Monthly prediction for the month of July 2014 - Cancer

Monthly prediction for the month of July 2014 - Cancer


This prediction is applicable if you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the Zodiac sign of Cancer.


You are living too much on past, probably naively assuming that you don't have to take responsibility for your choices and all will be well.


Before 1 Jul 2014 - 13 July 2014, Transiting Mercury is passing through your 12th House

You could become aware of secrets and intrigues at this time. Another may wish to confide in you. You may feel compelled to go into retreat to do intellectual work or catch up on correspondences. All the good work you have put into your planned project may come to nothing. Be cautious, and guard against impatience. Take care to prevent others from dominating you.


Before 1 Jul 2014 - 16 July 2014, Transiting Jupiter is passing through your 1st House

Jupiter in this house represents the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of personal growth for you. In general, you can expect to feel optimistic and enthusiastic about life. Other people will be attracted to you, as your overall demeanour is one of confidence and self-assurance. You should use this period to start new projects and to find out more about yourself and your capabilities. You will be motivated to broaden your horizons; consequently you may travel or begin studies that stretch you intellectually. On a more mundane level, you may need to watch your diet, as there can be a tendency to put on weight now. You are beginning to have more confidence in your talents and abilities, and it is time to be believing in yourself. Refuse to let change upset you, stay alert to the things you might have to balance, both in your relationships and in your working life.


Before 1 Jul 2014 - 18 July 2014, Transiting Venus is passing through your 12th House

Occasional periods of solitude and reflection during this transit can be restful and restorative for you. Compassion for those who are suffering or less fortunate than you comes easily to you now. You can empathise with others. This is a definite good omen. You are probably already inclined to be thinking positively; this is a time to do so specifically. What are the changes that you would like to make or see in your life? Make a list. You can accomplish nearly anything that you set out to do now. Think big.



Before 1 Jul 2014 - 22 July 2014, Transiting Sun is passing through your 1st House

During this period you are more vital, energised and self-expressive. You present an authoritative and confident manner and have the ability to make an impact on the world through the power of your personality. It is possible for you to gain a measure of recognition now, as a result of your own efforts. A person of importance may influence you.  You may have a feeling of being left out in the cold, as though everyone else in the world has everything and you are the only one that is suffering. Realize that this is not the case. Do the best you can, with what you have, but remember that the wise thing to do, if one needs help, is to go out and ask for it. The help you need will come.


Before 1 Jul 2014 - 26 July 2014, Transiting Mars is passing through your 4th House

At this time you may be motivated to do work in and around the home; however you need to be vigilant, as there is an increased risk of accidents here. Care is needed if making repairs to the house, working with machinery (lawnmowers, power tools etc) or around hot areas, such as stovetops and fire-places. You may have to deal with workmen or, in certain circumstances, potentially aggressive people coming into your home environment. Disputes between family members are also possible. You may feel confused or unsure of what to do next. Find your way, however hard it seems, or identify your fears. Trust your instincts. Maybe you are wrong, your judgment is unsound or someone is taking advantage of you.


3 July 2014 - 5 July 2014, strongest around 4 July 2014, Transiting Sun is Opposition Transiting Pluto

This can be a period of potential power struggles and underlying tensions. Manipulative tendencies can also cause problems. Radical changes can occur. The use of superior force to achieve fanatical or zealous objectives. Being motivated by the urge to rule or dominate. You are putting too much focus on your professional work at the cost of your relationship or personal development. Repairs and renewals are needed in the self awareness department.


6 July 2014 - 8 July 2014, strongest around 7 July 2014, Transiting Venus is Sextile Transiting Uranus

Being attracted to the idea of doing something different and exciting. It is a time for snapping out of old patterns and routines. A mild flirtation could bring a smile to the face. You need to unlock your memory box, develop your hidden potential or listen to your intuition to guide you. You need to come closer to your hidden spiritual powers to unleash the truth which is holding you back.


7 July 2014 - 9 July 2014, strongest around 8 July 2014, Transiting Sun is Square Transiting Uranus

Unpredictability rules this period. Sudden surprises and possible setbacks are to be expected. Those in authority could assert their power in unexpected ways. Innovations and reforms may be introduced. There is nothing wrong with having a need for some time alone - don't be afraid to take it. Problems can arise, however, when one spends too much time alone or is too fearful of being around other people or being vulnerable to them. Life is about vulnerability. You are too focused on finding the “truth” about some matter when you might do better to just let it go and move forward with your life.


7 July 2014 - 10 July 2014, strongest around 9 July 2014, Transiting Sun is Trine Transiting Saturn

Accepting responsibility. Acting with integrity and restraint. Good discipline. A wise leader. Endurance and patience. Getting results with less. Overcoming limitations and obstacles. You are inclined to be deceptive in your actions. You have food insights into human nature, but you draw on your perceptions to harm other people.


