Goddess Lakshmi and her eight forms
01. November 2021
The Sanskrit roots “laksh” used to create the term Lakshmi. Lak means 'perceive, observe, know, understand,' and Laksha means 'goal, aim, objective,'. Thus, believers recognize her for guiding people to their goals, helping create a positive perception towards goals, which otherwise may be considered as unachievable. The symbolism of Lakshmi is rooted from these roots: realize and comprehend your goal. Laksha is a Sanskrit word that means "sign," "goal," "objective,"
My experience with ECO-THERAPY
03. July 2019
Practicing Eco-Therapy has changed my life. Most often we spend most of our day indoors working on computers or binge-watching Netflix or HBO. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but you need to spend some time with nature. You need to pay yourself some time with the natural environment, to connect with the natural forces or the divine. Eco-therapy has helped a lot in my own journey as a researcher at the university, as a tarot card reader and as a Vedic astrologer. As soon as I wake up, I...

06. December 2018
We have effect of Karma in our life; while we try to find answers for our karma.
05. December 2018
Life is full of Omen. One needs to learn these themes to make life more easy. Learn how to interpret these signs in life.

08. May 2017
This “not good enough” voice might think that making mistakes is the worst thing in the world and that it’s protecting you by telling you that you aren’t good enough. This voice might think that then, you won’t go out into the world and make mistakes or be rejected or risk failure.
05. June 2016
Thanks for considering to make an energy donation. There are many options below, you may choose an amount from here. You can also choose an energy donation of an amount of your choice and pay through the following link http://www.paypal.me/astralluck88

06. January 2015
A psychic uses, many different tools like Tarot cards, tea leaves, oracle cards, I Ching and many other psychic tools to interpret the messages from the universe and try to interpret them. What a powerful psychic does is to acknowledge to these energies both the positive and negative and channelize through, the frequency and decode it in simpler ways for us to understand.
24. December 2014
Please like my facebook page on the right of the this page, to receive more valuable information everyday. How Tarot Cards are relevant to you? With its ancient symbols of Emperors and Queens, Swords and Knights, the tarot deck may appear like an outdated relic from the yesteryear. Unfortunately, this is quite far from the truth. The examples and titles of each card may often come from a different epoch in human history, but they quite easily apply to present-day life. While the cards were...

23. December 2014
Please like my facebook page on the right of the this page, to receive more valuable information everyday. Heal your Back Pain People who have lower-back and hip problems tend to be unsafe when it does to both money and passion. Though they mostly have the unwavering backing of their families, they tend to suffer troubles with finances and relationships—no matter what they answer. This is partially because they don’t believe in the competence or intentions of people close to them. When...
31. July 2014
// Knowing the Truth - My story of understand the Shiv Shakti Sometimes knowing the truth is so meaningful and powerful in one's life that nothing else is more important. Today, in pursuit of researching more about mantras and their shakti, I was researching on Sambasiva. Sambasiva is also known as Shiv shakti During my research I was getting so desperate to find a mantra to meditate on Sambashiva. While conducting my research, I stumbled on different forms of stories about Sambasiva but I did...

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