Astrology Consultation

Astrology Consultation

 Vedic Astrology provides a blue print of one’s soul.

Understanding your birth chart helps you to focus on your SOUL's purpose and journey.


Your birth chart made according to the Sidereal Zodiac will help us identify the patterns in your life and help you with current concerns. 


The consultation will in two parts. 

Part 1: (Within 72 hours from the time you book a reading), I will talk to you on a video call (15-20 Mins) to understand your concerns and expectations. During this session, we will also fix a convenient time and date for your actual reading. 

Part 2: During the pre-fixed time and date, we meet over a video call and discuss your birth chart to find the solutions related to your concerns. This call is for 60-75 minutes. 


You can have a follow-up consultation only when you have had an Astrology consultation in the past, and you want to refine a few aspects about the same issues based on new updates. 



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