Astral Luck is a research scholar by his profession. In his personal time he studies the stars and their impact on humans, focusing on the vastness of the universe and its manifestations. He is committed to assisting you in your spiritual and life journey.


Born in 1982, he began his astrological adventure in 1999 following a series of personal tragedies. His life changed and he discovered answers in astrology, a topic he first dismissed. Since then he has been studying Parashari Vedic astrology, western astrology, Tarot, Oracle, Lemormand, and Kipper cards, as well as their most complex principles. He is born in an Indian Hindu family, his association with astrologers started from the time of my birth. He has interacted with astrologers and Tarot card readers both nationally and internationally and learned from many different people. He uses techniques from both Vedic astrology and western astrology and Tarot cards; this combination gives more powerful tools compared to any other astrologer. He likes to spend time alone meditating and researching about spiritual consciousness.


Many people love his tarot card readings and Karmik astrology predictions and are surprised by his accuracy.


Your Spiritual Coach

Astral Luck