Limitations of Astrology and importance of Psychic Mediums 

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In this article the Universe wants to tell you importance of Astrology and other psychic mediums. It takes that many astrologers totally reject psychic mediums saying that they are just performing endless trickeries. Whereas astrology is totally based on science and the mathematically calculated positions of stars and planets in the sky. With most of your experiences you will agree that, astrologers are not always correct and neither every psychic is always powerful enough to give you the right picture. But some good astrologers who are also psychics are mostly always right with their predictions. Have you ever wondered why this is true?  

Astrology, allows us to examine the energy patterns in our Earth and our immediate solar system. I did not employ the word ‘Universe’ because astrology is limited to, our Sun, Our Moon, five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) and three outer planets and two eclipse points (the Rahu and the Ketu). This limits our study of the Universal energies that are bearing upon us. But the Universe is vast isn’t it? It has many Sun and Moons and many other planets in different Solar systems. These energies are always playing with each other. Sometimes they make something fantastic and sometime they destroy something, which has figured out its purpose in the world.

Coming back to our Sun, according to Vedic texts there are 12 Adityas or the Suns knows to us as a human form and our Sun is one of them; these twelve Adityas have direct influence on us. I am certain there are many more Suns in the creation (don’t you so many millions or billion stars in the night sky), maybe those do not directly act upon us humans. So I will stick to our discussion to just these 12 Adityas for now. Like our Sun, each of these twelve Adityas should have their own solar systems. So there is a possibility that we as human have access to 12 worlds (or 12 solar systems) as humans or the energies of twelve different worlds directly influence us. We do not know yet. Did you know a very famous psychic Diana Cooper always talks about 12 chakras and not the 7 chakras. Is she somehow knowingly or unknowingly trying to link with the energies of all the 12 worlds while she is clearing her 12 chakras. I think that is very much true.

Do astrology studies the effects of all the possible worlds which have direct and indirect influence on us. The answer is No. Astrology only studies our immediate solar system and its effects on us. Good astrologers can predict many events in one’s life based on the immediate environment; yet they fail to explain certain events in everyone’s life. Because, these unexplained events are not caused by our immediate solar energies, but they are caused by energies from another solar system.

 Our cosmos is at least a billion of years old. No one in the present know the precise age of the cosmos or the divine creation. But we do recognize that it is very, very ancient and old. So it is safe to say that many ancient radiations from different other solar systems have been traveling towards us from very distant locations in the universe and passing us every second. And these radiations are also creating us behaving in certain ways, which astrology cannot explain.

We human beings constantly connect with these energies both in our immediate solar system and outer energies. There are thus many ways or shall I say mediums that helps us to connect through these energies both consciously and unconsciously. These energies manifest through us all the time. Because, we have been granted the power of Freewill; we have a choice to accept and acknowledge these energies in our lives and also we have the power to entirely dismiss the existence of these energies.

A psychic on the other uses, many different tools like Tarot cards, tea leaves, oracle cards, I Ching and many other psychic tools to interpret the messages from the universe and try to interpret them. What a powerful psychic does is to acknowledge to these energies both the positive and negative and channelize through, the frequency and decode it in simpler ways for us to understand. The message that I want to convey is that, YES, astrology is a nifty tool to find out what is happening in once life. But this mathematical tool as we know currently is a limited tool which does not allow or sees the creativity of the Universe as whole. I do believe in astrology, but I do not see that all the predictions through astrologer are bound to happen. There are two reasons why I say that. First, we totally hold our free will and we constantly resist all the uncomfortable things in our lifetime. Second, astrological knowledge as we know today is very limited and we do not see the larger picture of the Universe. We just consider a small snapshot of the entire universe.

I think a good psychic, who uses various creative tools to transfer the frequencies of the universe has a better chance to furnish you with a right solution that will help you to alter your life for good. The universe can speak to us through whatever medium. You only require to be accepting the communication from the universe and learn to acknowledge it to be a safer spirit.     

To conclude, Astrology is great tool known to us in the present time. It appears that it is a special tool, and requires to be developed further to recognize the effects of various energies in the world around us. Till we understand and discover various energies in the world, we can rely on as many psychic tools we know to decipher the messages of the cleric.


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