Career Astrology

The report will be a video (30-45 minutes) based on your birth chart analysis. The video will be shared with you on Youtube for private view. So please share your gmail id. Also please give me 7 days to do the reading. 


Everyone, has promise of growth in their birth chart. One has to find that secret code. I can help you with knowing the code.


I will just see where are the blockages and explain it to you. You will have to do the hard work to remove the energy blockages in your life.****** 


It will cover:

  • Why you are not able to manifest career goals in your life?
  • Point you to some particular industry or kind of roles which suits your personality.
  • Simple Mantras to open your blockages.
  • Some home based rituals to clear energies based on your birth chart.


Once you place your order, please send me your birth chart details at

Please follow this format.

Date of Birth: 1st November, 2001

Place: City, State (or County) , country. 

Time: 9:20 (AM/PM)






  • Available
  • Report is mailed within 1-2 days1