11 July 2014 - 14 July 2014, strongest around 13 July 2014, Transiting Venus is Trine Transiting Mars

Being in the mood for fun. Social spontaneity pays off. A romantic attraction is possible. Desire for love. Artistic creativity possible. You are being too pushy or self - assured and your individual desires are stopping you from making headway with others. You may be up for taking on the world, but you must also look carefully at your limitations


12 July 2014 Full Moon

You simply can't plan for everything. Unexpected occurrences are part of life and you shouldn't beat yourself up because of them. Work through any problems that crop up one step at a time.


12 July 2014 - 14 July 2014, strongest around 13 July 2014, Transiting Venus is Trine Transiting Moon's North Node

During this period there is the potential to establish social, artistic or romantic contacts. You are bound by your fears, beliefs or a situation that is unhealthy for you. You may be ignorant of the truth or blinded by illusion. Make sure you are not cheating on your values. This may also mean that you are getting involved in a relationship and are confusing sexual desire with love.


13 July 2014 - Beyond 31 Jul 2014, Transiting Mercury is passing through your 1st House

At this time, you have an increased capability to make an impact as a communicator. You can expect to be taken notice of and heard now. Speak out if appropriate. Life is full of surprises and that anything goes. It can indicate that it is time to let go of worries and self-doubt, to take a leap of faith rather than fear making a choice. There is also a warning before you leap, but if you are confused about making a decision then believe in yourself and trust your heart. Sometimes resistance is more foolish than risk.


15 July 2014 - 17 July 2014, strongest around 16 July 2014, Transiting Sun is Square Transiting Moon's North Node

The urge to associate with others; however there may be difficulties integrating successfully. An association may come to an end now. Influential contacts. Conflicts of will. Displays of self-interest. Polarisation. Your relationships have fallen out of balance. Disagreement is raising obstacles to progress. love has turned to hate and dispair. So maybe you want to concentrate on this section and try to ease down.


16 July 2014 - Beyond 31 Jul 2014, Transiting Jupiter is passing through your 2nd House

Unless other factors in your chart contradict it, this is generally recognised as a period in which you can expect an improvement in your financial circumstances. Your income is likely to increase, but so too is your tendency to spend money. The trick is to find a workable balance between your in-comings and out-goings. This can be a good time for investing. You are ready to handle your affairs in an honorable way. You can see through the fog, get to the heart of the matter, resolve any conflicts through the power of your thoughts. You are reminded that, while both your intellectual and institutive powers are at their peak at the moment, you must continue to draw on both the faculties jointly if you are to exercise sound judgment. 


17 July 2014 - 21 July 2014, strongest around 19 July 2014, Transiting Sun is Square Transiting Mars

There can be acts of aggression and bullying tactics. Relations with others may be strained. There can be a risk of accidents or acts of violence. Powerful enemies inclined to act. General discord. Danger to life. It seems there is a chaos all around you. A catalyst or outside influence which comes into your life to instigate those changes. It can either be a person or a set of circumstances of which you feel are beyond your direct line of control. It can be either liberating or uncomfortable, but you will now have the necessary strength to adapt and move on. Welcome new challenges rather than avoid them. Rebuild from renewed strength and reach a new level of understanding about yourself and your situation.


18 July 2014 - 19 July 2014, strongest around 19 July 2014, Transiting Mercury is Trine Transiting Neptune

A somewhat dreamy and romantic outlook. Power of presentiment. Inspired thinking. Artistic appreciation. Music, poetry, film and artistic creativity can flourish. You are ready to protect your existing situation and you may well achieve success - but not without further struggle. Stay true to what you believe and draw on your powers of discretion, but avoid becoming obstinate as you hold your ground. In terms of your personal relationship, you may be carrying wounds of the past, but you have gained a certain wisdom from experienced and this will see you through.


18 July 2014 - Beyond 31 Jul 2014, Transiting Venus is passing through your 1st House

At this time you may wish to enhance your appearance in some way. This can be a good time for acquiring new clothes, cosmetics, or for changing your hairstyle etc. You relate well to people now and are more outgoing socially. You may be literally so confident, self assured and blase that you are unable to let anyone get close to you. Or you believe you have now done everything you have intended, so what is there left to achieve?


21 July 2014 - 22 July 2014, strongest around 22 July 2014, Transiting Mercury is Opposition Transiting Pluto

Intellectual powers and comprehension are as sharp as a tack during this period and the capability to exercise an influence over others through persuasive speaking or writing is accentuated. However, expressing extremist or fanatical opinions will tend to turn people off. Mental troubles. Paranoia. Cunning and craft. This also shows a beginning of a situation whose potential is as double-edged. You not have be afraid to make a leap if it's in your best interests. In short, bravery is called for. As the old adage says, "feel the fear and do it anyway." You have a good idea already of what must be done. The hard part is the doing of it. Start today.


