The Cosmic Treaty

Today I am going to write about a COSMIC TREATY from the Vedic mythology. Before I describe this story it is very important for me to set some background here. If you have been to India and if you have met an Indian astrologer then you would have experienced what I am about describe.


The Indian Experience


A word of caution one in every hundred Indian astrologer may not fit in this description. A typical Indian astrologer will try to talk about Rahu and Ketu and all the other seven planets and describe complex combinations of these planets forming difficult yogas in your life. They would also have a menu card of Puja and rituals to offer; promising to get rid of these harmful yogas. One really gets confused with so many terminology used by the astrologer and he will not make things easier for your; rather he would try to scare you by bringing up some irritating topics like death or a medical problem. Trust me my heart really goes out for those victims of such Indian astrologers. In my childhood I had seen my mother being a victim of such astrologers. I know the pain they cause.
Do you know there is a simple solution to all of these complex Yoga and curses in one’s birth chart. The answer to all these troubles is the COSMIC TREATY


What is the COSMIC TREATY?  


The COSMIC TREATY has its roots in the Ramayana.


When Indrajeet was about to be born, Ravana (Indrajeet’s father) wanted the planets make favourable positions in the birth chart  of his son and ordered all planets to align favourably. All planets came to Saturn for help. Saturn tricked Ravana by jumping to 12th house in Indrajeet’s horoscope. Under the influence of 12th house Saturn a person becomes very serious and he is ready for self-sacrifice by doing all that one could do to make life easier for other people. This was not what Ravana was looking for his son. This made Ravana angry and he broke Saturns leg. From that day onwards Saturn limps and is also slow moving planet.


This resulted in an angry Ravana who arrested all the planets. He tied and made each one of them a step to this thorne, i.e., nine steps to his throne. Ravana used to walk on their back to his throne, i.e., he controlled them so that they cannot change his or his son’s destiny. During that period Narada (a divine sage who can travel in all three worlds) came and asked Saturn, you are most powerful planet, a person born on earth has escaped your wrath how come you are slave to Ravana. Saturn told Narada that I am not able to see him as he walks on my back, thus i can’t harm him. Narada helps Saturn by talking to Ravana and tricking him. Narada told Ravana that “why don’t you turn the nine planets and walk on their chest instead of back so that you can also see pain on their faces.” Ravana liked this idea very much and went ahead, now shani could see Ravana properly hence From that day Ravana’s bad days started.


NOTE: According to mythology, Saturn was cursed that if he sees someone directly, then the object of his vision will get destroyed. That is why Saturn has those rings around him so that he does not look upon someone directly.


Long story short – because of Saturn’s effect Ravana lost his mind and made a mistake of kidnaping Lord Rama’s wife (Sita). When Hanuman reaches Ravana’s palace in search of Sita, he liberates all the nine planets. In exchange for the freedom all the planets sign a COSMIC TREATY (or give a boon to Lord Hanuman) with Lord Hanuman that they would never trouble any of Hanuman’s devotees. It is dominantly believed by all Hindus that worshiping Lord Hanuman can remove all the obstacles in one’s life.


Lesson learned from the COSMIC TREATY


First, there are solutions for every problem in life. Even to the problems caused by cosmic planets in our life.


Second, no astrologer can fright you or make you a victim by telling you crazy stories.


Third, no planet can permanently cause a problem in your life. You can always look for solutions for all your troubles by worshiping GOD whole heartedly.


I hope this article gives you some sense of control in your life. Please leave your comments below.

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