My experience with ECO-THERAPY

Practicing Eco-Therapy has changed my life. Most often we spend most of our day indoors working on computers or binge-watching Netflix or HBO. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but you need to spend some time with nature. You need to pay yourself some time with the natural environment, to connect with the natural forces or the divine. 



Eco-therapy has helped a lot in my own journey as a researcher at the university, as a tarot card reader and as a Vedic astrologer. As soon as I wake up, I practice something called ECO-THERAPY. And this basically I go out in nature and do walking in the woods and do some stretching exercises next to the lake.  Every day basically I spend 30 minutes in the environment just relaxing. And this has really changed my life. On the days when I feel lazy, I just go to the lake and sit on a bench and come back. Basically, I still spend time in nature


Whatever you do, the first thing in the day sets off how the rest of the day is gone go. I know that from the personal experience of depression for many years. There was time, as soon as I wake up, I used to spend time on my phone and laptop. I would check my emails, I would check messages on the WhatsApp and Facebook. Then the rest of the day was utterly dull, unproductive, and useless. This only created anxiety right at the beginning of the day.


I request you to realize the tiny things you do that can bring the most significant changes in your life. Small changes really do add up and create a domino effect of positivity in your life over some time. SMALL GOOD CHANGES DO ADD UP. Once you realize that you will start using Eco-Therapy every day and start a chain of positive functional changes in your own life.