanaticism and obsession.



Aspects to Sun


Sun Sextile Midheaven (2z49' S)

You have an awareness of your goals in life from an early age. A positive attitude will assist you to achieve your personal objectives. You will receive honours in life through hard work and endeavour. Success and professional respect is important to you and you take pride in your vocational accomplishments. You have the ability to attain a measure of distinction and recognition in your career and are capable of holding authoritative positions. Your parents may assist you in deciding your vocational direction and your family will probably support your career moves.



Venus in 1st House

You have a keen sense for grace, beauty and refinement, and display a pleasant manner to others. You have an appreciation of the arts and music, coupled with a sense of fashion and an ability to make yourself attractive to others. You like beautiful things in your environment and you know how to dress well and make a good impression on other people. You are a natural mixer socially and people generally like being in your company. At times, you can be vain or lazy and self-indulgent.


Venus in Scorpio

You have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to love. It is not unusual for you to experience the extremes of deep passion and cool indifference in romantic affairs. Difficulties in love can arise through emotional manipulation, power struggles or jealousy.




Aspects to Venus



Venus Conjunct Mercury (5z10' A)

Your thoughts are more often than not on love and relationships. You need to share your ideas and affections with those who are close to you. You have a pleasant manner and easily interact with others. You enjoy social activity and are good company because of your sense of fun. You have a creative intellect and an eye for beauty and artistic design. You may also have talents as a speaker or writer.



Venus Square Mars (2z13' S)

You have a sensual and passionate nature, with a strong need for emotional and sexual experiences. You express your feelings ardently, especially in personal relationships. You have strong desires and can be romantically assertive or even aggressive. In love, the thrill of the chase is often more exciting than the outcome. You are drawn to sexually magnetic people who are aware of their own sexuality and will occasionally form unions based solely on physical attraction. There can be a tendency to seek sexual gratification and then move on. A "love 'em and leave 'em" attitude is not unknown to people with this planetary pairing. Difficulties in love are possible through flirtatious behaviour or infidelity, obviously.



Venus Square Saturn (5z05' A)

Regarding matters of the heart, you are cautious and inclined to put practical considerations before romantic desires. You have a tendency to exercise self-control in love, perhaps at the expense of emotional satisfaction and spontaneity. People generally need to earn your trust before you allow them to get too close. Yet, once trust is established, you are very loyal and steadfast. You view relationships seriously and value stability and fidelity in love. You are attracted to people older than yourself and respect their life experience and maturity. At times, you enjoy time alone and are content in your own company. Alternatively, you can be emotionally cool and indifferent, even hardhearted and cold. There may be difficulties in expressing affection and discomfort with intimacy. You can be inhibited and lack self-confidence in love, resulting in periods of loneliness or forced abstinence. Estrangements and separations in love are possible. (Note: artistic excellence is sometimes found with this planetary pairing due to the discipline required for high art).



Venus Square Pluto (1z23' S)

There is no middle ground in your romantic life; you are either committed to another or not. So deep are your feelings that you can experience love and hate with equal force. In love, you expect to give and receive total loyalty. From time to time you enter into fateful unions. Serious problems can occur in relationships through power struggles, secretiveness and jealousy.



Venus Opposition Moon's North Node (7z20' A)

In general, you have well-developed social skills, coupled with the ability to charm and win over others. You prefer the company of cultured and socially sophisticated people, and tend to cultivate friendships with creative and artistic people. Breakdowns in relationships are possible through disruptive or rude behaviour.



Venus Conjunct Ascendant (5z54' S)

You have a pleasant and friendly personality that other people find attractive and alluring. You possess physical appeal, a charming nature, sophistication and a good fashion sense; all of which favour you socially. You may have artistic talents; you will certainly have an appreciation of the arts and culture. You have good taste and an eye for style and design.



