Tarot card reading for Pisces for January 2015

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For monthly Tarot card reading I pick up one Tarot card and a one Angel card or Oracle Card for every 7 days (say week) to bring you the important theme for that week. 

Tarot reading from January 1st to January 7th 2015 for Pisces

Time to discover friends in the crowd around you. The cards that Universe guided to me to pick for you were the ‘seven of wands’ and Angel card of friendship.

The Angels say that this is the time when you need some help. Just ask for help in your prayers to the GOD and he shall send his help. The message from the angel says as “Someone want to help you. Think of whom that might be, and intimate contact.

The seven of wands card lands you in a position that refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time. A number of excellent players in your environment may be challenging each other to reach their personal best. The participants, motivated by the excitement generated from this friendly competition, are performing better than they ever thought they could.  The prevailing spirit is so positive that it is sufficient reward for all those who have joined in. Clearly the greater good is enhanced in an atmosphere where people are challenging one another to rise up in the world and elevate their efforts.

This suggests to me two things. One, obviously you will need some help in such a fierce competition to leave your mark. Second, someone who will help you during these times will be a true friend for you, someone who you can trust and develop and intimate relationship with him or her.

Tarot card reading from January 8th to January 14th 2015 for Pisces


Congratualation, your expectation will be fullfiled. Do not forget to pay gratitude to Universe and ofcourse please share your happiness with me. The cards that show up for you now are the ‘Dance’ card and the Angel card of ‘Signs’.

The Angels ask you to pay attention, they say “Notice repetitious signs and your inner guidance, as this can yield valuable information.” Gods and Angels are trying to get you to be aware of messages and signs from the Universe, as well as your own inner feelings and guidance. They are trying tell something! Be very observant now and see how a same message is being brought to you again and again by different sources. Follow the message passionately.

When the Dance card shows up, you appear to be approaching circumstances that previously existed only in your imagination. After years of effort and struggle, matters may seem absurdly easy now. Your ambition, inspiration and perseverance have taken you toward your desired outcome. Now you are zeroing in on the bull's eye, having explored the territory and brought yourself to its center. Pause for a while and enjoy this moment. Recognize that you have completed what you set out to achieve. You are the person you wanted to be in the presence of the company you wanted to keep. You now inhabit what used to be a dream.

Putting the Angels message in sight of the Dance card seems to me that you are about to fulfill a major dream of your life. Pay attention the key to your success will be brought you by different repetitions of messages. Keep your eyes and receptors open to these messages.   

Tarot reading from January 15th to January 21st 2015 for Pisces

The cards for this time period are the ‘Magician’ and the ‘Balance’ card. Both the cards represent positive energies. So look forward to it

The Magician asks you to allow imagination and originality to operate in this situation and creative solutions are sure to arise. People become less judgmental in a stimulating atmosphere. This is a good time to become involved with a person of genius who can intuitively transform chaos into a higher order. The situation at hand provides fertile ground for unorthodox approaches. It looks like it's going to be a fun ride. 

How balanced is your life at this moment? Balance is a continual process and a constant challenge. Things are forever changing. Lives don't remain static for long. As things change in your life, your focus may shift and new facets may emerge. A new focus can even come to dominate your life - throwing it out of balance for a while.

The messages from both the cards gives me an intuition that some person or a situation will show up in your life. This new thing in your life will help you to bring balance in your own personal turmoil. Allow this newness to bring some positivity. Do not show your back to positive change. I look forward to hear about your change. 

Tarot reading from January 22nd to January 28th 2015 for Pisces

The cards for this time period are the Hierophant reversed and the Chantall Angel card.

The angel Chantall’s message is “New romance is imminent either with a newcomer, or through reignited passion in your existing relationship. Be open to giving and receiving love.”

The Hierophant reversed says that you are not allowing yourself to fall into any kind of relationships at this moment. Perhaps you are very confused. You aren’t solving any situations right now, you are keeping static and your fears make him act in a rude and aggressive way. You are acting very different; you are not behaving as you regularly behave or other people are used to see you. You are getting on defensive and protective about yourself and this make you act aggressively and to emit judgments without solving the situations.

Both the cards together tell me that you are not looking around in a comfortable fashion. You are confused and you have lost your trust on yourself which in turn making you hostile towards other. Look at the people around you; you may just find a person who is willing to be with you either romantically or professionally.  

Tarot reading from January 29th to January 31st 2015 for Pisces

This is a confusing message for me, I am trying to decode it for you to my level best. The cards that show up for you are the ‘Whale’ card and the Ten of coins.

The Whale card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Deck, which brings the message that, it is time to take a break from the usual environment you find yourself in. That trip you wanted to take? Go for it. Tired of being indoors? Make it a point to get outside. You have become so attached to your surroundings that you have created within them an illusion of safety. This is your opportunity to do some intentional breaching of your physical surrounding and habitual thought patterns, which can open you to different worlds and perspectives.

With the Ten of Coins in this position, you are the proper inheritor of a family tradition or ethic that makes you an important person in your community. This underlying heritage may have so thoroughly permeated your history and development that you have gone to special lengths to be distinct from it, to avoid becoming swallowed by it. 

Living up to this legacy can feel like a burden, but it is yours to bear both literally and karmically and it would be wrong to reject it. Obviously this situation provides you with stability and security, but it also creates special obligations. Maturity and sobriety are great allies to a person who has been given so much in terms of money, education, skills or responsibilities.

I am confused, this is an interesting phase in your life, on one side the Whale card is asking you to take a risk and break your current environment like a whale occasionally jumps out of water in the open air. On the other hand the Ten of Coins says that you will receive some kind of recognition, stability and security. Perhaps when you take the risk, it will give you a decent return, more than your expectation. Will be interesting for me to know how things manifest for you, please share your experiences.

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