Monthly prediction for the month of June 2014 - Scorpio

This prediction is applicable if you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio.


This is the month when you can liberate yourself from old attitudes, whether towards a lover, your family or patterns of behavior which haven't been right for you. You have new insight into how to handle your relationships. It is fine to shrug your shoulders and think 'what's the point?' but this is your chance to start afresh, let go of the past and stop feeling guilty for your actions.


Before 1 Jun 2014 - 2 June 2014, Transiting Sun is Trine Transiting Mars

Acting with authority and a sense of purpose. A time to make daring moves and decisions. Boldness pays off. Quick responses. This is a good period for physical pursuits. You are in a position that you are forthright and thorough, and willing to put time and effort into a project but you rather stay emotionally detached. If you have a relationship issue, you wary of getting involved too soon, perhaps denying your true feelings.



Before 1 Jun 2014 - 17 June 2014, Transiting Mercury is passing through your 9th House

This transit is often associated with an increase in international communications, or a stepping up of interest in educational, philosophical or spiritual subjects. Travel may feature in your life now. You have a retentive memory. "What is felt is what is remembered" describes the way your mind works. Your intellect and thinking processes are influenced by your feelings. You are highly intuitive and perceptive. Your thinking is often centred on the home and family matters. You have an intellectual attitude to life, with mental alertness and an enthusiasm for learning. Always curious, your interests can range from the sublime to the ridiculous. You enjoy change and variety with respect to friends and acquaintances and maintain an active social life. You are someone who lives in the present and for the moment. A natural communicator, you can excel as a speaker or writer. Playful and mischievous, you can, at times, be superficial and inclined to flit from one thing to another. A partner may be aloof or emotionally distant, or rush headlong into a new project without thinking of consequences. A friend or new admirer might demand too much attention or is tactless, gets straight to the point or won't take no for an answer.



Before 1 Jun 2014 - 21 June 2014, Transiting Sun is passing through your 8th House

During this time you may find yourself increasingly involved in business arrangements with others, which could entail sharing resources or borrowing money. Influential people may make their means available to you. You may experience bouts of worry and anguish that seem to come out of nowhere during this period. You have strong personal powers of attraction and desires. Deep and long lasting feelings, emotional constancy, loyalty and stability are important to you in close relationships. However, difficulties in love can come about from possessiveness or jealousy. There can be a tendency to over-indulge in the good life and to risk weight gain. Artistic appreciation and talent is possible in tactile creative expressions such as sculpture or ceramics. This is all about vivacity, adventure and action. It is time to be a little reckless, be passionate about life, don't fear your restlessness, do something with it. Express your daring streak and try something different.



Before 1 Jun 2014 - 24 June 2014, Transiting Venus is passing through your 7th House

This is a time when your social life becomes a bit of a whirl. Others are attracted to you and seek your company. This can be an excellent time for bringing harmony into your relationships. This combination can increase the receptivity to beauty, art and music. The finer things in life appeal now, and creative or artistic imagination and inspiration are likely to be enhanced. Also, perhaps you are avoiding your feelings or won't accept the truth about the situation. Ask yourself: do you have any feelings? Are you squashing them, blocking out others? Are you fearful of being hurt? Are you actually raging inside and telling jokes outside? Are you blind to your situation through choice or necessity?



5 June 2014 - 8 June 2014, strongest around 6 June 2014, Transiting Sun is Sextile Transiting Uranus

An excellent time for introducing reforms and innovations. Changes for the better can take place now. This is the time to say no rather than to compromise for the sake of argument.


8 June 2014 - 10 June 2014, strongest around 9 June 2014, Transiting Venus is Trine Transiting Pluto

Becoming aware of hidden attractions. Being drawn to another as if by some kind of inner compulsion. Intensification of passion. Think honestly about the different meanings. You might be overwhelmed by thoughts and choices, and not know where to turn. It could be too much of wishful thinking means you have just given up upon yourself.



11 June 2014 - 18 June 2014, strongest around 15 June 2014, Transiting Mars is Square Transiting Pluto

Powerful drives. Extreme efforts. The desire to dominate or to rule. The urge to change things, to eliminate and purify. High energy output. Negatively, there can be the tendency to act ruthlessly or brutally. Power struggles. Obsessions. Violence. Danger of accidents and injuries. This is the time for you to either to get your priorities sorted out because things are so up in the air, or to make it clear what your intentions are now. You are simply rushing with your plans, or that taking swift action is essential; if you act now and don't hesitate things will work out as you wish.



12 June 2014 - 14 June 2014, strongest around 13 June 2014, Transiting Venus is Opposition Transiting Saturn

The inclinations of the heart take second place to responsibility and duty. Spontaneous expressions of affection just don't happen now. Feelings are kept in check. Any difficulties in love will tend to be revealed. An emotional separation is possible. You are actually using trappings of wealth and security for the wrong reasons. We all need a certain amount of constancy in life, depending on our individual make-up. But only certainty in life is that it does keep changing. 


17 June 2014 - 19 June 2014, strongest around 18 June 2014, Transiting Sun is Trine Transiting Moon's North Node

This is an excellent period for social integration. Cultivating connections. Meetings. Alliances formed. Influential contacts. You are dedicated to a cause, optimistic and enthusiastic for any new change or development in life. Ask yourself right now if you are as confident as you can be; do you think you are attractive, and if not why not do something about it? You radiate an aura of vibrancy and spirit, so get out there and enjoy your current well - being.