Mercury in 1st House

You have an intellectual outlook on life, coupled with an inquiring and curious mind that is always interested in gaining new information. Your thinking can be self-orientated and you can have some difficulties appreciating the views or thoughts of others. You are intellectually sharp and quick-witted and learn fast, especially from personal experience. You are mercurial by nature and can be talkative one day and reserved or reflective another.



Mercury in Scorpio

You have a deeply perceptive mind, which is capable of profound thinking. While you tend not to be an "ideas" person, you are keenly instinctive and usually see things accurately, if not necessarily charitably. Rather than mince your words, you prefer to tell it like it is. You are interested in intrigues and have a talent for investigative or research work. You can be secretive, suspicious, scheming and sarcastic.




Aspects to Mercury



Mercury Trine Moon (1z03' S)

Your thoughts are influenced by your feelings and vice versa. You are highly perceptive and can easily sense the moods and feelings of others. Your mind is both fertile and imaginative and hungry for knowledge. You are an instinctual student and teacher, whose understanding of a subject is emotionally based. Articulate and able to impart knowledge effortlessly, you have a good memory and may be a good storyteller.



Mercury Square Mars (7z24' A)

You have an alert and agile mind, with the ability to think quickly and decisively. Direct in your communications with others, you know how to be convincing and how to press a point. You enjoy instigating or participating in discussions and debates. You have the ability to think for yourself and to put your own ideas into action. You can also benefit from developing practical skills and 'hands on' experience. You thrive on mental stimulation and challenge and, if other things in your chart support it, will direct your energies into research or academic work. Alternatively, you can be verbally aggressive and cutting. You can also resort to sarcasm and colourful language. Minor accidents, such as cuts and bruises are possible; usually through impatience or acting before thinking.



Mercury Square Saturn (0z05' A)

Your thinking is serious, realistic and conservative. You tend to be precise in your speech, logical in your approach to things and methodical in your working habits. You have excellent powers of concentration and can succeed with academic study or research work. However, you can be prone to bouts of self-doubt regarding your mental abilities, which can restrict your educational achievements. You may experience communication difficulties caused by shyness, inhibition or a lack of self-confidence. Possibly, you may experience periods of depression and pessimism.



Mercury Square Pluto (6z33' A)

You have the power to be a dynamic and persuasive communicator. Perceptive and observant, you possess psychological insight into the motivations of others and even seem to sense what they are thinking. Whether or not you can read other people's thoughts isn't important, others tend to assume you can. You are keenly aware and able to assess situations quickly and accurately. Your intellect is sharp and penetrating, which gives you the ability to get to the bottom of anything. For this reason you are well-suited to investigative and research work. Alternatively, your relations with others will be strained if you come across as overbearing or intellectually superior. You can be cynical, extreme in your thinking, unable to compromise and disinclined to take any prisoners when arguing your case.



Mercury Opposition Moon's North Node (2z10' S)

You are motivated by the need to establish intellectual and mentally stimulating connections in life. Your associates are likely to be business people, academics, students, teachers or philosophers. Clear communication in your relationships is of primary importance to you. Misunderstandings between people are possible through miscommunications or wrong thinking.



Mercury Conjunct Ascendant (0z44' S)

You have a keen mind and quite possibly an above average intelligence. You are sharp-witted and alert to what's happening around you; so much so that you rarely miss a trick. A clear communicator, you express yourself lucidly and frankly. Also, you are a good conversationalist because you are curious about what interests others. You are animated and expressive in company and probably talk with your hands. Intellectually, you have a questioning mind, coupled with the capability to form your own opinions and, when sure of your facts, tend to dominate discussions. Your personal environment is extremely busy all the time, which is just as well as you tend to be quite restless and find it nearly impossible to sit still for very long.



Ascendant in Scorpio

Your primary motivation in life is to feel emotionally secure. You have an intense and magnetic personality capable of exercising a fascination over others. You are aware of your power and know how to use it, or abuse it. When you meet new people for the first time, you tend to be initially guarded and wary. You have strong survival instincts and will fight for what you believe in. You have a sharp intuition, coupled with the ability to sense the mood of any environment.



