Complete Birth Chart Reading

Complete Birth Chart Reading

In the moment of our birth, the planets, Divine forces, leave their lasting imprint in our energy arrangement. Each planet's energy exhibits into the world through a particular chakra in our body that influences our awareness and shapes our existence and reality. 


Predominantly, having your full birth chart done puts everything in panorama and helps you concentrate on the more prominent picture so you can live the life that is excellent and absolute for you. Full birth chart reading allows you to dive farther into the secrets of your personal universe and experience the forces operating in it through your birth tithi, nakshatras, grahas, yogas that they are forming, and other cosmic connections.


The interpretation is in the form of an interactive live video session of 1.5 hours, which will be recorded, as well.



1) I will email you within 24 hours to discuss a convenient time and date with you for the reading. 


2) I will be recording the whole reading. However, it would be a good idea to have your pen and notepad handy to take some notes. You never know, if there is a technical problem with the recording and in that case you might not get the audio recording.


3) During the skype call, I cannot take responsibility of any back ground noise at any moment. I cannot take responsibility of  other people in the building. If the background noise gets too loud and disturbing we will have to negotiate another convenient time for the skype call.








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