Tarot reading for Aries for January 2015

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For monthly Tarot card reading I pick up one Tarot card and a one Angel card or Oracle Card for every 7 days (say week) to bring you the important theme for that week. 

Tarot Reading from January 1st to January 7th 2015 for Aries

The cards of Hermit and the ‘YES’ message from angels brings some deep reflective influence on you for now.

The angel message for you is “Yes. Your intution is correct. Take action accordingly.” If you have been looking for answers for a very long time then you are going to have ominations that will show you the right path and you need to trust yourself.

When the hermit card apprears it usually means that you have plenty of privacy available to you. The usual supervisors, critics and back seat drivers have disappeared for a while. You can pull yourself away and study the situation without the interference of other people's personalities and agendas. This may be a wonderful opportunity for contemplation. It is possible in a situation like this that you will experience some precognition and sense of what is to come. Pay close attention to and share whatever insights and directions you might receive. 

The cards are asking you for deep contemplation and then take the action as per the guidence of your own intution.

Tarot reading from 8th January to 14th January for Aries

This is a absolutely a delightful time period. The universe guided me to pick two very positive cards. The first card is the card of ‘New Dawn’ from the The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle cards. The other card is the ‘Happiness’ card from Osho Zen Tarot. 

The ‘New Dawn’ card start with a message “The worst is now behind you, and positive new experiences are on the horizon.” This a wonderful confirmation card that things are going to move in a positive direction for you. There will be new opportunities and positive experiences for you. This card affirms that the Sun rises each day, and with each new day, creates a new beginning. Enjoy each new day, knowing the Sun is shining for you, too.

The ‘Happiness’ card brings the message of Bliss. A relationship that brings happiness. Being surrounded with positive energies and an abundance of generosity. Good friendships and a sharing of good times. Either someone will remind of good times from the past or someone will help you to create some good memories that you keep remembering in your future. Whatever it may be this someone will be keeping you very happy. 

Putting both of these messages together, I feel that you will meet someone new in your life, who will bring new hopes and new reasons for happiness in your life. I am looking forward to hear from you, about the new happiness in your life. Please do share with me.

Tarot reading from 15th January to 21st January for Aries

The cards that Universe choose for the current part of the month calls for you be very careful and requires you to have lots of focus and attention. The cards are the “CRYSTAL – Focus” card from the Earth Magic Oracle deck and the ‘Interference’ card from the Osho Zen Tarot.

The Crystal card says that it is time to bring your complete focus to the subject of your inquiry. Eliminate all distractions, and give this your undivided attention. Whether this is a project, relationship, or simply a relaxing time spent walking in Nature, be fully present to the situation. This sharpening of focus will expand your awareness and allow your inner guidance to penetrate your consciousness, which can then be parlayed into appropriate action.  

The ‘Interference’ card says that Obstacles and restraints block your path. A voice is silenced. Something stands in your path and must be avoided. But the interference card also tell me that if just keep walking straight on your current path, thing will get cleared. All the noise and obstracles are actually on the footpath and road is actually clear so keep walking on the road and ignore all the noise. 

Putting all together, the Crystal card is atcually heightening the message of the ‘Interference’ card. If you focus and give your undivided attention to whatever that is your desire, then you can actually get the confidence to withdraw from all other noise and worries in your life and achieve success.

Tarot Reading from January 22nd to January 28th 2015 for Aries

 Pleasr cheer up !!! The card that Universe picked up for you now are the ‘Ten of pipes’ and the Angel ‘Maya’. 

The Angel Maya says “Schooling, study, and education help your life’s purpose and personal growth at this time. The angels will guide you and help you with this process.” The Angel strongly recommend that you continue with your education, because the additional information and experience will accelerate the fruition of your life’s purpose.  You may worry about having the means to go forward with this schooling, but we assure you that everything will be provided to you along the way.” If you facing troubles with funding your education then please do not worry. This educational process brings you great rewards.  It enriches your understanding of your spiritual power, and accelerates your memory and motivation toward your life’s purpose.  We will guide you to teachers, schools, books, funds, schedules, and all of the resources that are plentifully available to you now.

The Ten of Pipes in this position requires you to re-evaluate your motivation for continuing to do what you have been doing, because your previous motivations have been exhausted. You took things as far as you could; now you are gaining wisdom from the experience. Try to determine the pattern behind the circumstances that brought you to this point. Examine the past for clues that can tell you what you are being prepared for. Your challenge and opportunity now is to see how your recent experiences will lead to fresh possibilities, new ambitions and an inspiring vision of even greater potential.

It seems to me that you are not very inspired at this stage of life. Look for more inspiration around you. Do not shut your doors towards learning experiences of life. Have an open mind towards life and embrase every learning that life has to offer you.

Tarot reading from January 29th to January 31st 2015 for Aries

The message is loud and clear through the Freedom card from the Soulmate Oracle Deck and the King of swords. You will be to practice lot of objectivity.

This is a call for "freedom"; it is usually heard when people feel trapped or constrained by a relationship. The card FREEDOM invites you to consider the true nature of freedom - a freedom that you can experience within a relationship. Freedom does not have to be a solo journey. It can be shared with a partner. The two of you can fly the skies of freedom together. You can be together with each other but still follow different paths. 

The King of Swords tells me that, you are challenged to rigorously examine all your cherished assumptions in order to maintain the highest possible standard of ethics and morality. In other words, you cannot earn the right to influence others if you haven't first ordered your own life. Listen to everyone else first, and speak last. After others have said their piece, make the pronouncement that resolves the issue. When the King of Swords makes a choice or takes a stand, he does so with the highest and most broad-minded motives. Take this opportunity to point out progressive, democratic and noble paths of action. Stake out the higher ground and stay with it.

 I have a sense that you will be challenged to take a decision on the relationship front. Do not be too conservative. The freedom card tell me that you have many options in hand. You can separate temporarily to provide the freedom to carry one’s job and still be together. The King of Sword tells me that you will be in a situation to find that fine/right path between all the tension, only if you allow others to speak their mind. So listen carefully and allow people to follow their wish and find a way to be still be connected.  

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