Aspects to Ascendant



Ascendant Trine Moon (0z19' A)

You have natural warmth, coupled with an ability to make others feel at ease in your company. You enjoy good relations with others because you are generally easygoing, obliging and able to adapt to most situations. Women play an important role in your life and you will have many contacts with them.



Ascendant Square Saturn (0z49' S)

You are quite a complex person; some days you come across as shy or inhibited and other days as authoritarian and controlling. You are very practical and take your responsibilities seriously. Possibly, you have held responsible positions throughout your life, perhaps even since childhood; e.g. you may have had to look after younger siblings. You are quite self-contained and tend to keep your own counsel, consulting with others only when you need to. This can make you appear aloof or distant and give you a reputation for unilateral decision-making. Experience has made you circumspect in your dealings with others. You tend not to suffer fools gladly and have little time for silliness and trivialities. Sometimes you experience difficulties relating to others, or you just cannot be bothered with the demands of relationships. You may shun company and spend periods in seclusion. It is possible that you may experience periodical bouts of low vitality.



Ascendant Square Pluto (7z17' S)

You have great will-power, which you can direct into projects of personal interest; however you will need to learn how to work with others if you want their assistance. Others perceive you as a person who can be coercive and controlling. You are intense and dominating and, as a consequence, often find yourself embroiled in power struggles. In extreme cases, you can come across as dictatorial and, if you feel your authority is threatened, can resort to ruthless or oppressive behaviour. Alternatively, other people - especially partners - can wield power over you.



Ascendant Opposition Moon's North Node (1z26' A)

You have difficulties getting along well with others in your personal environment caused by disruptive or unsociable behaviour.



Ascendant Conjunct Moon's South Node (1z26' A)

Interpretation for this topic has not been created yet.



Moon's South Node in 1st House

With the Moon's South Node placed here, you experience difficulties expressing yourself and feeling satisfied with your life.


Moon's South Node in Scorpio

Power games and displays of jealousy are a sure-fire way to upset your relationships.




The 2nd House


The 2nd House is associated with personal assets and financial affairs. It governs all moveable possessions and wealth.



2nd House Cusp in Sagittarius

You can be indifferent about financial matters; easy come easy go might well be your slogan regarding money. You are generally good-natured, generous and willing to share your good fortune when you are on a winning streak, but also quite philosophical when your financial tide turns. Most likely you'll spend money on things that broaden your mind such as travel or education. There could be a tendency to gamble.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



2nd House Cusp Ruler, Jupiter, in 2nd House

You generate your own income by utilising your own talents and abilities. The more industrious and financially savvy you are, the wealthier you can become. However, accumulating great wealth is not likely to be as important to you as much as having the freedom to manage your own financial affairs.



Jupiter in Sagittarius

You have a social or religious outlook on life, coupled with the capacity for deep and philosophical thinking. You are motivated by the desire for wisdom and the expansion of your personal horizons. Consequently, you are strongly interested in foreign cultures, travel and higher learning. You are an optimistic and positive person with a hearty sense of humour.




Aspects to Jupiter


Jupiter Opposition Moon's North Node (6z57' S)

You are generally successful in your dealings with people, as you have the ability to adapt to their needs. You will make many contacts in life and, in most cases, your personal relationships and partnerships should be harmonious and positive. However, difficulties with others are possible because of a lack of adaptability or philosophical differences.



Jupiter Square Midheaven (4z36' S)

Despite being a challenging aspect this astrological combination can help you to rise to high positions in your career. You have the desire to do well in life and to advance personally and professionally. Others may seek you out for your advice and those in power tend to favour you. You may do well in areas related to spirituality, publishing, travel, law or education. There may be some tensions caused by family and vocational demands impinging upon one another.




