The Kendra Houses in Vedic Astrology - Part 1

The Kendra Houses in Vedic Astrology - Part 1


It is said that, for Kaalpurusha (The Supreme God) Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the four kendras. On the basis of degree the first thirty degrees forms the kendra, then from ninety to one hundred and twenty degrees the next kendra, thereafter from one hundred and eighty to two hundred and ten degree and last from two hundred and seventy to three hundred degrees.


So it can be said that the 1st, 4th, 7th and the 10th houses of the horoscope are the kendras. Therefore the kendras change as per their ascendant in any horoscope. From the lagna bhava (1st house) these degrees constitute kendra sthanas. For Aries ascendant - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn happens to kendra; similarly for Taurus ascendant - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are kendras. Likewise this is applicable to all other zodiac signs.


Thus the kendras compromises the four houses namely the first or lagna, the fourth, the seventh and the tenth irrespective of which zodiac sign takes the first house. They are the four pillars of the horoscope. It is on these houses the whole horoscope rests. Therefore, they should have strength as in absence of proper strength in the horoscope will either topple down completely or will be precariously positioned. This will give the person a lopsided life.


Difference between Udaya Lagna and Lagna


When we speak of Lagna we generally think of the first house of the horoscope or the rising sign at the time of the birth. This should not be confused with the Udaya Lagna as the Udaya Lagna is the Lagna that has risen at Sunrise on the day the native was born. It is therefore the zodiac sign where the Sun is placed in the natal chart.


Both the Lagna and the Udaya Lagna can be same for a native whose birth has taken place in the early hours of the morning that is the time of Sunrise or just an hour after it. If this happens then it is very good for the prosperity of the native.


Besides Udaya Lagna, the Ascendant or the Lagna of the horoscope is the most important and it is a kendra. Since kendra are improtant for the horoscope it is essential that they be dealt with great caution.  The first thing to be noticed is the strength of the kendras and their lords for they constitute the real strength of the horoscope. Kendra Balam (Kendra Strength) of the horoscope. Kendra Balam is necessary for achievement, success, progress, keerti (fame), abhilasha (desire) and acquisitions. Permanency in authority also comes from Kendra Balam.


In Kendras, two planets are considered to be Poorna Yoga Karakas. They are the Lagna lord and the Tenth lord.


Lagna Lord

The lagna holds a very unique position as it is a kendra lord as well as kona lord. Even if the Lagna Lord is a natural malefic, he is considered as a benefic for the native. His aspect, conjunction,  his placement enhances the Bhava, even if the bhava concerned is the Sixth or Eighth or the twelfth bhava. But Lagna lord's position in the third house not the desirable one. particularly in case of malefics, as though one achieves success in life, it will be at the cost of one's siblings.


Tenth Lord

Tenth lord is also a karaka for Raja yoga. The tenth lord is the karmaashipati (the lord of your karma), he activates all the Indriams (senses of the body) in our being. Lagna is a self activating force. But the tenth lord, though very potent, is not self activating.


According to the Saptarishi Nadi, great importance have been given to the Tenth Lord. According to it, if the Lagna Lord is weak, the fifth house is also afflicted and panchamesh (Lord of the fifth house) loses strength in whichever bhava, then one is not destined to live prosperously. But if the tenth lord is strong, one will have all kinds of luxuries, marriage, progeny. That is why tenth house is important. Tenth house is also called swarg (the Heaven). Heaven is guaranteed for a punyatma - a person doing good deeds.


Both the Lagna and the Tenth house are independent of Kendra Tatwan. Lagna is also a Kona and is considered more as a Trine house then as a Kendras. It has its own importance, substance and value. It cannot be categorized as a Kendra or a Kona. As for the tenth house, it has its own importance and significance as it is synonymous for zenith.


There is lot more about kendras, which I want to share through this platform, but I will do this in the next part. I shall post the link for part 2 in the comments section, as and when I finish writing it. Please leave a comment below if you like my articles.  

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