Tarot reading for January 2015 for Cancer

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For monthly Tarot card reading I pick up one Tarot card and a one Angel card or Oracle Card for every 7 days (say week) to bring you the important theme for that week. 

Tarot Card reading from January 1st to January 7th 2015 for Cancer

Seems that you are really trying very hard or getting really desperate. The cards that show up for you are the ‘Chariot’ card and the ‘Summer Solstice – Radiance’ 

The chariot is challenging you to stay focused on your path, and to exercise self-discipline as you work towards your goal. Set aside anything extraneous that would distract you or keep you from completing your task. What is your goal? What do you want to accomplish? This may apply to your life in the everyday world — pursuing a course of study, a career goal, a fitness plan, a creative project. It may also apply to your inner life; perhaps you are in a recovery program or are healing from a trauma. Whatever it is, set your intention, take your first steps, and your guides and allies will be at your side to help you on your way. Be of great courage! No matter how hard it seems, you have what it takes to win the prize.

The ‘Summer Solstice – Radiance’ brings you the message that you should let the radiance of the sun inspire your inner radiance to shine forth. Release your concerns about what may happen in the future, and focus on appreciating everything you have that is good and right. Allow Father Sun to take away your worries and cares. Do something physically active to stimulate your inner light. Dance. Sing. But most important, get outdoors. Do not let any negative thoughts or habits stop you.

It is good that you are thinking about discipline and dedication towards your goals. It is really comforting right now. But do not get too much involved into the whole concept that you stop seeing the bigger picture. It is important to take some creative breaks once in a while to be more productive. 

Tarot Card reading from January 8th to January 14th 2015 for Cancer

Positive construction at its best. The cards for you are the four of cups and the Angel message from Angel Bethany.

The angel Bethany, brings the message of “When you take excellent care of yourself, everybody benefits. Give yourself a relaxing treat; such as massage, sea salt bath, or pedicure.” The angel card says that you have not been taking good care of yourself. You need to understand you have to take care of yourself and no one else can do this for you. 

The four of cups cards says that critical factor for the issue at hand is Luxury. You are too much into luxury because others are kind at you and you have been asking for more; more than that what you have worked for. Being surrounded by love and devotion but taking it for granted. Ignoring the real and longing for the indefinable. Apathy and disengagement from the world. Dissatisfaction with the condition and direction of affairs, but the inability to accept new opportunities.

If we put what angel has to say in perspective of four of cups is that; if you need more in your life at this stage then you need to get up and start pushing youself to new things. Work hard for new things. Do something excellent for yourself and see the greater results of life. 

Tarot Card reading from January 15th to January 21st 2015 for Cancer

The cards for this time period are the Hierophant reversed and the Chantall Angel card. 

The angel Chantall’s message is “New romance is imminent either with a newcomer, or through reignited passion in your existing relationship. Be open to giving and receiving love.”

The Hierophant reversed says that you are not allowing yourself to fall into any kind of relationships at this moment. Perhaps you are very confused. You aren’t solving any situations right now, you are keeping static and your fears make him act in a rude and aggressive way. You are acting very different; you are not behaving as you regularly behave or other people are used to see you. You are getting on defensive and protective about yourself and this make you act aggressively and to emit judgments without solving the situations. 

Both the cards together tell me that you are not looking around in a comfortable fashion. You are confused and you have lost your trust on yourself which in turn making you hostile towards other. Look at the people around you; you may just find a person who is willing to be with you either romantically or professionally.  

Tarot Card reading from January 22nd to January 28th 2015 for Cancer

This is a absolutely a delightful time period. The universe guided me to pick two very positive cards. The first card is the card of ‘New Dawn’ from the The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle cards. The other card is the ‘Happiness’ card from Osho Zen Tarot. 

The ‘New Dawn’ card start with a message “The worst is now behind you, and positive new experiences are on the horizon.” This a wonderful confirmation card that things are going to move in a positive direction for you. There will be new opportunities and positive experiences for you. This card affirms that the Sun rises each day, and with each new day, creates a new beginning. Enjoy each new day, knowing the Sun is shining for you, too.

The ‘Happiness’ card brings the message of Bliss. A relationship that brings happiness. Being surrounded with positive energies and an abundance of generosity. Good friendships and a sharing of good times. Either someone will remind of good times from the past or someone will help you to create some good memories that you keep remembering in your future. Whatever it may be this someone will be keeping you very happy. 

Putting both of these messages together, I feel that you will meet someone new in your life, who will bring new hopes and new reasons for happiness in your life. I am looking forward to hear from you, about the new happiness in your life. Please do share with me.

Tarot Card reading from January 29th to January 31st 2015 for Cancer

The cards for this time period is ‘Patterns’ card from the Soulmate Oracle deck and the ‘Guidance’ card in the reverse position from the Osho Zen tarot. 

The Pattern card is special one, it is pointing towards our behaviour which is always in pattern. You always behave the same way to a certain kind of situation. Each of us has emotional and behavioral tendencies that come out in our relationships. We're sensitive about certain things and we react in certain ways. We learned most of these tendencies long ago in childhood. We act them out again and again over the years, automatically. They are habitual patterns, and they severely limit us.

The Guidance card in the reverse position says that an unstable base and wavering morals create uncertainty and chaos. An irresponsible approach. Immaturity. You are lacking proper guidance in your life and may be you are creating a mess for yourself. Whatever you doing right now in your life, just a moment and see and check if you are behaving immorally. If yes, look for guidance around you to correct your position. 

Putting both the cards together, I am getting a feeling that you might be creating the same problem yourself that you were in few days ago or few month/years ago because you are acting in a pattern because lack of proper guidance. Look for some senior person who is unbaised and seek his or her intelligence to deal with issues in your life.

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