The 3rd House


The 3rd House is associated with your immediate environment. It rules your neighbours and your relationship with your relatives, especially your siblings and cousins. It also rules all forms of communication. It describes your early education and ability to learn.




3rd House Cusp in Capricorn

Your thinking tends to be serious and conservative. Reserved, you usually only offer your opinion about something after giving it due consideration. Your early life environment may be difficult in some way; such as interruptions to your education, feelings of loneliness at school, or trying experiences with siblings - e.g. having to take responsibility for them.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



3rd House Cusp Ruler, Saturn, in 10th House

You can make a name for yourself through developing your skills as a communicator. You could gain recognition for writing or speaking. Your profession is likely to be busy, with constant people contact, discussions and negotiations.




The 4th House


The 4th House is associated with home and family matters. It describes your parents - especially the father - and your relationship with them. It gives information on your family history or ancestry and the nature of your later life. Real estate and property belong here.


4th House Cusp in Aquarius

You like the freedom to do as you please in your own home. Your upbringing may have been unusual in some way, with unsettling experiences or sudden events in the family home. Your parents may have had original and progressive views on raising a family, or they could have been unconventional and eccentric.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



4th House Cusp Ruler, Saturn, in 10th House

You are possibly quite status conscious and desire to do well in life. You may be groomed for public life or positions of responsibility. Equally, there may be family members who hold important stations in life or are well known. Your career may be connected to your home or family.



The 5th House


The 5th House is associated with pleasure, sex, love affairs and children. It also governs artistic creativity, music, the fine arts, fashion, social entertainment, games and speculations.


5th House Cusp in Pisces

You are the dreamy romantic in love who enjoys candle-lit dinners and walks along the beach. You are sensual, seducible and seductive. You enjoy the arts, particularly photography, film, music or dance and may be personally talented in these areas. Water related sports such as sailing, skiing and fishing are likely to appeal.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



5th House Cusp Ruler, Jupiter, in 2nd House

Taking risks or gambles can affect your financial security and well-being for better or worse. You could gain through speculation, but could also just as easily incur losses through carelessness. You may make money through creative activity or investments in art. Possessiveness in love could spell trouble.



Moon in 5th House

You are a born romantic in constant search for the ideal in love. You are charming, imaginative and instinctively creative. The arts can play an important role in your life and you have an appreciation of artistic mediums such as drama, cinema, dance, music and poetry. You know how to amuse yourself and will probably enjoy an active and varied social life. You may be attracted to the entertainment industry or child-care.



Moon in Pisces

You are a deeply feeling person, with an acute sensitivity and susceptibility to external influences. Highly instinctive, you easily pick up on the mood of an environment and others. However, guard against being too soft with others, as there can be a risk of emotional exploitation. You are inclined to feel pushed and pulled by conflicting moods within yourself and from other people. You have a gift for creative or healing work. Home life can be disorderly or disorganised.



Aspects to Moon



Moon Quincunx Saturn (1z08' S)

It would be fair to say that you do not find it easy to express your feelings to others; even those who have your trust. At times, you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by family responsibilities. It is possible that your relationship with a parent is distant or emotionally unfulfilling. There may be general difficulties with the female-sex. You are also given to recycling feelings of anxiety, worry, moodiness and melancholy.



Moon Square Uranus (3z29' A)

You are likely to display strongly individualistic inclinations and self-reliance from an early age, coupled with a tendency to rebel against any restrictions on your freedom and independence. You can be very strong-willed and ambitious and capable of sacrificing emotional and family relationships for the attainment of personal objectives. You have a sharp intuition and can be uncannily perceptive about people and situations. It is possible that you may be attracted to unusual domestic arrangements, such as communal living.


Moon Sextile Moon's North Node (1z07' A)

You are able to cultivate a feeling of closeness in your personal associations. You are generally accommodating and supportive in your relationships and devoted to the important people in your life. Women and family are important to you and strong contacts will be established with them.



