Why Astrology Predictions come true?

Born in a Hindu Household in India, I was forcefully dragged to a number of astrologers by my mom and was forced to perform hundreds of prescribed rituals during my early days, because of which I developed lot of curiosity why and how does astrology work?


Astrology is a very complex science and requires high levels of concentration and careful attention. Apart from these personal attributes of any good astrologer, the astrologer should be able to explain to you the contribution of astrology in explaining occult truths of your life. This seems to be a very difficult task, and yes indeed this a very difficult task and most of the good astrologers are able to do this very easily.


Before we move on, try to answer these questions. Whether there is any purpose in life? Whether there is any intelligence guiding this cosmos, and whether man is absolutely dependent on external forces for his sustenance and growth or is he a free agent? These subjects are obviously very abstruse. The scriptures have tried to answer these questions, but they do not lead to direct insight into the truth of the matter. The conclusions given in these scriptures can be accepted only on the logic and findings of ancient seers. Howsoever profound my reverence might have been for the attainments of these seers, this approach to the fundamentals of life based on blind belief did not satisfy my curiosity. Therefore I researched to discover things for myself, for my own conviction and according to my own logical nature. In this search for knowledge, astrology helped me immensely.


Kalidasa (a great ancient poet/seer) himself who emphasized that astrology merely suggested the probable course of the future based on planetary placements at the time of birth, the precise occurrence of which could only be known to Brahma, the Creator. It is obviously therefore wrong to be dogmatic about astrological predictions. Anyone authoritatively asserting the precision of his predictions must be either a seer or a very famous astrological practitioner cannot be hundred percent accurate. So one should consider client's karma or approach of handling various situations in this life as additional data or reference point for prediction.


When I started to analyze all my childhood memories with different astrologers. I could clearly classify them in two categories. The first category of astrologers were very accurate in their predictions but they never spoke the language of certainty and were very humble persons to talk with. Often these astrologers could be misunderstood as a person who does not have command or complete knowledge on the subject matter. The second category of astrologers were the kind who tried to scare you by predicting the worse and spoke with so much certainty and made you perform so many rituals. But many predictions were not accurate. With these experiences I have concluded that Astrology is true but the astrologers may be faulty.


As I mentioned I came across several instances when astrological conclusions were

wrong due to personal bias or oversight of some  other important influences. The planetary positions do indicate details of everyday life. When these predictions fail,

it may be due to some  bias or oversight. The astrologer has to comprehend the influences according to his own intuition and insight into the life of the individual. This is a conclusion I have arrived at on the basis of my own experience and understanding.


Almost all ancient scriptures of different part of the world state that there are certain fundamental truths of life. If we fail to recognise them, our progress on occult path would be retarded. On th is path which astrology is supposed to enlighten, the individual must realise the oneness of Divine Intelligence guiding the destiny of the universe. We may call this the Supreme Being, or we may give it any other name, but whatever the name, its existence is posited in all scriptures and as such they are all theistic.


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