Bhava Analysis concept in Vedic Astrology

Bhava Analysis concept in Vedic Astrology


Bhava in Vedic Astrology means the house; therefore Bhava analysis concept  means the concept of analyzing the houses in relation to one another.  A systematic approach to the horoscope is essential as it reveals much more than one generally expects. It is only after a general analysis that one has to go to the other aspects of analysis in order to confirm the predictions or remove doubts that an astrologer may have while studying a client's horoscope.


The analysis of the Bhava of the Rashi Kundali has to be thorough in order to reach to proper conclusion. Each Bhava of the horoscope is significant as it casts its influence on the other Bhavas. Therefore, one cannot bypass any one of them. Think in this way, you are in a house in a locality and from your house you can have direct eye view of two or three houses; now you have information of these houses and you can influence them as you like. May be you can make some influence because of this direct access either in a positive way or in negative way depending on your relations the house owner or the aspects governed by theses houses. Now someone else in your locality in some other house who may or may not have similar view or access to your house and may or may not influence you in some way.


All the houses are pieces of a zig saw puzzle that forms one's life. Any missing piece of the puzzle may leave a blank spot on the judgment of the astrologer and his predictions. So it is very important for the astrologer to analyze all the Bhavas in relation to one another.


The first step in the direction to analyze Bhavas properly is to see the Twelve Houses and their significance. In the Vedic Astrological system the Twelve Houses of the horoscope are categorized into meaningful divisions as described below:


The major two of them are the Kendras and Trikonas or the Konas. The significance of these two is apparent in analysis of the horoscope as they exert the greatest influence on the life of the native. They infact form the core of the horoscope. Thus it is essential that one look at their Bhava Strength before venturing into the analysis of any other Bhava.


Also, it is important to evaluate the two wealth houses or the Dhana Sthanas that is the Second and the Eleventh house. Connected to them are equally important is the Indu Lagna. Indu Lagna is a special ascendant, which is derived through calculating cumulative position of ninth house from Ascendant/Lagna and the Moon. The Indu lagna shows the sources of wealth for an individual. The planets on the Indu lagna, 11th, 2nd, planets in kendras, or planets aspecting the Indu lagna, are able to provide wealth to the person.


After this we consider the third house which is equally important as it is one of the Upachaya Sthanas. Last but not the least in the importance are Trika Sthanas. These are Sixth, the Eighth and the Twelfth houses.


Also the Nakshatras play very important role in ones life, so it is very important to consider the Nakshatras at the high energy points of the charts. The Mid cusps are very high concentration of energies and a well placed Nakshatra at one of these Mid cusps can make a lot of difference in your life. The Nakshatra Lord for that Mid point is the key planet for giving effective results of that Bhava.


The mid point or the Mid Cusp of the fifth house falls in a particular degree which coincide  with some Nakshatra. This Nakshatra is very important as the Lord of that Nakshatra holds the key to the Bhava and its significance.


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