The 6th House


The 6th House is associated with work and employment or service. It describes your dependents such as pets, employees, servants and tenants if you have any. It is the house of health and sickness. It governs doctors, nurses and dentists.



6th House Cusp in Aries

You are an energetic worker who likes to be kept busy and to set yourself challenges and targets at work. As an employee, you like to demonstrate your abilities; as an employer, you respect self-motivation and initiative in your staff. You need to take care against accidents or arguments in the workplace.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



6th House Cusp Ruler, Mars, in 10th House

You are inclined to view your job as a career or calling in life. Your work skills and expertise will bring you vocational success and recognition commensurate to the amount of effort you make. You have the potential to attain positions of power and authority. You could also become well-known for your work.



The 7th House


The 7th House is associated with partnerships, both personal and professional. It rules your relationship with other people generally, including those who oppose you. It also describes the sort of person you will attract as a mate.



7th House Cusp in Aries

You attract, or are attracted to, people who are assertive, self-motivated and energetic. Boredom rarely exists in your personal relationships. More often than not, you have a tendency to rush into partnerships; you may even marry before you're ready for commitment. Arguments and heated debates with others, including partners, are always just waiting to happen.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



7th House Cusp Ruler, Mars, in 10th House

Your personal relationships and dealings with others can affect your reputation for good or bad. You may meet future partners through your work and may be helped in your career through them. Less positively, there can be relationship difficulties if your career is too demanding of your time.



Moon's North Node in 7th House

Your karmic lesson in life is to experience and learn about relationships. Partnerships, both personal and professional, can feature strongly in your life.



Moon's North Node in Taurus

You seek to establish loyal and stable personal unions. There is a desire for enduring friendships and reliable connections. You tend to form contacts with down-to-earth and realistic people. Contacts with the arts or artists are possible.




Aspects to Moon's North Node


Moon's North Node Square Saturn (2z15' A)

It is very likely that you'll establish unions with others of a wide-age difference to yourself. Older people play an important role in your early life. You are attracted to them for their knowledge, wisdom and experience. You have a sense of responsibility towards others, coupled with strong feelings of loyalty and duty. At times, other people's actions can sadden or depress you. And, in some cases, there are people who can oppress you and make you feel bitter and frustrated.




The 8th House


The 8th House is the house of shared resources, other people's money, including the partner's. It is associated with wills, inheritances, death and loss.



8th House Cusp in Gemini

You are curious about life's mysteries. You often think about life and mortality. Your partner could be skilful at managing finances; however you may want to check the book-keeping from time to time.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



8th House Cusp Ruler, Mercury, in 1st House

You have the courage and power to face life's adversities and to deal with difficult situations. You have an interest in mysteries and esoteric subjects. You are likely to have opinions on subjects ranging from the occult and the after-life to taxes, insurance, life-threatening illnesses, the road toll and the national debt.




Uranus in 8th House

You may be attracted to metaphysical subjects and inclined to study and explore the mysteries of life. Marriage or partnership can bring sudden material gain, but it can also bring financial difficulties or sudden losses. Expect the unexpected in relation other people's money; for instance a partner may experience difficulties associated with bank loans, taxes or inheritances.



Uranus in Gemini

You have the ability to comprehend new ideas and concepts quickly and intuitively. An innovative and original thinker, you have the power to impress your ideas on others. You are innately restless and in constant search for new stimuli.




Aspects to Uranus



Uranus Sextile Saturn (4z37' A)

Change doesn't really bother you; in fact you generally see it as a force for good. You understand that nothing in life remains the same forever and, in time, the old always has to give way to the new. You are quite radical and modern in your outlooks, yet paradoxically conservative and restrained as well. By keeping your 'wild side' under control, you generally keep out of trouble.



The 9th House


The 9th House is associated with philosophy, wisdom, spirituality, religion, higher education and travel. It also rules those you seek for advice such as lawyers, priests and astrologers.



