General Tarot Card predication for the Week of 4th August 2014

General Tarot Card predication for the Week of 4th August 2014

This is the general Tarot Card Predication of this. The Cards will help to decide your priorities and focus in life.


1) Urgent & Important (Priorities for the Week)  

Card: Four Of Swords

You are suppressing your emotions and allowing your intellect to rule. You have suffered some sort of grief or a setback, but are now in the process of transforming this negative experience into something far more positive.


2) Urgent but not Important (Time consuming Distractions)

Card: Page of Wands (Reversed)

You may also find yourself unable to commit to the tasks ahead, and you may allow your personal relationships to suffer through neglect. Make sure that you complete all projects you have started, otherwise there could be many loose ends to tie up when this energy has passed.


3) Not Urgent but Important (Important ground work for rewarding future)

Card: Five of Wands (Reversed)

You are trying too hard to rise above the competition which inevitably means you will end up at the bottom of the heap, and you feel so persecuted by others that your scapegoat tactics are stopping you from involving yourself in a real relationship.


4) Not Urgent and Not Important (Relax on this front, Take a Chill Pill !!!)

Card: Six of Wands (Reversed)

 You may need to be cautious about in whom you place your trust. There may be one person who on the surface looks like a supporter but who may acttually be jealous or negative in some way. Trust your instincts about people and don't hesitate to stand up for yourself if necessary.

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