Tarot reading for Gemini for January 2015

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For monthly Tarot card reading I pick up one Tarot card and a one Angel card or Oracle Card for every 7 days (say week) to bring you the important theme for that week. 

Tarot reading from January 1st to January 7th 2015 for Gemini

Time to discover friends in the crowd around you. The cards that Universe guided to me to pick for you were the ‘seven of wands’ and Angel card of friendship.

The Angels say that this is the time when you need some help. Just ask for help in your prayers to the GOD and he shall send his help. The message from the angel says as “Someone want to help you. Think of whom that might be, and intimate contact.

The seven of wands card lands you in a position that refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time. A number of excellent players in your environment may be challenging each other to reach their personal best. The participants, motivated by the excitement generated from this friendly competition, are performing better than they ever thought they could.  The prevailing spirit is so positive that it is sufficient reward for all those who have joined in. Clearly the greater good is enhanced in an atmosphere where people are challenging one another to rise up in the world and elevate their efforts.

This suggests to me two things. One, obviously you will need some help in such a fierce competition to leave your mark. Second, someone who will help you during these times will be a true friend for you, someone who you can trust and develop an intimate relationship with him or her.

Tarot reading from January 8th to January 14th 2015 for Gemini

The cards for this time period are the Hierophant reversed and the Chantall Angel card. 

The angel Chantall’s message is “New romance is imminent either with a newcomer, or through reignited passion in your existing relationship. Be open to giving and receiving love.”

The Hierophant reversed says that you are not allowing yourself to fall into any kind of relationships at this moment. Perhaps you are very confused. You aren’t solving any situations right now, you are keeping static and your fears make him act in a rude and aggressive way. You are acting very different; you are not behaving as you regularly behave or other people are used to see you. You are getting on defensive and protective about yourself and this make you act aggressively and to emit judgments without solving the situations. 

Both the cards together tell me that you are not looking around in a comfortable fashion. You are confused and you have lost your trust on yourself which in turn making you hostile towards other. Look at the people around you; you may just find a person who is willing to be with you either romantically or professionally.  

Tarot reading from January 15th to January 21st 2015 for Gemini

Your relationships are under the beam of light !!! The cards of Five of cups and the angel of Marriage bring in a unique message for you this time.

The Angel Daniel says “I am the Angel of Marriage, and I am assisting you right now.” This card usually shows up when the moment is right to form a fruitful relationship. This relationship has to be a marriage between two people or it can be fruitful business relationship; either ways it is a long lasting one. If the angel card shows up in a troubled relationship then it actually means that the angel is working to repair the relationship or trying to find you a more deserving partner; soon either things will be fine or you will have a new partner in your life for good.

The Five of Cups points to family patterns and traits passing on through generations in your family. The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children. Fortunately, so are the blessings. Your current situation illustrates that the best and worst things that happen to you may be conditioned by the lineage you spring from. You cannot easily escape inherited themes and characteristics. They are coded into the synapses of your nervous system. In the image on the card, three cups have spilled. Two cups are still full. No matter what may have been lost between generations, some qualities are carried forward. We can benefit from inherited learning, change our reactions and bring in new behaviors. Make an effort to retrieve what can be saved and built upon as a resource for the next generation.

Putting all this together it seems that you have been having trouble in forming relations with people around you. In past, whatever kind of relationship you were trying to form whether business or personal, you may not be very successful. But now is the right time for you to start healing yourself. Try to meditate over Angel Daniel to receive his guidance and he will show you the suitable path to a successful relationship.

Tarot reading from January 22nd to January 28th 2015 for Gemini

Cards  of warnings for now. May be it is time you have be little careful with relationships. The cards for now are ‘Three of swords’ and the ‘Agreement’ card.

When the Three of Swords shows it indicates that, elements within you are in opposition and tearing you apart. Heartbreak is classically associated with this card. It can refer to any relationship where a serious conflict would have significant emotional consequences. The number three also represents the balance point, or hinge, between two polarized elements, so there may still be hope. This card implies a fifty-fifty chance of mending the conflict, but it does carries a sense of tragedy or impending pain. One needs to ask oneself, "Did I bring some sense of frustration and pessimism into this situation? Am I going along with a pattern that's been laid over a relationship by others involved? Or is this just a non-workable situation?"

Agreement card reminds us that relationships are defined by the agreements we make - both large and

small. On the broadest scale, we agree on how to act and speak with each other. Many of these agreements are unconscious, and stay that way until we are faced with a need to change them. 

May be look out for the unsaid relationship agreements in your relations. May be you need to change them so save yourself from a heart break. May be your heart want to break up with someone and guiding you to change the agreement rules. Remember whatever happens, it is for your own good. Do not grieve a lot about a certain loss, not more than it deserves. 

Tarot reading from January 29th to January 31st 2015 for Gemini

The cards that I was made to pick are the “Full Moon – Completion” card from the Earth Magic Oracle and the ‘Celebration’ card from the Osho Zen Tarot.

The Full Moon – Completion card say that you can now take pleasure in knowing that whatever you have been working toward has now reached its culmination. It may have been a relatively brief cycle or a much more extensive one, yet regardless of the length of time, you have arrived at the stage of completion. Let yourself feel the contentment and satisfaction of this accomplishment rather than rushing to the next item on the agenda without giving proper time and space to appreciating and honoring the natural cycle of release that follows a point of resolution. 

The Celebration card says that you are enjoying a moment in your life. This may be a important celebration to you because this moment has come after lot of hardship. But, card is delevering a message that your are probabily going overboard with all your celebrations and troubling the people around you. So please be more careful.

Pulling all the pieces together, I think you are about to complete a very important project in your life. This completion will be very important to you because of many reasons. You want to celebrate this moment and you do deserve to celebrate it. So go ahead and celebrate it but also practice some moderation. 

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