9th House Cusp in Cancer

You are insightful and receptive to the vibrations of the higher mind. Your spiritual beliefs and religious convictions are emotionally based. You are fond of travel and may spend time living abroad. Important teachers and advisers tend to be emotionally sensitive and receptive, but also can be touchy and reactive.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



9th House Cusp Ruler, Moon, in 5th House

You have the power to use your creative abilities and imagination to communicate your beliefs and ideas about life. You have the ability to present spiritual ideas through art or performance. Also, you could be a teacher who has an entertaining way of getting your message across to others. Travel, higher education or the study of spiritual subjects are likely to give you pleasure.



The 10th House


The 10th House is associated with your status in the world. It describes your reputation and level of public success. It is the house of career and, traditionally, the house of the mother. In most cases, your 10th House cusp is at the Midheaven.



10th House Cusp in Cancer

Your reputation is precious and you will go to great lengths to keep it in good shape. You have a desire to care for and help others and may be suited to a career in land and real estate, catering, the hospitality trades, natural therapies, nursing, accounting and general commerce or family businesses.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



10th House Cusp Ruler, Moon, in 5th House

Your profession may be associated with the arts and entertainment or hospitality industries, or even sports, fashion and cosmetics. You can make a name for yourself in any of the aforementioned areas. Your conduct in love can affect your reputation.



Mars in 10th House

You have high ambition, coupled with a strong desire and drive to do the best you can professionally. You are motivated by the urge to achieve goals and vocational aspirations. Competitive and energetic, you may do well in careers associated with the military, engineering, sport, corporate management or technology. Be aware, that an over-estimation of yourself, or the misuse of your energy, can lead to reversals of fortune or damage to your reputation. You can expect conflicts with authority figures.



Mars in Leo

You act with great self-assurance and self-confidence, especially in areas that are familiar to you. You have an enterprising spirit, coupled with the capability to demonstrate leadership and initiative. You like to take charge of situations and to exercise your authority over others. At times, there may be the tendency to act in an arrogant or domineering fashion towards other people. You can also come across as all show and no action.




Aspects to Mars



Mars Conjunct Saturn (7z18' A)

This particular combination of planets is challenging to say the least. The enthusiastic and adventure seeking nature of Mars come up against the obstructive and restraining tendencies of Saturn. Hence, a key phrase for this aspect is 'restricted activity'. Traditionally, the uniting of Mars and Saturn makes for a troublesome pairing; however with self-awareness difficulties can be lessened. Saturn can tone down Mars' impatience and encourage disciplined action, the attainment of goals through concentrated or sustained effort and persistence. You are a hard worker who possesses endurance and the capability to work long and demanding hours. At times, progress in life can seem frustratingly slow; it sometimes feels as if you are 'driving with the hand brake on'. Negatively, you may find it difficult to manage anger and irritability. There is a risk of adopting a harsh outlook or of becoming resentful, vengeful and bitter. At approximately seven-year intervals, you are forced to contend with restrictions and periods of low physical energy.



Mars Sextile Neptune (2z39' S)

You may not be the most practical person in the world when it comes to getting things done, but you do have the ability to succeed in activities that involve your creative and imaginative powers. You can effectively direct your energies into spiritual pursuits and may develop an interest in metaphysical subjects and physical disciplines such as Yoga or Tai Chi.



Mars Conjunct Pluto (0z50' A)

Quite simply, this aspect gives you the power to express your energies in either a positive and constructive manner or in a wilful and destructive fashion. Whichever way you use it, you are a force to be reckoned with. Positively, you have extraordinary staying power, which enables you to work long and demanding hours and to push yourself to the limit when required. Negatively, a desire to dominate or manipulate people can backfire on you and cause confrontations and power struggles. Worse still, you can become emotionally reactive and vengeful if you don't get things your own way. Injuries are possible in high-risk situations or environments.