22 July 2014 - Beyond 31 Jul 2014, Transiting Sun is passing through your 2nd House

A person of authority or prominence could help or hinder you financially during this period. You may experience an increase in your confidence and make some bold financial moves. Things are now looking much more hopeful. Old friends or lovers have returned. We muster sufficient courage to move forward. You may also be obsessed with your loss you cannot see what is to be gained. Try to see through the 'bad' and 'good' phenomena of our perception and realize that loss is gain; rather like yin and yang, they are in fact, one.  


23 July 2014 - 26 July 2014, strongest around 24 July 2014, Transiting Sun is Conjunct Transiting Jupiter

Financial and business affairs can prosper now. The willingness to speculate or to take risks. Optimism and confidence. Over-confidence can lead to mistakes. Inability to appreciate vital details. Blustering forward without a proper sense what is important. Things in general are very likely to be going very well for you, it’s particularly important for you to make an effort to literally count, and stay focused on, your “blessings.” No matter who you are, or what is wrong in your life, you undoubtedly have things to be thankful and grateful for. Stay mindful of these thngs, and you will bring more blessings into your life. This is a great time to socialize, to meet new people, and to get out and about.


23 July 2014 - 25 July 2014, strongest around 24 July 2014, Transiting Venus is Trine Transiting Neptune

This combination can increase the receptivity to beauty, art and music. The finer things in life appeal now, and creative or artistic imagination and inspiration are likely to be enhanced. This planetary alignment urges us to be good stewards: of our lives, of our energies, and the concrete resources that are available to us. If he's referring to a man in your life, know that this is a man who you can believe in and trust absolutely.


24 July 2014 - 25 July 2014, strongest around 25 July 2014, Transiting Mercury is Square Transiting Uranus

Expressing either original or eccentric ideas. May be difficulties appreciating another's point of view, due to rigid or inflexible thinking. Easy excitability and nervous tension. Breakdowns in communication or transport are possible. You are able to demonstrate effective mastery in worldly and material matters, but you lack love and intuition in your dealings with others. You have not been handling things effectively, and your personal and emotional affairs are in a state of conflict. You have lost sight of the spiritual side of life.


24 July 2014 - 25 July 2014, strongest around 25 July 2014, Transiting Mercury is Trine Transiting Saturn

This is an excellent time for setting up a time-in-motion study. Tedious tasks won't seem so tedious now. Concentration is good and thinking is practical and realistic. Also please take a reality check. Are you jealous of your partner for no reason? Are they jealous of you? What is your deepest fear? Could it be you are allowing your fears to govern you or could it be the fear of rejection or loneliness. Time to contemplate you fears and letting them go.


26 July 2014 - Beyond 31 Jul 2014, Transiting Mars is passing through your 5th House

This transit adds force and power to your creativity. You may take a more energetic role in artistic or social activities. Creative and/or sports oriented people can achieve a lot through increased vigour and effort now. However, there is a need to guard against sports related injuries, caused through over-exertion or recklessness. In matters of the heart, you or another may become bolder or more passionate. Children need to be watched after more carefully, in regard to potential accidents or mishaps. Your heart rules your head or you want to be in love and escape the doubts, fears and inhibitions of the world around you. New romance could come into your life without you even looking for it.


26 July 2014 New Moon

Your partnerships are likely to be going at least somewhat well, whether these be friendships, romantic, or business. However, you should consider the depths of your commitment to equality in these and whether or not you are being treated as an equal by your partners. If you are not, it may be time to bring things back into balance. This will almost certainly require open communication on your part. Nothing changes without effort.


27 July 2014 - 29 July 2014, strongest around 28 July 2014, Transiting Venus is Opposition Transiting Pluto

At this time there is a strong chance of being drawn to another as if by some kind of hidden force or compulsion, with a very real risk of sexual tension and obsession. Amorous excesses. Amoral behaviour. Scenes of jealousy. Power struggles in emotional life. Someone in power is holding you back or that you have issues around power that needs to be addressed before you can achieve your goals.


29 July 2014 - Beyond 31 Jul 2014, Transiting Mars is Square Transiting Jupiter

Having the urge to live a full and busy life and to get successful results from actions taken. Competitive and motivated to succeed. Conflicts are possible over matters of outlook or religion. Legal, business or relationship disputes. Exaggerated actions or reactions. You may be too convinced that everything is going well or you are simply indulging in too much wishful thinking. You may need to ask yourself questions such as "What is my true potential? Who am I? What do I need to wake up to? You may be seeing only what you want to see or living by others expectations of how you should behave. Perhaps its time to take more objective look at yourself and your goals.






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