17 June 2014 - 19 June 2014, strongest around 18 June 2014, Transiting Venus is Sextile Transiting Jupiter

This can be a very pleasant and enjoyable period. Enjoy the moment. Social settings could lead to contacts with influential or significant people. You are coming to terms with yourself, your sense of individual value and how you relate to others. Whatever the cost involved, you know that you have to move forward, turn towards another pathway and follow the signposts.



17 June 2014 - Beyond 30 Jun 2014, Transiting Mercury is passing through your 8th House

This transit may coincide with discussions involving shared financial concerns, loans, occult matters, or even wills and legacies. You may be inclined to worry or anxiety during this period. You have a quick and agile mind, with the capability to hold more than one train of thought at a time. You are a versatile thinker and communicator. Through applied learning, you can become knowledgeable in many subjects. Curious and inquisitive, you take an interest in what's going on around you. Equally, however, you can be intellectually superficial and inclined to gossip. Concentrate all your energy on getting the job done, whatever it is. It may not be a practical job, but attend to your relationship, check the facts, read between the lines and give all your time to the task at hand. You must preserve at all costs and the more you give out, the more you put into your work, belief, relationship or problem, the more successful will be the outcome.



19 June 2014 - 21 June 2014, strongest around 20 June 2014, Transiting Sun is Conjunct Transiting Mercury

Those with an authoritative power have the tendency to rule others or tell people what to do. More talking than listening. Demonstrating mental strength and communicative power. Poor objectivity. Intense concentrated thought. Consciousness of intent. You should know that our past prevents us from moving on. We feel stuck, paralyzed by our fears and self doubt generated by failures, pains, disappointments or betrayals of the past. It is important to look at these fears in the cold light of day and they will soon disappear.



21 June 2014 - Beyond 30 Jun 2014, Transiting Sun is passing through your 9th House

Important people from overseas may feature more in your life during this transit. Another possibility is that your beliefs and outlooks may be re-shaped by someone with a commanding and self-assured presence. Travel may feature now. You place great importance on emotional and material security and have a strong desire for marriage or partnership. Domestic and family matters are always important to you, as is your need to care for and protect others. It is very likely that you know the history of your family. You are very sensitive and impressionable. Your actions and decisions are usually emotionally motivated and your instincts and intuitions are especially acute. You are, at times, clingy, touchy and over-emotional. This is also a time to put yourself first but be aware of hollow victories. You will either see yourself as the loser turning away and having to accept that you can't always win, or see yourself as the winner who also has to accept that sometimes you will lose. Both are about acceptance of limitations.



22 June 2014 - 28 June 2014, strongest around 25 June 2014, Transiting Mars is Opposition Transiting Uranus

Expect pressures and potential arguments caused by inner tensions or stress. A danger exists from impulsive actions and accident proneness. Take care travelling or when around machinery and volatile materials. Quick anger and sudden aggression. The inner child in you is being nudged to come out from hiding under the adult guise and indulge in fun. Laugh a little, get involved in more social interaction, spread your light-hearted charisma around.



24 June 2014 - Beyond 30 Jun 2014, Transiting Venus is passing through your 8th House

This transit can help you cope with any potential loss situations, including financial or emotional. Business opportunities may present themselves now. You enjoy change and variety in your love life and social life. You are attracted to people who have stimulating minds and keen intellects. You, or a lover, can be flighty and flirtatious, which can lead to problems in relationships. It there is something missing in your life right now, then you must go out and discover what it is. Perhaps you need a spiritual belief, more love, less materialistic dependency or more self - reliance. This is the mentality of someone who sees the glass half empty rather than half full, the pessimist who experiences a sense of rejection or abandonment. Feeling left out in cold means that it is time to come into the warmth, but you have to take responsibility for doing so yourself.



25 June 2014 - Beyond 30 Jun 2014, strongest around 27 June 2014, Transiting Jupiter is Square Transiting Moon's North Node

This is one of the best periods for making contact with people, either for social or professional purposes. Important relationships may be established now. Alternatively, there can be difficulties in associations through tactlessness or anti-social behaviour. Nostalgic moments, fond memories, a sense of playfulness that is often lost on the road of maturity.



28 June 2014 - Beyond 30 Jun 2014, strongest around 29 June 2014, Transiting Sun is Trine Transiting Neptune

Travel, creative activity or music can all give pleasure during this period. Imagination is enhanced now and there is more receptivity to the subtle things in life. Meditation, solitude or time spent near water can replenish the spirit. It is time to think logically think about why you feel worried, why you may feel guilty for something or just why you are unhappy.



29 June 2014 - Beyond 30 Jun 2014, Transiting Venus is Square Transiting Neptune

Unrealistic notions of love may cloud rational thinking during this period. There is a risk of being misunderstood, or of having romantic hopes dashed. Artistic creativity, however, is enhanced. Learn to recognize if the energy is helping you or hindering you in some way. Ask yourself the following questions. Are you in love with love, not the real person? Are your feelings genuine or romantically out of all proportion?

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