Life and Business Coach

Sometimes you just do not want a Tarot or Astrology Reading. But you want someone to listen to you with a neutral mindset and guide you with some universal life metaphors without any judgment. Now I am offering private sessions with lots of positive intention to provide you all the support you need at this stage of your life


Through these sessions, we work together to dissolve the layers of self-opposition, resistance. We work through your mental impressions/conditioning that create false limiting belief systems and push you away from your true nature. You will distinctly see that the individual you take yourself to be is a mental illusion, and that what you are in essence is unrestricted and unbound.


These sessions will help you realize that you are conforming to appearance, which arises in you based on the content you consume, the people you meet. This awareness isn't an understanding, but rather a knowledge that matures and improves through meditation, prayers, and self-inquiry.


As this clarity develops in your awareness, you will become liberated from distress, and you will no further feel lonely or like a victim of the cosmos.  These sessions:

  • Help you with your life goals, business plans, and personal goals.
  • Help resolve emotional suffering, distress, and resentment associated with past experiences.
  • Help dissolve emotional triggers.
  • Help to feel happier daily, and again experience life with child-like innocence.
  • Help accept the way things are in this moment. Be clearer, focused, and creative.

Please Note: I am not a trained psychologist or a trained coach. But I have enough experience of handling depression and goal achievement in my personal life. I have been handling a successful career as a behavioral researcher in a State University and running a successful business.

Life and Business Coaching

We will have all the sessions online on Zoom. You will have the access to recording of these sessions. 

I will connect with you within 48 hours to fix the time for the first session. 



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  • Reading will be shared online