Consultation Over Skype / WhatsApp

Tarot Reading by Skype/WhatsApp

Please fix an appointment before making any payment for a Skype reading. 

You may contact me at



  • Available
  • Reading is mailed within 7 days1


(Please send an email at to fix an appointment)


The skype session lasts for 60-75 minutes and you can ask as many questions you want. If you are in India, (please let me know) as the charges may differ and you can actually arrange for a bank transfer.


For a Skype reading, here are few basic rules. 


1) We will have a discussed convenient time for both of us. In case we change the time we would would inform the other party, and we will not change the time more that once.

2) During the skype call, I cannot take responsibility of any back ground noise at any moment. I cannot take responsibility of  other people in the building. If the background noise gets too loud and disturbing we will have to negotiate another convenient time for the skype call.

3) I have a policy of not coming on camera, so please do not expect me to switch on the camera. 

4) I will be recording the whole conversation in MP3 (Audio format) and sharing it with you after the reading. However, it would be a good idea to have your pen and notepad handy to take some notes. You never know, if there is a technical problem with the recording and in that case you might not get the audio recording.

5) By purchasing a reading you are agreeing to the time for delivery posted and delivery method. Astralluck is under no obligation to give refunds once purchase of the reading is made. Consider well before placing your order.