Born in an Indian Hindu family, my association with astrologers started from the time of my birth. As growing up I have many good and bad experiences with different Vedic Astrologers in different cities of India. Trust me, all the bad experiences made me more furious and as well as all the good experiences made me more curious to learn the science. It started as an hobby and now I use techniques from both Vedic astrology and western astrology and Tarot cards; this combination gives more powerful tools compared to any other astrologer.


Lot of people were asking me Who I am? I am 38 years old and I live in a small University city in Scandinavia. I started my journey with Tarot and Astrology sometime in 2003 - 2004, cannot remember exactly.   

I have a very high sense of internal locus, I love to stay in isolations spend my time meditating and researching. I do not like to meet a lot of people. I also do not beleive in spending time in public because I cannot control my intution. I get lot of insights when I meet a person and sometimes it is best that I never tell them about the intution and allow the FREEWILL to be practiced. Such encounters makes me very restless and uncomfotable. So I prefer to shield myself in my comfortable confinements.
I beleive, if I am supposed to help a person or provide my services, he or she can reach out to me through my website.  The universe has been very kind to me in this way and I love working and helping people in this way.

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