Birth time rectification

Birth time rectification

Many people have asked me this question again and again. How accurately does the astrologer need the time of birth to be? My answer, as always is, as accurate as possible.


Why does the astrologer need the time to be accurate – TO HELP YOU BETTER.


Birth time rectification is backcasting your life on the birth chart to trace your accurate birth time. For this, you will have to share a lot of o details about your personal life with the astrologer. So your role is significant in the process of narrating your life details. 


Birth time rectification involves the following:

  1. It is desirable if you know an indicative time such as:
    1. early hours of the morning – 00 hours to approx 4 am,
    2. closer to sunrise – 4 am to dawn,
    3. just after sunrise – sunrise to 8 am, or
  2. If you cannot give a 4 to 6 hour time window, then it is NOT worthwhile to pursue this effort.
  3. Once a time window is known, then the first step is to identify an approximate 2 hour window (Lagna). Lagna can be determined by knowing general characteristics of the person (not limited to the following list):
    1. Education – how long/good schools / no breaks,
    2. Parents – always available for support or Dad/Mom away on overseas assignments,
    3. Siblings – the presence of an elder or younger siblings and their continuous support or their well being
    4. Health – overall well being growing up
    5. Career and business partnership growth patterns, and
    6. Marriage related information.
  4. Once we identify the lagna (2 hour window) we construct the luck chart or the Navamsha (D9 Chart) that brings the accuracy to a 10-minute window.
  5. If required, we will analyze the specific divisional charts to continue finding 1-minute window accuracy. 




1) The process can be lengthy it may take at least 1 to 2 hours at minimum. It may take more time. This is price is for 2 hours. If we spend more time then we may discuss the price. Usually 2 hour is enough to reach 10 minutes window. A lot depends on you how comfortable you get in sharing your info for back casting. 


2) I will email you within 24 hours to discuss a convenient time and date with you for the reading. 


3) I will be recording the whole reading. However, it would be a good idea to have your pen and notepad handy to take some notes. You never know, if there is a technical problem with the recording and in that case you might not get the audio recording.


4) During the skype call, I cannot take responsibility of any back ground noise at any moment. I cannot take responsibility of  other people in the building. If the background noise gets too loud and disturbing we will have to negotiate another convenient time for the skype call.






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