Importance of Chanting

Do you like to Chant?
I have seen many people do not like to chant because they do not find immediate remedies by chanting. In this article I will give you the reasons to chant. I will also provide you the details of when you get the maximum benefits of chanting.


Mantras are based on Modern Science
 Scientists of the modern day tell us that sound is a form of energy but seers of the ancient times knew this fact since times immemorial. Not only were they well versed in the power of sound energy but also they had devised seemingly miraculous ways to harness this power for the good of oneself. Whether we call it by the name mantras or chanting or whatever, they are all manifestations of sound energy to invoke spiritual experiences and inherent dormant powers of the mind.


What is Mantra?
Mantra (Shabda or Sound) is said to be the phonetic manifestation of the Supreme Reality. A Mantra is composed of certain letters arranged in a definite sequence of sounds. Mantra is a potent compelling force and is used for many purposes, divine and mundane. It is said that the Guru or the Adept is the best person to find out the Mantra suitable for the Seeker. However, interestingly, astrology too has an elaborate system of judging whether a particular Mantra will be suitable for a Sadhaka.


Why people seek chanting of Mantras?
Recitation or chanting of recommended Vedic planetary Mantra, with unwavering devotion and motivation, should help you in achieving significant accomplishment in all areas of your life.
•    First of all it’s free and does not cost you a penny.
•    It would help you in achieving significant accomplishment in all areas of life. Recitation of proper Mantra will aid you in career, will enhance honor, fame and recognition. It will help you in getting appropriate professional rewards and promotions.
•    The Mantra will energize you physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will feel inner peace and happiness after reciting the recommended Mantra.  The mantra will help to connect with the Divine presence within you and to remain calm in times of stress.
•    The recommended Mantra will be instrumental in removing any negative energy or obstacles to overall success, wealth, health, and happiness. It would promote your prospects for material wealth. The Mantra will help focus your energy for the prime purpose at the moment.
•    You would experience enhanced domestic bliss and marital harmony.


The Power of Chanting
Chanting creates positive vibrations that further stimulates relaxation and healing. In addition to these, it can be used for altering the breathing patterns, improving listening and concentration and overcoming hurdles. It is considered to be a technique that introduces one to the subtle aspects of being.


Every time we chant we create sound, vibrations, we create a powerful force.  When the chanting is done with full sincerity, conviction and faith it can trigger a bomb of energy, vibrations that have the power of charting you through difficult circumstances.


Chanting helps you embody the prayers in yourself. Every time you chant aloud you not only think about what you are chanting, you speak it and hear it. With three of your faculties involved in chanting, it will reverberate in your body.
When do you see the benefits of Chanting


Chanting helps to dissolve the bad karma from past, every time you chant you dissolve your bad karma. You usually see the results of your chanting during the sub dasa of the planets. If you have chanted Surya Gayatri mantra just once, you will get its reward (whatever small reward it may be) during next nearest sub Dasa of Sun. So if you keep chanting a mantra everyday you will find the result during the subdasa of that planet.


If you are chanting to Lord Shiva, you may see the results of your chanting very soon, because he is supposed to be the CEO of all the planets and he posses the ultimate power to dissolve all your karma. In this case you need not wait for a planet’s sub dasa / antardasa.


If you are chanting to Lord Vishnu, you may see lots of positive results in your life, but this may get little tricky because Lord Vishnu the controller of Maya creates illusions all around us to teach the most important lessons in our life. The main aim of Lord Vishnu is to provide Moksha, so he creates Maya around you so that your soul learns all the required lessons in this lifetime. This can sometimes be tricky and very painful, but chanting to Lord Vishnu is the most beneficial as it helps the soul to get Moksha.


Can you strategies your chanting
Yes, Astrology is a science of energies. In the real world, if you can alter energies to convert it into one form of energy to another form; then why can’t we convert bad karma into good karma with chatting.


So what do you chant?
There are two ways to strategise what we chant.


Strategy 1
Identify your strongest and weakest planets in your chart. Then,
1)      Chant to Lord Shiva everyday (Remember he is the ultimate power of the universe).
2)      Chant to the strongest planet so that you get more strength from this planet
3)      Chant to the weakest planet to reduce the bad effect of the weaker planet


Strategy 2
1)      Chant to Lord Shiva everyday (Remember he is the ultimate power of the universe).
2)      Chant to the planet of my Maha Dasa. To increase the blessings of the planet of Maha dasa or reduce the bad effects of the planet of Maha dasa.
3)      Chant to the planet of my Antar Dasa. To increase the blessings of the planet of Antar dasa or reduce the bad effects of the planet of Antar dasa.


What do I do?
I follow both the strategies, but I alter the number of times I chant a mantra based on the time I have. Some days, if I am in a rush, I just chant all the 5 mantra 11 times (Shiva mantra, strongest planet, weakest planet, Maha Dasa Planet, Antar Dasa Planet). On the other days when I am not in a rush I chant all the 5 mantras 108 times.

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