Pluto in 10th House

You desire a measure of power and recognition in life. You can achieve positions of authority in your profession; however you may need to guard against dictatorial inclinations, as these can cause unfavourable reactions in others. Possibly, employers or co-workers may act unreasonably towards you.


Pluto in Leo

You have a strong need to be self-expressive and to make an impression on others and the world in general. You are part of a generation of leaders and doers. While you tend to challenge authority, you can be extreme and dictatorial when in positions of power yourself.



Aspects to Pluto



Pluto Conjunct Saturn (6z28' S)

Everything you achieve in life is as the result of sheer determination and effort. In reality, nothing of lasting value comes to you without hard work and sacrifice. A simple analogy you can use to understand this aspect is: the more preparation you do for an exam the better your pass will be, the less your preparation, the worse you'll do and the worse you will feel afterwards. You have great powers of endurance and perseverance, coupled with a tenacious attitude and the self-discipline to see things through to their successful conclusion. You have the power to perform at the highest level, but only after you have served an appropriate apprenticeship. Other people acknowledge your authority and expertise in a particular field, when they can see you've earned it. In summary, work hard and prosper, accept disappointments with dignity, not bitterness, and remember that difficult times don't last forever.



Pluto Sextile Neptune (3z30' A)

Neptune and Pluto are the solar system's slowest moving planets; consequently aspects between them last for a great number of years and their effects are less personal than collective. Since 1940 and continuing until about 2040 they are in sextile aspect to each other. The major effect of this is to accentuate spiritual awareness and development en masse. You are part of a generation that is intent on exploring and refining the inner aspect of life and consciousness itself. You will be aware of a universal interest in metaphysical subjects, clairvoyance and psychical research.




Saturn in 10th House

Vocational matters are of supreme importance to you, and you'll work hard to achieve your professional ambitions. You may experience obstructions in your career, but these can be overcome with perseverance and endurance. Your desire to attain success and positions of power and authority is strong and realisable. However, the potential for a fall from grace or a reversal in fortune is just as strong, if you abuse your position.




Saturn in Leo

You have a strong desire for recognition and prominence in life, coupled with the urge to gain positions of power and leadership over others. You need to feel respected by other people. There can be a lack of self-confidence, inhibited self-expression and difficulties asserting your authority.



The 11th House


The 11th House is traditionally known as "the house of good fortune". Your friends and benefactors are described here, as well as your hopes and wishes.




11th House Cusp in Virgo

The attributes you admire most in your best friends are modesty and honesty, coupled with intelligence and good morals. You may establish friendships with people from your work. Your friends tend to be intelligent, scientifically or practically-minded and good at research or study.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



11th House Cusp Ruler, Mercury, in 1st House

As the saying goes, "you are your friends"; hence the character of the people you associate with, tells others something about your personality. Your personal goals and dreams are realised through your own efforts, but also with the assistance of supporters and benefactors.



Midheaven in Virgo

Your goals and aspirations are down-to-earth and practical. Your aim in life is to do the best you can at any task or activity. This is achieved through methodical procedure, attention to detail and efficient use of resources. Self-realisation is attained by living a simple and uncomplicated life.




The 12th House


The 12th House is the house of ill luck. It is associated with sorrow and sadness, your self-undoing and downfall, as well as your secrets, worries and anxieties. It rules hospitals, hospices, retreats, hideaways and prisons.




12th House Cusp in Libra

You may have secret relationships, which no one knows about. Vanity, luxury seeking and a susceptibility to flattery could lead to your undoing. Dependency on the input or opinions of others can weaken your ability to be self-reliant.


The outcome of this house is determined by the placement of its ruler.



12th House Cusp Ruler, Venus, in 1st House

You can be quite open with others about your fears, anxieties and private matters. Also, you may have a talent for getting people to open up about themselves. At a broader level, you may bring injustices to light that are not widely known about, or that are hidden from general view.




Neptune in 12th House

You can be prone to unusual fears and anxieties. Personal care is needed with respect to the effects of alcohol and drugs, as abuse of these substances could bring about your own undoing. Positively, you can become involved with charity work and caring for the needy.




Neptune in Libra

You are a member of a generation that tends to idealise romantic love and marriage. There is the potential for unrealistic expectations in relationships, which can lead to let-downs or disappointments. You have a high sensitivity to beauty and refinement, coupled with an appreciation of the arts.

Astrological Qualities and Elements in Hillary Clinton's Birth Chart

The Qualities and Elements



The signs of the zodiac are grouped into two basic categories. These are known as the Qualities and the Elements. The Qualities describe fundamental modes of activity and the Elements describe temperament. There are three Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable and four Elements: Fire, Air, Earth & Water. Your horoscope has varying degrees of each Quality and Element. The percentages you have of each will determine their importance in your life. The higher percentages will be more powerful in your life, the lower percentages will be less powerful.



The Qualities



7% Cardinal

The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn. The more planets you have in any of these signs the more Cardinal you are:

Cardinal people are action oriented and initiating. They are interested in promoting change and bringing new things into the world. They are direct, assertive and like to take charge of situations. They are ambitious, independent and dislike being supervised. They are good at starting projects, but not so good at completing them. They have abundant enthusiasm and are very resourceful. Cardinal people generally don't hold grudges.



64% Fixed

The Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius. The more planets you have in any of these signs the more Fixed you are:

Fixed people are persevering and enduring. They achieve results in life through determined and persistent effort. They tend to do one thing at a time and are extremely practical in their approach to everything. They are not easily influenced by others and can be quite firm or stubborn once their minds are made up about something. They tend to hold onto things and are reluctant to change. They are staunch, but they can also be inflexible and at risk from becoming set in their ways.



29% Mutable

The Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces. The more planets you have in any of these signs the more Mutable you are:

Mutable people are the most flexible of the three types. They are able to go with the flow. They are changeable and adaptable, but also indecisive and restless. They are sensitive to the opinions of others, but they can also be impressionable and easily influenced by environmental circumstances. Mutable people lack the stubbornness of the Fixed signs and the forcefulness of the Cardinal signs, which makes them good mediators and go-betweens.



The Elements



29% Fire

The Fire signs are Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. The more planets you have in the Fire signs the more pro-active and self-determining you are:

The Fire signs go for freedom of action and power. They strive for recognition in life. They are out-going and enthusiastic, adventure seeking and powerful. They are ardent, passionate, assertive, demonstrative, bold and courageous. They can also be impatient and bossy, wilful and reactive, especially when they face delays or obstructions in their path.



14% Earth

The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn. The more planets you have in the Earth signs the more practical and needful of security you are:

The Earth signs seek material security. They are down-to-earth, pragmatic, cautious, sensible and conservative. Hardworking and industrious, Earth signs are able to put into effect the ideas and inspirations of the other signs. They can be accumulative, possessive and overly materialistic. They are also sensual and pleasure seeking.



14% Air

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. The more planets you have in the Air signs the more pro-active and self-determining you are:

The Air signs go for freedom of action and freedom of movement. Air signs need to be able to come and go at will. Their domain is the air we breathe; hence they are conduits for communication and the exchange of ideas. They are mentally alert and intellectually stimulating. Gregarious and sociable, Air signs like to be around other people. They are observant and perceptive, curious and inquisitive. They live totally in the here and now, and want to be in whatever is going on.



43% Water

The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces. The more planets you have in the Water signs the more needful you are of emotional security:

People with a majority of planets in the Water signs are motivated by the need to gain security in their emotional lives. They are sensitive, deep, compassionate, imaginative and intuitive. Their inner lives and dream lives are very active. They are spiritually inclined and potentially psychic, with an ability to tune into others. Life is experienced as a mystical journey. They can also be hypersensitive, impressionable and emotionally needy.

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